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									                                   ROYAL HOLLOWAY
                                   University of London

         Information for Students regarding Special Examination Arrangements


This sheet gives information on arrangements which may be made for students with
special needs during the formal examinations held during the period from 27th April 2010
to 28th May 2010. For advice on support at other times of the year, contact your
Personal Adviser or the Educational Support Office, Founders West Room 151 (01784 –
443966). The purpose of Special Examination Arrangements is to help those with special
needs perform to their full ability, without giving them an unfair advantage over other
students. Those with special arrangements normally sit their examinations in a
designated room to ensure that the arrangements can be properly monitored.

What special needs are covered?

The following list gives some idea of the range of disabilities and conditions for which
special examination arrangements may be made:

   Specific learning difficulties (e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia)
   Mental health conditions (e.g. depression)
   Behavioural conditions
   Fatigue, debilitation or clinical anxiety
   Sensory or physical impairments (including mobility problems)
   Chronic or acute medical conditions
   Effects of medication treating other conditions
   Neurological conditions (lack of co-ordination, tremor, paralysis, nerve injury &
   Joint, limb and back conditions affecting the ability to sit comfortably for prolonged
   Conditions affecting the writing arm or hand, including cases where a student is
   required to use the non-dominant hand
   Accidents shortly before or during the examination period

Do not be discouraged, however, from applying for special examination arrangements
because your condition does not seem to fall within one of these categories.

What arrangements are available?

Special examination arrangements normally involve either the provision of extra time,
rest breaks, the use of an amanuensis/scribe or technological aids such as a computer.
Extra time may be given for writing, resting at the examination desk, or resting away
from the examination desk as appropriate to your needs (in line with many other
universities, the University of London often awards less extra time per hour than the ‘A’
level examining boards). Permission to use technological aids will only be given if the
requisite equipment can be provided by you or by your department(s) without
jeopardising the security of the examination. In determining whether special
arrangements should be made, we will always take account of the recommendations
given in the evidence you submit to support your request, and your normal working

                                               1                                    2009/2010
                                     ROYAL HOLLOWAY
                                     University of London

         Information for Students regarding Special Examination Arrangements

                                          How do I apply?

First application

  1. You need to be registered with the Educational Support Office and to have
     submitted evidence of your special need (e.g. an Educational Psychologist
     Assessment carried out when you were 16 years or older, or a recent medical
     report from your specialist). You may make an appointment to register with the
     ESO at anytime during the year.

  2. Complete ‘Request for Special Examination Arrangements’ Form 005, and give in
     to the Educational Support Office, before Friday 27th November 2009. You are
     advised to keep a copy of everything you submit.

  3. You will receive written notification of the outcome of your application from the
     Examinations & Research Degrees Office during March 2010.

Applied last year

You only need re-apply if your circumstances have changed. A letter will be sent out
from the Examinations & Research Degrees office at the end of January 2010 advising
you of your Special Examination Arrangements. In most cases these will remain the
same as last year.

Some medical conditions may need to be reviewed by the College Board to ensure
that the appropriate allowance is granted, in which case you will be sent a letter during
Autumn Term 2009 requesting an update on your medical condition.

All applications forms should reach the Educational Support Office (FW151) by Friday
27th November 2009 unless your condition arose after that date, in which case you
should submit your application as soon as possible.

If you are not sure whether you are eligible for Special Examination Arrangements or if
you need any further information, please contact the Educational Support Office,
Founders West Room 151.        Telephone: 01784 – 443966

Appeal Process

If you wish to appeal against the decision made by the College Board this must be
done within 14 days of receipt of the letter and further medical evidence would need
to be provided to support the appeal.

Emily Plumley
Head of Examinations & Research Degrees
Student & Academic Services

                                                   2                                2009/2010

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