Who Will Build the Third Temple- ...... Any Takers- by gyvwpgjmtx


									The talk has been around for years but no one ever really took it seriously. Oh, there's
been some end time fanatics, messianic fringe groups and the usual fare of
apocalyptic self proclaimed visionaries - empty voices passing like the wind because
really, who believed that we could actually BUILD the Third Temple? Well, now a
new voice is being heard. Seemingly crying out from the wilderness, this voice comes
bringing actual Third Temple blueprints to the table. Meet Mr. Yisrayl Hawkins. He's
an American Hebrew who feels so strongly about the idea of building the Third
Temple that he has succeeded in completing the entire architectural plans for the Third
Temple. He is so certain that his architectural designs based on biblical measurements
and archaeological accuracy will eventually be used by those who WILL build the
temple, that he has patented his temple designs in both Israel and the United States:
United States Design Patent #360951 and Israeli Design Registration #23078.
  Mr. Hawkins has said "Nothing has been left out". He has the complete package:
Temple blueprints, scale models, architectural designs, exact measurements for the
stones, the Altar, the Vestibule, the Holy Place and Most Holy Place, the Priests'
Kitchens, the Priest's Rooms, the Singers' Chambers, entrances and exits, etc. All
that's required is minimal excavation of the existing courts to reach the foundation
which is under the existing platform of the Temple Mount.
  You may be thinking, "the Temple Mount? Doesn't the Dome of the Rock Mosque sit
atop the Temple Mount"? Indeed it does but Yisrayl Hawkins' Temple blueprint and
corresponding measurements do NOT affect the Mosque in any way in that his Third
Temple designs exactly fit the area of land sitting NORTH of the Dome of the Rock
Mosque! The Arabs need not be harmed nor should there be a fight over the Temple
Mount. The Temple can be built on the vacant land where the Temple stood before
and a dividing wall would be built to separate the Arab worshipers from the Jewish
  His plans are well thought out. Having enlisted the help of THREE expert
construction engineers and numerous biblical scholars, Mr. Hawkins has been able to
create and complete a working architectural design of the Third Temple from
previously undeciphered Temple measurements known as "Yechetzqyah's (Ezekiel's)
Temple". It is the prophet Yechetzqyah who actually confirms where the Temple will
sit and according to bible prophecy, no other design will be permitted to be used other
than the one given to Yechetzqyah. Hawkins is willing to hand over ALL designs and
measurements to any individual or world leader who is willing to build the Third
Temple because he firmly believes that our generation will be the one to bring peace
to this planet! This could be the biggest peace project ever ventured in the history of
mankind simply because of the magnitude of the possibility of war in the Middle East.
  Jerusalem will soon become an international city. If the Third Temple is built,
hundreds of thousands of people will come from far and wide to see this great
monument. Whoever will take on the task of building the Third Temple would be
called a "true peacemaker" and quite possibly have earned themselves a Nobel prize
for peace. It would also be fitting to mention that they would inherit the crown of
eternal fame and an endless storehouse of wealth. The architectural designs are ready.
Who will build the Third Temple? ...... Any takers?
 Micahyah Hawkins is a Bible Code researcher and analyst. She is also an
etymologist. She owns Bright Light Enterprise: => www.yisrayl-hawkins.info

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