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Mountaineering is aerobic exercise, can increase protein in the blood, strengthening the immune system, help the body of toxins excreted in time. Enhanced metabolism, accelerate fat consumption, so climbing on thin molding has a unique effect.

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									Body Fat Reduction to Look Firm & Fit
How to be Slim by reducing             the brain that you are full when it
caloric density FREE of                reaches capacity. The fiber has
Hunger                                 virtually no calories and serves as
   Do you want to lose weight          necessary bulk to the intestines for
quickly without weakness or            proper digestion. Water also has
hunger? Do you want to get rid of      no calories and it must be present
accumulated fat around the waist,      to allow all the functions of the
cellulite under the arms, and on the   body to take place.
hips? Do you often feel tired?
                                          The high protein, high fat diets
    The following approach is the      require a large amount of
only way I have ever discovered        additional water to digest the
that can help a person who is          protein and fat. The extreme
genetically obese to achieve           water loss accounts for up to 10
permanent weight loss.          The    pounds lost on high fat, high
human race has survived famines        protein diets. Starvation portion
and the risk of starvation because     control type diets leave you
their ancestors passed on the          hungry and empty. They depend
unlimited capacity to absorb and       on another form of deceptive
retain fat inside over 100 billion     weight loss from just emptying of
fat cells! A small percentage of       the digestive track.
the world population that are
genetically thin people may have           The intestines are nearly 32 feet
only 36 billion fat cells with one     in length, holding up to 10 pounds
third the capacity to store fat and    capacity. High fat, high protein
they appear thin and usually don’t     diets lack fiber that leads to a
need to diet to loss weight.           temporary loss of weight on the
                                       weight scale. If you deceptively
    The Grow Young and Slim            loss 10 pounds of water
plan is natural and it supplies the    (dehydration from protein and fat)
body with a lot of fiber and water     and 10 pounds of weight in the
(from vegetables and fruit) that       intestines from lack of fiber you
fills the stomach and the digestive    may experience a 20 pound
track. The stomach needs to fill       reduction in weight, not body fat!
up with two or three pounds of         The reason so many people get
food to feel satisfied.        The     encouraged to follow these high
stomach actually sends a signal to     protein, high fat diets is that they
lose that deceptive weight in the      succeed. I told her that the plan is
first three months on those plans.     simply a retraining of knowing
                                       what is best to eat, and she could
   I met Colleen over twenty years     actually eat more volume of food
ago while I was the head of a          on this plan than any other weight
nutritional counseling center in       loss approach I knew of.
Southern California. She had lost
weight via the old method of              Colleen learned from me how
limiting food intake and going         to determine food density and I
hungry, which of course never          explained the simplest way to
worked for long. Each year she         remember was to ask these three
would lose some weight and then        questions: Does this food have
gain back more fat. By the age of      fiber, is it unprocessed, natural
25 she was clinically obese. She       food as grown? Is the food low in
was small on the top above the         caloric density and low in fat?
waist and extremely heavy in the       And does it squirt out water when
hips, thighs, buttocks and calves.     you bite into it? She could pick
This was concentrated fat. Some        from any number of vegetables,
people said she had a pear shape       fruit, sprouted beans, or sprouted
that is so common in women in the      seeds, soups and salads.
western world.
                                          She was asked to limit “low fat
   When she first came to my           foods” like pretzels, bread or
center, I told her it would take       pasta, because even though they
over a year to lose the fat, yet it    are low in fat, and made from
would take only three months to        whole grains that had fiber, they
learn a new lifestyle that she could   did not fulfill the third criteria of
stay on for a lifetime. I told her     squirting water when biting them.
the weight changes on the scale        For the plan to work well it has to
would be less in the first three       fulfill all three questions.
months than other programs,
however after six months she              After one month Colleen was
would know this is the ultimate fat    discouraged she called me to
reduction program ever designed.       complain she had not lost any
                                       weight in fact she may have
   Colleen worked in a Hospital        gained a pound when compared to
cafeteria and said that she had        her former protein fast.          I
access to unlimited calories. She      reminded Colleen of our initial
was concerned she would not have       conversation and I told her she had
the discipline or the will power to    to   remain patient to           be
permanently successful.         She       A key strategy to reduce body
agreed only on the condition that if   fat is to consume more of those
after three more months on the         foods that are low in calories and
plan, if she didn’t see any progress   high in water content such as
she would quit.                        vegetables and fruit. Look at the
                                       comparison select from items I to
   I acknowledged her concern,         IV and limit or avoid items V and
however I told her to measure her      VI.
