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					          St. Bride’s                               - Parish Bulletin

      Weekly Programme
  Monday          Mass: 8.15 am & 10 am
                  Rosary 9.35am
                  Parents and Toddlers 9.30 am -
                  11.30 am
                  Adoration: 10.30am– 7 pm
                  SVDP 7.30 pm

  Tuesday         Mass: 8.15 am & 10 am
                  Rosary 9.35am
                  Tuesday Club 12-3pm

Wednesday         Masses: 8.15 am & 10 am
                  Morning Prayer: 9.45 am
                  Wednesday pre-school 12.30 pm
                  Legion of Mary 7 pm

 Thursday         Masses: 8.15 am & 10 am
                  Tea 10.20 am
                  Thursday Club: 1.30-3 pm
                  Adoration & Confession 7-8 pm

   Friday         Masses: 8.15 am & 10 am
                  Rosary 9.35am
                  Novena after 10 am Mass
                  Parents and Toddlers 9.30 am -

 Saturday         Masses: 10 am & (vigil) 5.30 pm
                  Confessions after 10 am Mass

  Sunday          Masses 10 am, 12 noon               Christ the King
                  3.30 pm (Indian Mass) & 6 pm
First Sunday in
                                                       25th November 2007
  Advent (C)
Parish Bulletin
                  Thank you to all         the children’s         were delighted at the
                  who came out             choir for singing      amount raised .
                  for the Mass on          at the Mass.
                  Monday evening.          Thanks also to the
                                                                  Friday is the feast of
                  The final figure         group for fund-
                                                                  St Andrew.
                  given to A.C.N.          raising throughout
                  came to                  the year and for
                  £14,000.The              the work of orga-      Christ the King pic-
                  children of St           nizing the evening.    ture -all glory and
                  Bride’s school           Both Bishop Tart-      honour be through
                  gave £500. Thank         aglia and Neville      him, with him, in him-
                  you especially to        Kyrke Smyth , Na-      himhhim a
                                               tional Director,
                  Things to note
                   Thank you to all         This Sunday the        On 8th December, the
                   those who turned out     Indian community       feast of the Immacu-
                   for the prayers at       will pray for their    late Conception, the
                   Westburn Cemetery.       dead. These prayers    Diocese will start the
                   An excellent number      will include Mass      celebrations for the
                   of people were pre-      and a visit to the     150th anniversary of
                   sent for the prayers.    cemetery at Blan-      the apparitions at
                                            tyre.                  Lourdes in Carfin
                                                                   Grotto. A bus will leave
                                                                   for the event..

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                                                                      Christ the King

Exposition                 Diocesan Choir                    quested please contact
                           The Motherwell Diocesan           Kieran directly 07999695299
Exposition of the
Blessed Sacrament on       Choir has agreed to come to       Ladies Night
Monday. Exposition         St Bride’s on 16th December       Thank you for the monies
also on Thursday as        for a Carol service in prepara-   raised - £440 .
normal.                    tion for Christmas. All parish-
                                                             Parents and Toddlers
                           ioners will be welcome to join
Weekday Mass                                                 The Parents and Toddlers are
                           us for this event.
Monday-Friday 8.15 &                                         having a trip to the Singing
                           Children’s Party
10 am. Saturday 10am                                         Kettle on 14th December.
                           Please put names down for
Confessions                                                  Vocations Evening
                           the children’s Christmas
Confessions after Satur-   party. The party for the chil-    Vocations evening - 30th No-
day 10am Mass &            dren aged 5-10 years will         vember at 7 pm in St Bride’s
Thursday during Adora-     take place on 16th Decem-         hall, Motherwell.
tion.                      ber starting 1.30pm. Toddlers’    Silver Circle
Dementia                   group organising a party for      Winner of £20: Mary Park 15
Advice and counsel-        pre-5’s on a date that will be    Redlawood Rd
ling offered by Berna-     published in the bulletin.
                                                             Real Gifts.
dette Quigley for          Family Night
                                                           On 2nd December at 10 am
families who have          This weekend there will be a & 12 noon Masses the Social
someone with de-           Family Night (24th Novem- Justice group will hand out
mentia - tel no 641        ber) in the parish hall start- catalogues of Sciaf Real Gifts
8796.                      ing at 7.30 pm. The evening at Christmas.
Lourdes Pilgrimage         is for children, parents,
                                                           Venice Run
There is to be a one-      aunts, uncles, grandparents -
day pilgrimage to          families of all ages - and will Thanks to Catherine Lyndsay
                           involve them in games and       for £900 raised from the Ven-
Lourdes on 8th De-
cember costing £239.       different activities. Everyone ice run for A.C.N.
Tel 0161 790 6838          welcome to come along.          Hospice
                           Tombla prizes would be ap- The lights on the Christmas
                           preciated.                      tree at Cambuslang can be
Please check out the
                           Social Justice                    adopted in memory of a
website for pictures
                           New members for the Fair-         loved one, please pick up
and news about the
                           trade steering group are re-      sponsorship form.
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   St Bride’s                                      Tel No 0141 641 3053
21 Greenlees Rd              We are on the
                                                   Email or
    G72 8 JB       

Pastoral Centre
                                                    St Bride’s dolls
•    Start of Evangelium course December)           St Bride’s Dolls on sale in the
•    Practical approach to proclaiming the          porch - £4.50 each.
     Word of God - (27th November)                  Christmas party
•    Advent Reflections - (5th December)            75 Senior Citizens have put their
                                                    name down for the Christmas
New Project                                         party - 8th December.
Any married couples (aged 25-40) interested         India Pilgrimage
in becoming part of an initiative that helps        Fr Sebastian now has 17 people
them in their Catholic life can join in the Holy    going to India.
Family project which begins next year as a
                                                    Rome Pilgrimage
pilot scheme in the diocese. See Fr Morton
                                                    Anyone who would like to go to
Theresa Burns
                                                    Rome in October 2008, please
The Burns family express their gratitude to Fr      put your name down on the lists
Morton, altar server, organist, cantor and eve-     at the window ledges.
ryone who took part in Theresa’ s requiem
Mass, also to many who requested Mass of-
ferings for her.                                    Monies raised through ACN
                                                    boxes: £1221.96. Thank you for
Christmas Fayre
                                                    your kindness.
At St Charles’ primary school, Newton on
                                                    Parish Diaries
1st December 1.30 -3.30pm
                                                    Parish diaries will be slightly de-
                                                    layed again this year.
Recently died; Rita McGowan; John McLaugh-
                                                    Carol Service
lin; Brian O’Sullivan; Pata McGinley; Theresa
Burns ; Alex Mulholland; Jim Conroy Anniver-        Carol service at St Andrew’s
saries: John Trainer; Arthur Pelosi; Mary           on today at 3 pm.
McFarlane; John & Elizabeth Devlin; John
Harty; Joseph Hammond;