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					California Statewide Law Enforcement Association
2029 H Street * Sacramento, CA 95811 * 916-447-5262 * www.cslea.com
Sept. 7, 2010
Contact: Alan Barcelona 916-447-5262

Statewide Law Enforcement Group Endorses Whitman for
Calling her talents more suited to the challenges of the times, the representative association for
the state employees who pin on badges, put out fires, answer 911 calls, and investigate and
inspect the worst of crimes, today endorsed Meg Whitman for governor over Jerry Brown.

In a letter to the membership,www.cslea.com/show_article.asp Alan Barcelona, president of the
7,000-member California Statewide Law Enforcement Association (CSLEA), wrote, “Jerry
Brown has had a 40-year public service career in which to be proud. He has always been a man
on the go, but would he listen, concentrate, and take the time to act on our members‟ concerns
while he seeks to burnish his legacy on grander, more-media-grabbing issues in what is certain to
be his last public office?”

“Whitman‟s experience in business,” Barcelona continued, “is as impressive as Brown‟s is in
public service … Her talents are more suited to the challenges of the times than his at this critical
juncture for our state. And, equally important, she has extended a hand to CSLEA that the Board
has wisely reached out to shake.”

In his letter to CSLEA members, Barcelona noted that, “If there were any lingering doubts about
our decision, they were put to rest in a San Francisco Chronicle www.sfgate.com/cgi-
bin/article.cgiinterview with the attorney general just this past Saturday [9/4]. The following are
the three most revealing excerpts:

      „Jerry Brown said Friday that if elected governor he would have to “do things that labor
       doesn‟t like,” including cutting pension benefits for employees and asking labor leaders
       to put everything on the table.

      „ “If you‟re looking for frugality, I‟m your man … I vetoed the pay raises for state
       employees not once, but twice. I was overridden by 23 Republican votes.”

      „ “I called for a two-tier pension system in 1982 … Of course, the next four governors
       didn‟t do anything. I‟m willing to get in the battle.” ‟

He cannot be unaware of the pension reforms currently underway, so why strike the pose of
wanting to punitively beat more out of us while claiming to be our friend and asking us stick
with “the only labor candidate”? CSLEA‟s endorsement of Meg Whitman for governor came
down, in the final analysis, to one item, according to Barcelona: “We don‟t know which Jerry
Brown we‟d have for the next four years, and we can‟t afford to take that risk. Our members‟
lives, families, and the public‟s safety are at a critical juncture.” The letter also detailed a list of
past actions Brown has taken that, according to Barcelona, “have marked his erratic and
careening policy positions” throughout his career. “It‟s time for a governor who will enforce the
death penalty and show the leadership needed to restore our jobs and economy. That person is
Meg Whitman.”

Other CSLEA candidate endorsements were: Lt. Gov., Gavin Newsom; Secretary of State, Debra
Bowen; Attorney General, Steve Cooley; Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones; Treasurer, Bill
Lockyer; Controller, John Chiang; Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson; Board
of Equalization District 1, Betty Yee; District 2, George Runner; District 3, Michelle Steele;
District 4, Jerome Horton.

 Protecting people where they live, work, and play, California Statewide Law Enforcement Association represents
                 more than 7,000 public safety professionals employed by the State of California.
           More about the people who make up California’s safety net can be found at www.cslea.com.

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