Why telephonic interviews are so important- by gyvwpgjmtx


									Telephonic interviews are more like an on air screening. Just like you test drive a car
before buying it to check its mileage and driving efficiency, similarly before hiring
any candidate an initial round of telephonic interview is necessary to decide their
relevancy, communication and interpersonal skills towards the given profile.
Generally the process of recruitment is very crucial and elongated. Thus, by
interviewing any aspiring professional on phone, one can cut short or rather avoid one
or two initial rounds of interview. Such telecom interrogations are generally taken by
the respective manpower consultants or the human resource official of a particular
company. Once a candidate is short listed in that phone test then he or she is called for
other rounds of interview to the recruiter, consultancy or company.
  There are many advantages of a telephonic interview. In case a candidate feels
uncomfortable in disclosing his or her personal information in personal they can
always do it on phone. Besides, if a candidate does not fulfill the basic requirement
for the given profile then he or she may get silently eliminated on phone without any
discomfort. Employers undertake a lot of responsibilities related to their business thus,
they get very minimal time to go through each and every candidate’s profile and then
proceed with the process of recruitment. Therefore, they hire or outsource an expert
recruitment agency that can handle the role and responsibility to hire and retain
employees for their company. Telephonic round of tests not only saves time but, also
proves to be cost efficient from employer’s part. Through this organization officials
can focus on their work as well as can keep an eye on the selected candidates as well,
if they want. Otherwise, the telecom test or screening is done by the manpower
  Apart from this, suppose an organization or a recruitment agency is undertaking an
international recruitment, in case a case it is very difficult to arrange a face to face
interview. Thus, recruiters or the recruitment agency arrange telephonic interviews
and other high tech interview tools and mediums such as video conferencing, etc. so
that without investing on the huge travel cost one can easily carry forward the
necessary tests and interrogations from both ends.
  The corporate world is slowly and steadily becoming more tech oriented and
believes in running at a fast pace. Thus, when a telecom interview is taken it becomes
easy for the recruiters to compare the skills, experience and knowledge of several
interested candidates and pick the best among the entire lot. However, it is not that
easy to undertake a phone interview. It can be tricky and troublesome at times. Thus,
make sure you or your recruitment agency takes adequate measures to make it
convenient enough.

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