Workout Routines for Men to Build Muscle

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					This article shall mainly focus on workout routines for men to build muscle. Muscle
building workouts are quite tedious and one needs immense patience to meet the
effective results. So, if you are the one amongst them trying hard to get a well shaped
body, then follow the regimen mentioned in this article. The exercises to build muscle
are directed towards arms, abs, chest, back and shoulders. At the outset I must say that
you should perform the moves under the guidance of a fitness trainer to avoid hurting
  Workout Routines to Build Muscle: For Men
  The bodybuilding workouts for men can either be done at home or at gym. The
techniques if followed effectively are very useful for overall development of the body.
It not only renders a good shape to your body, but also improves your overall health.
Following a vigorous schedule is not ideal for beginners. For this you have to know
the beginner workout routine for men. Read the text below to get the complete routine
for yourself.
  Workout Routine: Day 1 The workout routines for men to build muscles fast starts
with day one. Day one focuses on mild cardio, abdominal and flexibility exercises. To
begin with, start with the treadmill jogging, if you are at home. This will be the warm
up exercise for your body. Do this for at least 20 minutes. Body stretching exercises
include working out of the chest, back and thighs. Take a proper posture for doing the
push ups. Repeat the push up 10 times. Standing row exercises are meant for back
muscles, while the crunches help to build abdominal muscles. Each moves should be
repeated for 10 times. Do it slowly and do not stretch beyond limits. The exercises
will be clear to you from the links mentioned below.
  * Abdominal Exercises * Back Exercises * Cardiovascular Exercises * Chest
Exercises * Crunches Exercises
  Workout Routine: Day 2 Day 2 will be a day of rest, as your body needs to relax
following the workout routine of day one. In the meanwhile also browse through
workout routines for men at home for some more information.
  Workout Routine: Day 3 Day three will be meant for shoulders, abdomen and legs,
along with cardiovascular workouts. For building strong shoulders, start with 5
pounds for each hand and then proceed to 10 pounds. You have to lift the weights 10
times with each arm. Get the correct technique from your fitness trainer. Perform
squats to gain strength and muscle mass in your legs. The abdominal exercises again
imply the crunches. Day three is your first weight training exercise, so be extra careful.
Get the exercises from below.
  * Leg Exercises * Shoulder Exercises * Thigh Exercises
  Workout Routine: Day 4 Day 4 will be again a break for you. Take rest and practice
deep breathing. Eat healthy during the intervals and store all you energy to start the
exercises next day. Adequate rest is necessary to rejuvenate your body.
  Workout Routine: Day 5 Day 5 is interesting. You will start weight lifting for the
biceps and triceps. The cardiovascular and abdominal workouts are also a part of the
workout routine of fifth day. Weight training exercises for biceps include bicep curls,
bench presses and deadlifts. Toning of triceps involve doing tricep presses with 10
pounds weight. The position is almost similar to bicep curls. Weight maneuvering
technique plays an important role in the process. You have to be very careful while
performing the lifts and do it only under the supervision of your trainer. Take breaks
in between to relax your muscle. Do not try to lift heavy weights if you are doing it
for the first time. The exercises enlisted below shall make your concept clear.
  * Bicep Exercises * Bodyweight Exercises * Dumbbell Exercises * Weight Training
  Workout Routine: Day 6 Day 6 will be a break for you. Relax at home. Since the
workout routines to build muscles are quite hectic, your body will need adequate rest.
  Workout Routine: Day 7 Day 7 will be a partial rest day. The mild stretching
exercises or the muscle toning workouts, if you wish to. Do not engage into any form
of vigorous exercises as your actual routine will begin once again from the next day.
Therefore, relax as much a possible.
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