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November 2010                                                                      H e a d t e a c he r : M r s J . L a n g d o n
Issue 5
                                 Headteacher’s News
                                 It is always a pleasure to be part of           Time to settle down to the
                                 a Tring event with Dundale. The                 performances, which I have to say
                                 Workshadowing Evening was a                     were excellent, and demonstrated a
                                 wonderful opportunity for our Year              lot of creativity and imagination. They
                                 6 to show off their wonderful                   were all structured around the 3E's
                                 displays about their day of work                and how the pupils could see
                                 and then perform a presentation                 evidence of the 3E's in practice during
                                 about their experiences. Our Year 6             their    workshadowing      day.    The
                                 delivered     their    parts    with            performances ranged from ‘The
                                 confidence and pride; the sense of              Apprentice’ sketch to a ‘Harry Hill’
 Headteacher’s News          1   team work and respect for each                  sketch which I thought was really well
                                 other was very strong. Well done                put together. Our pupils "timeline" of
 Upcoming Events             1
                                 Year 6 and thank you parents for                their day at work was heard by
 Workshadowing               1   supporting the event.                           everyone as they all projected their
                                                                                 voices well and spoke with great
 Christmas Fair              2                                                   clarity, which was just as well given
 Pantomime                   2
                                 Workshadowing                                   the technology challenges with the
                                 For the parents and staff of Year 6, the        microphones.
 Cake Stall                  2   evening of Friday 26th November was
                                 spent at Tring School to see the                Our pupils did Dundale very proud on
 Recycling Christmas Cards   2
                                 outcomes of the workshadowing projects          the night and this was the culmination
 Piano Lessons               2   from the pupils at Dundale and the other        of the hard work and effort put in by
 Programmes                  2
                                 primary schools in our local community.         each and every one of them and our
                                 What immediately struck me as I entered         teachers.
 Dates                       2   Desborough Hall was the volume of work          Grant Newman
 Contact Details             2
                                 and effort that had obviously been put in       Parent Governor
                                 by all the teachers and pupils as I
                                 glanced at a mass of posters decorating         Workshadowing at Confetti
                                 the walls of the hall. We entered at the        Bridal Wear, Tring
                                 area where all of Dundale's posters were        My Workshadowing was in a Bridal
                                 on show and after Jamie showed off his          Wear shop. I learnt that my mum
                                 poster, I took the time to look at the          investigates a lot. She investigates
                                 other Dundale posters. It became clear          what style of dress the bride wants. I
                                 very quickly that our pupils really threw       helped my mum sort the dresses, put
                                 themselves into their workshadowing             the labels on so the customer knew
                                 days and that great care and attention          the name of the dress, the size, the
                                 had been taken to produce each of these         make and the price. We had lunch at
         Upcoming                posters with guidance, of course, from          Costas.
          Events                 our excellent teaching staff. I also took
                                 some time, before the performances and          Overall, it was a good day. It was a
                                 presentations started, to look at the           good job but not my type!!
        Cake Stalls             posters produced by some of the other
        Christmas Fair          Year 6 pupils in our community. While           At the presentation evening at Tring
                                 they too obviously had great fun with           School there were five schools
                                 this project, I couldn't help but feel rising   including us. I had to tell everyone
                                 levels of pride in the standard of work         that I worked at the Bridal shop. I
                                 that Dundale's Year 6 pupils had                really enjoyed the evening and being
                                 produced.                                       part of the presentation.
                                                                                 Luke Miller
     Page 2 of 2                                                                     Dundale School Newsletter

                                  Christmas Fair                                  Performance Tickets
                                                                                  Programmes      for   the    Christmas
                                  The DSA Committee are working hard to Performances will be on sale for £1
                                  organise a fantastic                  at the following times:-
                                             Christmas Fair                       Wed 1st Dec 11.45am-Nursery
                                                                                  Parents only in Nursery Cloakroom
                                       Saturday 4th December
                                                                                  Wed 1st Dec 2.45pm-Mr Lowe’s
                                                12-2.30pm                         classroom

                                                                                  Thur 2nd Dec 8.45am & 2.45pm-Mr
                                                                                  Lowe’s Classroom
                                  Please remember to return sweet cups
           Cake Stalls            and raffle tickets.                  The programme is your ticket and
                                                                                  to begin with each family can have
    Next cake stall will be                Robin Hood the                         2 tickets. Should you require more
                                                                                  we will have a waiting list which
    at the Christmas Fair.                   Pantomime                            will be used once every child has
                                                                                  someone coming to watch them.
           In 2011
          th                      On the 17th of November Robin Hood came         No children or babies are allowed
       10 February Yr 2                                                           to the main performances. Children
                                  to Dundale School. Every class attended
                                  from F2 to Year 6. We were encouraged to        in school will all see each other’s
                                  boo and hiss when the baddies came on to        performances.
                                  the stage. My favourite character was the
                                  maid Bounty. My favourite part was when         DATES
         Sports News              Robin and the sheriff had an archery            Sat 4 Dec      Christmas Fair
Congratulations to all the 4/3    contest. But overall the whole pantomime        Tues 7 Dec     Performances to school
pupils who took part in the       was really good. The whole school enjoyed       Wed 8 Dec      KS1 & FS Performance
speed stacking competition at     it and next year we hope you will continue                     KS2 Performance 7pm
Tring School.                     to contribute money for more fantastic          Thur 9 Dec     KS1 & FS Performance
                                  plays like that.                                               KS2 Performance 7pm
Well done to the group of Year    Mara-Jade Radisic                               Wed 15 Dec     Carol Service 10am
5/6 pupils who took part in the   Year 5                                                         Christmas Dinner
Dacorum Fun Run.                                                                  Thur 16 Dec    Party Day
                                                                                  Fri 17 Dec     End of Term 2pm

Another football match. The                                                       Tues 4 Jan     INSET Day
Year 5 team played Grove                                                          Wed 5 Jan      School re-opens
                                                                                  Wed 9 Feb      Parents Eve 5.30
Road and lost 4-0.
                                                                                  Thur 10 Feb    Parents Eve 3.30
                                                                                                 Cake Stall Yr 2
                                                                                  Mon 21 Feb     Half Term
                                                                                  Wed 2 Mar      INSET Day

                                                                                     Dundale Primary School and Nursery
                                                                                                Silk Mill Way
                                                                                                M Tring
                                                                                                  HP23 5DJ
                                  Recycle Christmas Cards                                          Phone:
                                  The Eco Council are organising Christmas                      01442 822421
                                  Card recycling. After the Christmas                                Fax:
                                  holidays please bring Christmas cards to                      01442 895921
                                  school. There will be a box in each                            E-mail:

                                  Piano Lessons                                            Value All Learning
                                  Our piano teacher has spaces for pupils                  Value Each Other
                                  from Year 2 and above. You don’t have to
                                  have a piano, a keyboard will be fine.                  We’re on the Web!
                                  Please call into the school office if you are

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