ENABLING FX DEALING IN BANK BRANCHES
    •    Full Support for Foreign Currency Banknotes, Drafts, Wires and Travelers Cheques
    •    Simultaneous Support For Hundreds of Bank Branches and Thousands of Tellers
    •    Powerful Rate Engine Automatically Produces the Appropriate Price for All FX Transactions
    •    Produces Customized Multi-Lingual and Multi-Part Transaction Confirmations in the Branches
    •    Transaction Fees Automatically Calculated and Applied
    •    Can Provide all Back-Office Processing, Including SWIFT Payments and General Ledger Entries
    •    Can Update in Real-Time FX Positions, Risks and P&Ls in a Centralized Treasury Operation

Overview                                               Rate Engine
Spectrum's FX Branch Portal is a web-based portal      Tellers in the branches need not request an FX rate
that allows banks to offer a comprehensive range of    from a trader for an FX transaction, since the
foreign exchange products through their branch         powerful Rate Engine behind the FX Branch Portal
networks. Using secure communications over the         will automatically calculate and display the
internet, the Spectrum FX Branch Portal efficiently    appropriate price in any currency for the requested
connects the FX operations of a bank's branches        transaction. The Rate Engine sits behind the FX
directly to the bank's Treasury Department.            Branch Portal and generates the appropriate FX rate
                                                       based upon the following factors:
Spectrum's FX Branch Portal enables banks to easily
offer customers FX services through hundreds of            •   The Currency being dealt
branches and thousands of tellers. The FX Branch           •   The current Market Rates
Portal provides a consistent, controlled, and secure       •   Buying versus Selling the Currency
framework for offering FX services through a bank's        •   The FX Product (e.g., banknotes versus
branch distribution network.                                       drafts versus wires)
                                                           •   The Type of Customer (e.g., an individual
FX Instrument Coverage                                             versus a corporation)
The Spectrum FX Branch Portal supports the                 •   The Size of the Transaction
processing of the following FX products in the
branches:                                              The FX Branch Portal can automatically generate
    •    Banknotes                                     and process the hundreds and thousands of FX
                                                       pricing scenarios that result from the broad range of
    •    Drafts
                                                       currencies, products, amounts and customers that
    •    Wires
                                                       require FX services in the branches.
    •    Travelers Cheques
    •    Pre-paid Cards

A fee policy for FX transactions can be consistently        •   Auto-fill of country routing codes
applied through the Spectrum FX Branch Portal.              •   Validation of SWIFT-compatible characters
Fees will be automatically calculated and applied by        •   Look-up of Bank information that will auto-
the FX Branch Portal based upon any combination                 fill required settlement instructions
of the following factors:
                                                        Multi-Lingual Confirmations
    •    Currency being dealt                           Customizable, multi-lingual, multi-part
    •    The FX Product (e.g., banknotes versus         confirmations (receipts) can be immediately
             drafts versus wires)                       generated in the branches for every transaction
    •    The Type of Customer (e.g., an individual      executed through the FX Branch Portal.
             versus a corporation)
    •    The Size of the Transaction                    Highly Secure Environment
                                                        The Spectrum FX Branch Portal utilizes the latest
Fees in the FX Branch Portal can be denominated in      Web 2.0 technologies to deliver a customizable user
any currency.                                           experience within a secure browsing environment.
Banknotes                                               Security is assured through configurable end-to-end
Buying and selling banknotes in the branches is fully   encryption, two factor authentication, and seamless
supported through the FX Branch Portal. Banknote        integration with an enterprise single-sign-on
denominations are completely customizable for all       service. The FX Branch Portal leverages standard
currencies. Tellers can configure a banknote order      web service protocols, including SOAP and REST,
based upon denominations and based upon the             which provide the greatest flexibility for integration
quality of the banknotes (e.g., whether the             with other banking and web-based systems.
banknotes have been in circulation or are new).         Optional Back-Office Processing
Drafts                                                  Transactions captured via the FX Branch Portal can
Drafts denominated in any currency can easily be        be straight-through-processed within the Spectrum
produced in the branches by interfacing the             Back-Office System. Trades captured via the branch
Spectrum FX Branch Portal to standard draft             portal can also be easily interfaced to other back-
printing software. Centralized processing of drafts     office systems on a real-time basis.
is supported, with delivery instructions for the        Transactions initiated in the FX Branch Portal can
drafts and the delivery method (e.g., mail, express     automatically flow into the Spectrum Back-Office,
mail or courier) captured in the transaction entry      where Nostro and Vostro accounts and standard
screens.                                                settlement instructions are maintained. Payments
Wires                                                   may be prepared in SWIFT, Fedwire and ACH
The FX Branch Portal incorporates a number of           formats. Payment splitting and payment netting
powerful and convenient tools to assure that            are fully supported. Spectrum also contains a
foreign currency wire transactions are correct and      complete Treasury Sub-Ledger. All of the debit and
complete. Validation tools built into the FX wire       credit entries that are required for the General
processing functions of the FX Branch Portal            Ledger as a result of the branches' FX operations
include:                                                can be produced and stored in Spectrum and then
                                                        exported to the bank's General Ledger.
    •    IBAN and BIC validation. IBAN and BIC
         directories are built into the FX Branch

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