X850 ZTE ZTE is the first Android Phone

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					ZTE became the first Android powered phone, X850. X850 will not focus on the high
end market as the most recent Android phones to date, but instead of the target market
for entry-level. But the phone to the market of entry-level, X850 is not bad at all,
except for 2.8 320 × 240 resolution touch screen. X850 is powered by Qualcomm
MSM7227 600 MHz processor, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, 3.2 mega pixels camera
and an integrated FM radio.

X850 supports 2.1, shockingly enough. The phone will be sold in China because it
supports the radio WCDMA. Retail price is expected to be about $173, the price is
very cheap for a good phone. The only problem with the phone is its display, the
improvement which would be welcome.
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