Wood Decking Material Outperforms Plastic Materials by gyvwpgjmtx


									PVC decking is the latest choice in alternative decking options, and the manufacturers
would have us to believe that it is the best choice as well. Does this claim hold up
under scrutiny? How does PVC decking compare to the performance of good old
fashioned wood decking material? Because it is one hundred percent plastic, PVC
decking is resistant to rot and decay. In general, it is a stable decking option that
resists stains and scratches. However, there have been a few complaints where certain
common substances such as sunscreen and bug spray have caused staining on PVC
decks. Also, in extreme weather, such as hot temperatures, PVC can bend and deform.
 One hundred percent all natural wood, on the other hand, especially when dealing
with exotic hardwoods such as ipe and cumaru, has been time tested to withstand the
most extreme elements with admirable resilience. A dense and tight grain, combined
with natural oils, protects the wood from insects, mold, and moisture, and makes for
an extremely stable, splinter free, slip resistant surface.
 Wood decking material has been around for a long time. Throughout the centuries,
the best species of hardwood have been proven to last up to one hundred years, and
that without chemical preservative treatments that may be hazardous to your health
and the environment.
 PVC decking material has not been around that long, but it usually only has a ten
year warranty. What does that tell you about the manufacturer's expectations for their
 From a structural, performance standpoint, PVC decking was a step forward from
composite decking. However, the winner is still time tested, traditional wood decking
material. We have not even mentioned appearance, one of the most important factors
for homeowners when choosing a decking material. PVC decking is made of, and so
looks like, plastic. Neither have we gone into detail about the long list of potential
health problems that can result from the poisonous chemicals found in PVC decking.
When it comes to performance in all areas of strength, appearance, and safety,
hardwood decking just cannot be beat by man made substitutes.
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