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					Most people associate curry, rickshaws, and Bollywood when they think of India.
Many do not know that India also has a booming wine industry. Wine is not as
popular in India as it is in countries such as Argentina, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany,
Australia, and the United States. However, as India’s economy continues to grow at a
rapid rate, so does their wine consumption and wine production. The majority of the
world has no clue that India even has a wine industry. The following article will
inform all my friends out there in internet land about India’s wine tastings and wine
 Wine making in India dates back many years. The first wine grape vines were
brought to India by the Persians in the wine industry took off during the time of the
British and Portuguese colonization of India.
 Due to its extremely hot and desert like climate, the majority of India’s land is not
ideal for the cultivation of wine grapes. However, there are areas that are able to
sustain grape vines. There are many grape vines that are planted at higher altitudes
where it is much cooler and much friendlier to the cultivation of grapes. The vines are
planted on along slopes and hillsides to take advantage of the cool climate and to
protect from deadly winds. The peak growing season for grapes in India is between
June and August.
 India also has many grape varietals. Some are native to the region while others are
not. Some of the native grape varietals include Gulabi, Bangalore Blue, and the most
widely planted Turkish grape called Sultana. There are many French varietals that are
planted in India as well. Some of these varietals are Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, and
Chenin Blanc.
 I hope that the following article has provided you with the proper information to get
started with your wine adventures in India. You can make Indian wines a part of your
wine club, your next wine tasting party, or a part of daily wine enjoyment with friends
and family.

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