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					When the name "Yamaha" is mentioned, a flurry of products can come to mind.
Yamaha is a company that has created a vast number of products. Some of the most
well known creations are dirt bikes, watercraft, street bikes, snowmobiles, guitars, and
pianos that are the only competition that Steinway really has. However, they also
create generators of every shape and size for uses of all types. This market may not be
as well known as the motor vehicles or their musical instruments, but generators have
been a part of the history of Yamaha for many years.
  Yamaha first began producing street bikes and distributing them in 1958. However,
after some initial success in the world of motors, they decided to branch out and
extend their market with generators. This development came nearly 15 years later in
1973. Their first generator model was the ET1200.
  However, in due time, Yamaha generators came out with yet another model. Their
next big development was in 1998 when they came out with the EF2800i. This model
offered the feature of pulse width modulation (PWM). This allowed people to use
Yamaha generators with equipment that required the controlled stabilization of
frequency and voltage. With the development, Yamaha was able to create generators
on a more broad scale so that they could be used with a variety of machines and
  With every passing year, Yamaha generators have been able to keep up with the pack
and have continually released generators with new features that allow people to
purchase the right sized generator for all their needs. They have small portable
generators that can be used for trips that may require use of an electric power source.
Others are large enough to keep businesses and workshops running even when there is
no power source available other than the generator.
  In 2009, Yamaha generators sent out a press release about their latest generator, the
EF2000iS. This generator is the newest in their inverter generator lineup and is both
versatile and portable. This generator weighs in at only 44 pounds, so it is extremely
lightweight in comparison to others. It boasts the latest in Yamaha generator
technology, and is both fuel-efficient and long lasting. It produces enough power to
run several small appliances such as a microwave, satellite, television, etc. It can also
be hooked up with another generator for when an extra boost of power is needed. This
generator is one of the best available for users who go camping and RVing on a
regular basis. It is quiet, powerful, and great on fuel and hence makes a great addition
to any modern campsite.
  Yamaha generators have a history that now spans well over 35 years. They are one of
the leading companies in terms of technology, as they are always coming out with a
new model and innovation to make their generators both efficient and powerful. At
the moment, there is a model of Yamaha generators that is appropriate for nearly
every need and budget.
  Yamaha generators are a leader amongst generator manufacturers. Visit