Which Sport Has the Most Passionate Fans- by gyvwpgjmtx


									Part of the thrill of following a sport is the chance to experience the highs and lows of
your chosen team or individual and to share in the passion you feel with other
like-minded fans.

  Passionate fans exist in all sports, and fans display this passion in different ways;
from the financial outlay they make to follow their chosen team or individual, to their
behaviour and demeanour whilst watching a sporting fixture.

 In golf, for example, the cost of buying golf clubs, shoes, waterproofs and other
accessories can be expensive; not to mention the cost of green fees. But when
spectating, golf fans can 鈥檛 really lend vocal support to their favourite from the
sidelines 鈥?except when between shots 鈥?so they show support in other ways,
such as getting up at the crack of dawn to follow them around the course during an
early tee-time.

 Fans of horse racing can be extremely vociferous, especially when watching a race
in which their selection has a chance to win and they have a live wager on. The
excitement of watching horses battle to the winning line is hard to beat and horse
racing fans are devoted to the sport, ploughing millions of pounds each year into the
sport through gambling.

 Other sports, such as rugby and darts also attract a large, voiciferous following but
perhaps the most passionate fans can be found within football. Here the passion of
fans is fuelled by their devotion to a particular team, which can be handed down from
generation to generation. Rivalry too is also a big factor in why so many people
follow football so passionately, and the chance to gloat is rarely passed up.

 Some great rivalries exist in football that can really set the blood pumping, such as
the Mersyside Derby between Liverpool and Everton - one of the most famous in the

 And of course, there is the Manchester rivalry between the red of Manchester United
and the blue of Manchester City, while in London there are many rivalries amongst
the London clubs with Tottenham, Chelsea, West Ham and Arsenal amongst them.

 But passionate fans in football extend far beyond the English Premiership and fans
of all clubs 鈥?from the Npower football league to the Vauxhall Conference League -
will undoubtedly consider themselves just as passionate 鈥?and perhaps moreso than
their Premiership counterparts. Regardless of the team that is supported, every
weekend fans will make journeys of many miles clad out in the colours of their
favourite team; braving often inclement weather conditions and spending large
amounts of money on season tickets, transport, programmes, food and drink to shout
and cheer their favourites on to what will hopefully be a victory.
  Regardless of the sport, however, there will always be an element of passion found
within sport 鈥檚 fans 鈥?it just manifests itself in different ways with different
people; from financial outlay to vocal support, the true definition of a passionate fan
is difficult to pinpoint.

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