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					Nowadays such blockers, also known as jammers, are extremely popular and have
many usages. The range of jammers is truly great that's why you can easily choose the
necessary type of jammer to block any radio frequency you need. The most
commonly used jammers are the ones that jam GSM, GPS and Wi-Fi bands. The
legality of such type of blockers differs highly in various countries. In several
countries it's even forbidden by law to use jammers of any type. Notwithstanding
blockers are very popular among ordinary people. Especially jammers are highly in
demand in large cities and megacities. In spite of the illegality, jammers are still
popular because they are ideal for usage in many cases such as: 1.     To disable cell
phones in operas, cinemas and other places 2. To interrupt mobile phones in health
care institutions 3. To shield conference spaces from industrial espionage 4. To
fense offices from spying gizmos 5. To achieve absolute informational safety 6. To
preclude people from spying on you and detecting your location 7. To            preclude
explosion of several kinds of bombs 8. To prevent cheating at different tests and
exams 9.       To prevent fakements of voting process during different elections 10. To
fense militaries from homing missiles 11. To help police forces in struggling against
the bandits
  Notwithstanding, few disadvantages of jammers can also be names. For instance,
jammers: 1. Can and will be used during carjacking 2. Are used by bandits in many
ways 3. Infringe the rights of communication corporations 4.       Make impossible to
call 911 If speaking about the advantages of using the blockers, the first thing that is
mentioned is the ability to jam mobile phones in public places such as operas, movie
theaters, restaurants and so on. Sometimes people can't or just don't want to
understand that their blabbing on the mobile phone annoys people around them.
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