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					Usually, we heard about the LCD screen and LED screen. Which is better? How is
their performance? Do you want to know more about them? Like this Compaq
CQ60-202 LCD screen, it’s clear that it belongs to LCD screen.
  Generally, laptop screen panels mostly apply the LCD screen. For LED screen, the
TV set screen often uses this panel. According to their advantages, they are used in
different channels.
  The difference between LCD screen and the LED screen: LED has good
performance on the brightness, power consumption, viewing angle and the refreshing
rate and so on. For the ratio of the power consumption, it’s 10:1. Because of the
higher refreshing rate, LED screen have better performance on the video display. It
can provide extremely wide angle of 160 °, can display a variety of text, numbers,
color images and animation information can also be broadcast television, video, VCD,
DVD and other color video signal, pieces of display can also be broadcast networking.
LED display and speed of response of individual elements is 1000 times the LCD
liquid crystal screen, in bright light you can not stop watching, and adapt to the low
temperature of 40 degrees below zero. LED technology can produce thinner than the
LCD, brighter, clearer displays with a wide range of applications.
  Thus we talked so much about the LED screen. For the LCD screen, it’s commonly
used in the laptop screen panels, as this CQ60-202 LCD screen. at present, it’s more
economical. In the future, as the LED technology becomes more mature, this
CQ60-202 LCD screen may be replaced by CQ60-202 LED screen. That will be
really amazing to enjoy the movie and games.
  Just like the development of the battery, the lithium battery has replaced Nickel
Metal Hydride battery as the promotion of advanced technology.

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