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Imran Presentation


									“Starting with the name of ALLAH
most Beneficent, most Merciful”
    Presentation of Business Communication


               NIB Bank Ltd.
I want to dedicate this to My Grandparents.
My MOM and DAD, because the helped me a
And last but not least to my respected teachers
  my best friends and my fellow beings.
I am very thankful to Shah Mahmood my friend
  who helped me a lot in making this
Submitted To:-
            Mr. Muhammad Imran Hanif

Submitted By:-
            Muhammad Imran Khan
                Roll No# 07-37

          Computer Science Department
          Bahauddin Zakariya University
        Board Of Directors

Francis Andrew         Director
Thoms P. Sodano        Director
Mahmud ul Haq          Director
Syed Wali              Director
Tan Soo Nan            Director
Willi Wali Kong Chan   Director
Khawaja Iqbal Hassan   President/CEO
    Legal Advisor's of NIB Bank.

Afridi. &
      Advocate & Corporate Consellors
        Vision Statement
• To become a leading provider of investment
  banking and wealth management services.

• To be a top-3 choice of employers, a premier
  developer of human talent, and an organization
  that understand and hours its social responsibilities.
              Mission Statement

• The values that will desire the bank mission, vision
  and culture.

• NIB Bank ltd mission is to provide a banking
  experience so unique that it completes each of NIB
  Bank customer to want a long term, multi-product
  relationship with NIB bank.
Brief History of NIB Bank Ltd.

  • NIB Bank Limited commenced banking
    operations in October 2003 following the
    merger of the former National Development
    Leasing Corporation ("NDLC") and the Pakistan
    operations of IFIC Bank Limited of Bangladesh
    with and into NIB Bank Limited. NIB Bank
    Limited was introduced in April 2004, Our
    current network of 27 branches strategically
    located in all the major cities.
• Financing product menu of NIB Bank Limited
comprised of Auto & Corporate Lease until May
2006 when the first unsecured consumer
product, Personal Installment Loan was launched.
With the launch of Personal Loans, NIB Bank has
entered into the already growing consumer
industry in Pakistan. It's an unsecured Personal
Installment Loan facility for individuals to fulfill
their personal cash deficiencies. An individual
may require this facility to cater to a variety of
personal needs.
   Nature of the Organization
NIB Bank has following two

General Banking:-
  Following four department
  in NIB general Banking
  Abdali Road Multan.

Customer Service
  The Customer Service
  department deal with the
  each and every problem of
  there customers.
    Structure of the customer
          service center
             Branch Manager

             Relationship manager

Customer    Customer       Customer    Customer
 relation    relation       relation   relation
  officer     officer        officer    officer
What is customer Service
Customer service
  department open the
  customer account.
There are two types of
Current account
Saving account
A customer can open
  the current account
  with Rs. 5000/-
  rupees without any
  Departments of NIB Bank Ltd.

• Customer Service

• Sales Department.

• Operation

• Consumer Banking.
There are further four departments of
Consumer Banking Section.
• Sales Department.

• CIU Department.

• Verification

• Collection
       Business Volume
Three years program from 2004-07

Years                   2004     2005    2006    2007

Capital & Reserves       1,219   1,389    1515    3002
Deposits                51,124 55,897    63430   76541
Advances                29,552 32,436    36231   42719
Investment              15,610 15,574    20193   25606
Income                   6,102   7,056    8397    8984
Expenditure              5,571   6,822    8368    8814
Pre-tax Profit            531     234       29     170
Total Assets
                        58,480 63,439    72404   89358
(Less contra Account)
Graph of Business Volume
From year 2004-2007 for 3 years.
            Capital & Reserves                          Deposits

 4,000                                  80,000

 3,000                                  60,000

 2,000                                  40,000

 1,000                                  20,000

    0                                       0
         2004   2005     2006    2007            2004   2005       2006   2007
                Advances                                 Investment

50,000                                   30,000
20,000                                   10,000
    0                                        0
         2004   2005      2006    2007            2004   2005      2006   2007

                 Income                                   Income

10,000                                   10,000
 8,000                                    8,000
 6,000                                    6,000
 4,000                                    4,000
 2,000                                    2,000
     0                                        0
         2004    2005      2006   2007            2004    2005     2006   2007
Profile of Employees
in Multan Main Branch of NIB
Bank Ltd.
       Managing Director      1
       Branch Manager         1
       Operations Manager     1
       Relationship Manager   1
       Commercial Manager     1
       Sales Manager          8
       Group Leader           3
       MIS Coordinator        3
       Processor              2
       Relationship Officer       80
       Total                           101
 Products available from NIB Bank
  NIB Bank has introduce three products only
  in Multan.

 NIB Auto-Finance.

 NIB SBL (Small Business Loan).

SBL(Small Business Loan)

• NIB Bank Ltd offers the able to the business man
  with out any mortgage and plunging and without
  any guaranty. In monthly equally in statement
  basic for one year to five year. RS introduce the
  product to customer through the data calling and
  bank visit.

• There are three teams in Multan for
 SBL each team consist of fifteen
 relationship officer and one group
What Relationship Officer do?
• Relationship officers deal with customer through
  telemarketing and bank visit. They introduce the
  product to customer.

• If any customer is villain to get the loan then ROs
  take the signature on documents and take the one
  years business proof in the shape of sole
  proprietorship letter and or NTN (National Tax No.).
  Relationship officer complete the customer file and
  report to group leader
What do Group leader do?

• After taking the
  report from RO Group
  Leader will submit
  that report to the SM
  (Sales Manager).
What do Sales Manager (SM)

• Sales Manager will take the report from the
  GL and will thoroughly go through that
  report and after that he will send that
  report to CIU Department for configuration.
    Requirements for SBL.
• Customer should have one year business proof. If the
  customer have business name and bank statement, then
  bank requires the one year old sole proprietorship letter.
  If the customer have personal names statement then
  bank requires one year old NTN number.

• NIC copy.

• PTCL should be installed in office.

• Last 7 days markup rate 16% premium IRR 26% to 29%.

• Compound intrust.
       Product Features
• Without any guaranty.

• No post dated cheques.

• Built in insurance.

• Fastest processing 7 days.
• NIB current account.

• NIB ATM card.

• Credit limit upto 75000/-

Bank divided the customer in two categories:-


NIB (New to Bank)
          Establish Customer
• Establish customer is a such customer. Which Bank
  relation is more than 1 year or using the products of other
  Bank more then 1 year.

Products like:-
• Credit card
• Running finance
• Auto finance
• Mortgage loan

There is no need of PTCL number. And there is no
  need office verification for the establish
             New to Bank

• Any customer wide has no relation with any
  bank or such customer which is applying first
  time for loan from NIB bank Ltd.
Amount     Years   Years   Years   Years   Years
            1       2       3       4       5
   50000    4782    2700    2021    1692    1504
 100,000    9656    4500    4042    3385    3008
 200,000   19130   10800    8084    6771    6017
 300,000   28695   16200   12127   10157    9026
 400,000   38260   21600   16196   13543   12035
 500,000   47826   27000   20212   16929   15044
 600,000   57390   32400   24254   20314   18052
 700,000   66955   37800   28294   23695   21056
 750,000   71738   40500   30315   25387   22560
  References and Sources used:
• NIB Bank websites

• Annual reports

• Mr. Ahmad Kaleem Zaffar (TSM) (SBL)

• Mr. Adnan (TSM) Car Financing Manager)

• Mr. Shahid Malik (Collection Management)

• Mr. Shahzad Aslam (CIU Manager)

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