inches at all the key body areas
especially the trouble hips, thighs,   REDUCE BODY FAT:
and calves. She did and she called     I. Three 8-oz cup serving are 30 to 210
                                       calories- Vegetables and some fruit
me after three months excited and
                                       II. Three 8-oz cup serving are 210 to 303
said she had lost a total of 12        calories- Fruit
pounds without being hungry. She       III. Three 8-oz cup serving are 327 to
ate whenever she felt empty or         411 calories- Fruit, sprouted seeds,
weak or hungry. She discovered         starch
the inches of fat on her body were     IVThree 8-oz cup serving are 573 to 900
                                       calories-Beans, brown rice, soy food,
melting away. “I lost 42 pounds
of fat in six months and after 14
months, I lost all the excess fat      GAIN BODY FAT:
from my hips and thighs. I can fit     V.Three 8-oz cup serving are 1,200 to
in tight jeans even though I was       2,000 calories-fish, chicken, meat,
told I couldn’t alter the “pear        pasta, pretzel      VI. -Three 8-oz cup
                                       serving are 2,000 to 3,000 calories-
shape” I inherited from my
                                       cheese, eggs, oil, sugar
mother.”     Colleen      Grajeda,
former Nutrition Services, San
Gabriel Hospital.                      Rapid Weight (fat) Reduction foods:
                                       I. High water, high fiber, low calorie
                                       foods can be eaten as much as possible
John a Real Estate salesman in         for rapid fat reduction and high energy.
Huntington Beach California had        The number of calories per three 8-oz
lost over 100 pounds during the        cup serving is 30 to 210 calories.
course of one year and he had kept     Vegetables and some fruit need to be
it off for three years. She had to     eaten in large quantities, because they
                                       have only 10 to 70 calories per cup,
admit John’s success of keeping        they are rich in fiber, fiber has no
the fat off for three years was        calories, and high in water:
encouraging. Note an update on         Lettuce, cucumbers, celery, mushrooms,
John’s progress and continued          cabbage, bok choy, cauliflower, squash
success, I checked on him two          (all types-summer, winter etc.), Turnip
years ago, and after 20 years he       greens, green beans, mustard greens,
                                       bell peppers (green, red, yellow),
still has kept the fat off!
asparagus, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes,      white pasta, eggs, and milk are too
carrots,   brussel    sprouts,    beets,     concentrated in calories (400 to 1,000
artichokes, gazpacho soup, veggie            calories per cup, or 1,200 to 3,000
soups, sprouts, water chestnuts, radish,     calories per three 8-oz serving-which
endive, eggplant, zucchini, okra,            is ten times more fattening the
watermelon, gooseberries, tangerine,         vegetables and fruit). All meats tend to
lime                                         be higher in fat, devoid of calorie free
                                             fiber, lacking in water, and fattening if
II. High water, high fiber, medium           eaten daily.     Limit or avoid these
calorie foods can be eaten in large          concentrate, dehydrating foods and
amounts to loss weight. These fruit are      switch to water rich, fruit, vegetables,
also to be eaten in almost unlimited use     soup, and salads with nonfat dressings.
at three 8-oz cups there are only 210
to 303 calories or 70 to 101 calories        VI. If you want to reduce body fat
per cup: Grapes, peaches, apricots,          permanently than reduce or avoid the
oranges, pineapple, pears, papaya,           most concentrated caloric foods known
honeydew and most other fruit                on the planet. Cheese, butter, fats, oils,
                                             sugar have in three 8-oz cup serving
III. Medium water, high fiber, medium        over 2,000 to 3,000 calories.
calorie foods can be eaten in moderate
amounts per day because they have                Now that you can see your
more food density and calories (limit up
                                             ability to reduce fat is dependent
to three cups servings per day). These
foods are denser with more calories          on eating more vegetables, salads,
per cup at 109 to 137 calories, with         soups and fruit. There are two key
three 8-oz cups totaling 327 to 411          strategies I have discovered to
calories: Mangos, olives (6), green peas,    help my clients to increase the
potatoes, corn, sprouted seeds, sprouted     amount of vegetables, salads and
beans, sprouted grains, wild rice
                                             fruit in their diet. One is blending
Weight maintenance foods:                    vegetables and fruit together
IV. Limit to smaller amounts (Limit to       everyday (morning or night). Do
two cups servings per day to be slim).       blending, not juicing (read Chapter
or reduce the intake of these foods to       2 Grow Young and Slim). The
less than two cups per day because           other strategy is to carry a slim
they have less water, and higher
                                             tote filled with fresh vegetables
calories- 191 to 300 calories per cup or
573 to 900 calories for three 8-oz           and fruit as I go on my daily
servings: Bananas, beans, lentils, pintos,   errands and business meetings.
red beans, brown rice, sweet potatoes,       Based on the low calorie content
avocado, corn tortillas, soy milk, soy       of vegetables and fruit this will
cheese, rice milk, rice ice cream.           guarantee       you    success    in
                                             becoming slim.
