Why to Install a Sink Shutoff Valve

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					Shutoff valves are devices that can be put on any fixture to shut off the water
immediately to that fixture, rather than having to shut off the water to the entire house.
According to Randy and Rex Latta at Latta Plumbing Inc, the drain cleaning
specialists in Birmingham, Alabama, not having a shutoff valve installed on the line
below a kitchen sink is a big mistake that could end up costing you dearly should a
problem come up with your plumbing that needs to be repaired quickly.
  While shutoff valves are standard in all homes built today, there are many older
homes that still don’t have them installed—usually because the homes haven’t been
renovated in recent years or because the homeowners don’t know that shutoff valves
are necessary.
  The Importance Shutoff valves are key for fixtures that get worked on quite
frequently, such as sinks and toilets. Without one, a homeowner would have to turn
off the water to his entire home every time he wanted to make an adjustment to a
kitchen or bathroom fixture. Kitchen sinks generally get worked on more than any
other fixture in the home, so having a shutoff valve installed on the sink is especially
important. If you don’t have a shutoff valve on your sink, then it means you have got
to go to the street to get that water turned off. But if you have that shutoff valve on,
then you can work on that particular sink and everyone else can still have water in the
  We recommend that any homeowner who is considering having shutoff valves
installed make the call to have the job done now rather than later, since it’s a matter of
both safety and convenience.
  The Time and Cost In Birmingham, having drain work done on a fixture without a
shutoff valve is going to take more time and money, since the plumbers working on
the job will have to take the extra time to shut off the water to the entire
home—including the water heater—before they can begin. Depending on the
condition of the home’s piping and the place where the shutoff valve is being installed,
homeowners can expect that a basic shutoff valve installation should only take a few
hours—and it certainly won’t take an entire day to complete.
  In order to have a shutoff valve installed, a plumber has to get underneath the house
to see what piping and other lines the shutoff valve is going to be tying into. Costs on
these types of services can be difficult for drain cleaners and plumbers in Birmingham
to estimate, since older homes frequently have underlying plumbing issues that can
drive up the cost of shutoff valve installation. It can get tricky, especially if the house
is old and the pipes are old. Old pipes are generally weaker than newer pipes, and
break more easily when being worked on—even by a skilled plumber.
  The Trend People don’t realize what a pain this is going to be until the job has
already begun, and it’s at that point that they really wish they would have had shutoff
valves installed previously. Thankfully, most people who live in newer homes these
days already have shutoff valves installed. Homes built in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s,
and 2000s should all have shutoff valves installed on major fixtures, with newer
homes obviously having even more valves in places.
  Prior to the 1970s, however, the building codes were not as stringent and far fewer
homes were built with shutoff valves specifically installed. Although many
homeowners have installed these valves since then, there is no way to tell if an older
home has them installed unless you make sure to check during the pre-purchase home
  Ideally, there should be shutoff valves on everything that has water coming from it.
If not, then a basic toilet drip or leaky sink is inevitably going to be much more
difficult for a plumber to repair, since he’ll have to turn off the water to the entire
home just to make a simple fix.
  Rex and Randy Latta are writers for Yodle, a business directory and online
advertising company. Find a plumber or more plumber articles at Yodle Consumer

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