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									Countries in general, infinite-speed driving is only a dream, while Germany made you
dream come true. People all over the world come here especially, but for the best
highway in the world to experience the thrill of fast gallop. Need for every kilometer
of the German project annual operating maintenance costs as much as 46 euros, is
more than twice the U.S. intercontinental highway.

In 2008, Germany, across the highway had reached 12,550 km total length of more
than just this in the U.S. (75,376 km) and China (75,376 km), ranking third in the
world, there is no overall maximum speed limit, traffic accidents rarely This was quite
proud of the Germans, he reflected the German people the unique strict and orderly
and efficient.

Germany to guarantee the safety of vehicles and highway speed exercise, the most
important reason is that gentle slope. As for quality, early completion of the highway
for the concrete floor, solid surface, the average thickness of 70 cm, twice the United
States, even if the bear Boeing 747 landing, it will not subside 1 cm. Why is the
quality of the highway in Germany and various other indicators have reached the
levels of world-class, and then a long service life, which some have and let us live
food for thought.

From the perspective of China's highway construction, aggregate production is broken
machine screening equipment to provide the raw material, from our R & D production
for the breakers, all aspects of technical indicators have yet to be greatly improved
and increased crusher manufacturer is less than number of installments, but not much
overall level of competitiveness, the level almost equivalent to the impact of the world
recently, we have to iron-class ranks, on the broken machine of this technology and
more stringent requirements, growth rate in 2010 Machinery industry expected full
year forecast of major economic indicators is expected to achieve steady growth, sales
growth is expected to reach 15%. Believe that our mining industry, mechanical
engineering technology is expected to catch up in the world-class world and become
the backbone of the leading high-tech rail. Zhengzhou Yifan, who is also the mission
crusher production for China's modernization drive and make due contributions.
Today's high-speed railway in China has been standing in the world, Zhengzhou Yifan
not only go abroad for the country but also for the world to promote the technology.

????Now at a new starting point, Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Group will be an
unprecedented confidence and determination to build a well-known broken machine
screening equipment industry leader, technical strength, the high cost of crusher
manufacturers, China's rapid roads, a better tomorrow.
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