Fatten foods:
V. As a society obese people over
consume foods like Meat, chicken, fish,
    In a typical week, I consume            Red bell peppers are four times
over 10 carrots, ten apples and         higher in Vitamin C than oranges,
pears, 5 stalks of celery, 5 squash,    and green peppers are twice as
one head of Napa cabbage and            high. White corn and yellow corn
various vegetables and fruit too        in the husk can be peeled and
numerous to list. I exceed ten to       surprisingly, tastes mildly sweet
fifteen large servings of vegetables    when eaten raw. Take along one or
and fruits a day blended in my          two carrots and a small stalk of
Slim Smoothie every morning and         celery. Chinese snow peas are
or night, big salads, bowls of soup,    delicious eaten raw so take enough
while munching on low fat, fiber        to last a few days.
and water rich foods throughout
the day and into the evening.              The best way to design your
                                        Slim Tote contents would be to
   The Slim Tote should contain         carry a variety of each fruit, and
your favorite types of fruits and       snack from whichever item your
vegetables in Zip lock bags and         heart desires at the moment. The
salads or casseroles you enjoy          average Slim Tote food sack filled
eating in containers.       Favorite    with fruits and vegetables weighs
selections for your tote can include    about ten to fifteen pounds. If you
Rainier cherries (yellow), or bing      want to lose weight, purchase
cherries, grapes, pears, plums,         those foods that are low in
peaches and bananas. One Banana         calories.
can be eaten daily on our weight
loss plan because it has less than         If you travel and you don't have
2% fat and are relatively low in        access to a refrigerator-freezer,
calories per volume. Eat fresh          just put ice in a plastic zip-lock
apples, nectarines, blueberries,        bag with the blue ice. Place the
blackberries     and     raspberries.   bag upright in the tote and at the
Frozen berries can be placed in a       end of the day, drain the water and
lid tight container and eaten as        add new ice cubes. We cover the
they thaw during the day. Buy           ice bag with one or two paper
vegetables that are easy to carry: a    towels to absorb the small amount
basket of cherry tomatoes, yellow       of moisture from the condensed
or red bell peppers, etc. Eat the       water.
peppers raw and you will be
surprised how refreshing and crisp         I also get vegetables in a jar
they taste.                             like new potatoes (which are
                                        small, bite-size, and already
                                        cooked), green string beans and
green peas. I take a spoon with         my diet and make better choices
me, pour off the juice and just eat     dining out or at home? How can I
the peas, potatoes or string beans      avoid the consumption of excess
right from the jar.                     animal products and what tasty
                                        soy or vegetable substitutes can I
   We have found by asking              consume? What foods rich in
questions the brain searches for the    fiber will I eat more of today? Did
right answers and the unconscious       I choose to drink pure water in
mind will accept the positive           place of soda pop, alcohol, coffee
outcome necessary for your              or tea?
success to reduce body fat
permanently. Here are some of the          The final key to success is to
best questions you can start asking     anticipate your hunger and eat
yourself everyday or at least every     small frequent meals. Veggies and
week to be successful. The more         fruits are so low in calories that
often you ask these questions the       they are actually digested within
higher you compliance and degree        15 to 45 minutes (the initial
of success.                             absorption of most of the glucose).
                                        This means the next meal can be
                                        every 30 minutes to three hours to
Ask yourself the following
                                        get sufficient glucose and rarely
questions to become young and
slim: Which raw vegetables,             longer than six hours in between.
sprouts, seeds, beans, and fruit will
I eat more of today? Did I have a           You must learn to eat the
morning, noon or evening Slim           moment you feel empty, weak, or
Smoothie blended raw vegetable,         slightly hungry. That is the signal
sprout, and fruit drink? How            from your body that your glucose
many salads or vegetable dishes         level has begun to drop. The signal
could I enjoy eating today? Is my       to eat will vary by how much and
slim tote filled with my favorite       what kind of food you ate at your
fresh vegetables, fruit and             previous meal or snack. The
supplements to take with me to          constant presence of glucose will
work? Do I need to go to the            allow your body to burn fat
produce store or health food store      consistently. Don’t be mislead by
to restock my high-energy foods         the talk about glycemic index
today?                                  saying the fruit or carrots will
                                        increase your insulin level and
   How can I reduce fat,                cause you to gain fat. The truth is
cholesterol, alcohol and sugar in       a high fat high protein diet
                                        increases your insulin level
(medical references available upon    these strategies for a lifetime of
request) and when you eat most        good health.
any food your fat building
potential increases. I have never        Weight loss is dependent on
measured a high insulin or glucose    hormone balance. So, be sure to
level in my clients when they         take the wellness survey on our
follow the Grow Young and Slim        web site. And follow-up with the
plan.                                 recommended Therapys.

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