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									Both Joomla and WordPress are established web design applications used by millions
of websites across the world. Web Design Companies and web designers have in
general supported various open source software for developing websites. Joomla and
WordPress are two of the most popular ones and have established communities on the
internet. There are hundreds of quality forums and blogs dedicated specifically
towards the use of Joomla and WordPress for designing websites. Other web design
and content management systems including Drupal and Typo3 have also proved
popular and effective. However WordPress and Joomla seem to have an edge over the
others in terms of global popularity and use.
  WordPress v/s Joomla
  WordPress probably scores higher in terms of usability, both from an end user as
well as developer's point of view. Due to its simplicity WordPress is easy to learn and
get acclimatised to. However this is also due to the fact that Joomla offers many more
features than WordPress and offers more advanced functionality. The new version of
Joomla, the 1.5x version has made significant improvements in usability.
  WordPress is better described as a blog software whereas Joomla is an advanced
content management system. WordPress is excellent for publishing content. Joomla
on the other hand offers many powerful features. There are Joomla components that
target almost every industry and market.
  Search Engine Cptimization
  WordPress is known for its search engine optimisation advantages. By default
WordPress is search engine friendly and webpages tend to rank high on Google. On
the Joomla needs some customisation in order to target the full benefits from search
engines. With the right customisation however, Joomla websites are equally capable
of ranking high on search engines like Google. Any expert Joomla developer will
design a website to be SEO friendly.
  Joomla is easily scalable. Joomla can be used to design small websites as well for
developing complex functionality on websites. WordPress is great out of the box and
will work excellent if the only purpose of the website was to publish informational
content. WordPress is great out of the box but limited somewhat for developing
complicated web applications.
  Joomla has clear advantages with regards to extending and integrating the website
with other third party applications of software. Joomla has a well formed and
powerful API that developers can use to extend the software or integrate with other
systems as required. Joomla websites can be easily integrated with other sources or
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