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                     Little Theatre N e w s
Issue #37        2001/2002 Season                        Friday, 21 June 2002

                               Join us for our
                              Great New Season
                     Announcing our 2002/2003 Programme
A Comedy
From Monday 2 to Saturday 7 September, 2002

Absurd Person Singular
by Alan Ayckbourn
                                                                     Directed by
                                                                     Andrew Whyatt

                                                                                             A Drama
                                                     From Monday 21 to Saturday 26 October 2002
                             Directed by
                             Jack Snell
                                                  Donny Boy
                                                                                  by Robin Glendinning
A Comedy Thriller
From Monday 9 to Saturday 14 December 2002

Whodunnit                                                       Directed by
                                                                Don Cherrett

by Anthony Shaffer
                                                                                             A Drama
                                                    From Monday 17 to Saturday 22 February 2003

                                                 Death of a Salesman
                             Directed by
                             David Weeks

                                                                                       by Arthur Miller
A Gentle Drama
From Monday 14 to Saturday 19 April 2003

Waters of the Moon                                                  Directed by
                                                                    Hugh Norris
by N C Hunter
                                                                                               A Farce
                                                            From Monday 2 to Saturday 7 June 2003
                            Directed by
                            David Weeks
                                                                                     by Marc Camoletti

            A Season with something for everyone!
                                                                                                   Page 1
A Gent’s full circle                                                                                                         adjudicator and the audience were
                                                                                                                                  “The adjudicator awarded us the
Tony Orman asked Don Gent to tell us what it’s like to be in one of                                                          Producers Cup for the whole week’s
Jack Snell’s festival one-act plays. Don had agreed to play the role                                                         festival. This by a quirk of the system
of ‘Butter’ the husband of ‘Marge’ (geddit? — butter and marge?!) in                                                         at Ferndown gave the accolade not
Jack’s festival piece Sandcastles on the Beach, first performed at the                                                       only to the play’s director, but to the
Club in last February. The ensuing interview went deeper than we                                                             show as a whole. So this was an award
ever contemplated.                                                                                                           both for Jack Snell and, for the first
DON was very serious, when I                  “Yes — you see, I’d been for a            “We were the first play on —         time in this year’s round, for BLTC as
asked him, lightly, “So what was it       time what’s called a ‘home carer’        2pm on a Saturday afternoon, the          well.”
like, working with Jack and why did       looking after elderly men during the     stage was larger than we were                  So, Don, what is it like working in
you want to do the show?”                 final weeks of their lives.”             anticipating and the set expanded to      a one-act play from December to
     It seems he was given                    Don consciously dedicated his        fill the available space.                 May?
Sandcastles on the Beach to read          performance to his father. To point           “This destroyed the intimate              “I have lived with ‘Butter’ and
just about a year after his father had    this dedication, he arranged for a       atmosphere essential for the play.        rehearsed and played with June
died of cancer. Don says that the         photograph of his late father and his    That was the end of our ‘All-             Cutner, David Weeks and Michelle
theme and tenor of the play brought       lady to be on stage during the           England’ hopes. The other two             Newton — three accomplished
his father back to mind — his sense       production as a photo of Butter and      festivals were local, first New           performers.
of humour which he retained to the        Marge. The photo followed the            Milton where we drew the short                 “Jack Snell has worked his usual
last and his acceptance of the reality    production from Winton to different      straw and opened the festival. The        magic in creating an exciting piece of
and finality of his condition.            festivals at Shaftesbury, New            adjudicator was not very impressed        live theatre from an intriguing script.
                                          Milton, Sherborne and Ferndown.                                                    And I'll never forget the real tears shed
     “When I was cast as Butter,”                                                  so — no awards here.
                                                                                                                             by the audience during Butter’s
Don said, “I began to develop the             “After a successful week’s run at         “Our final performance was at        ‘Cancer’ speech.
character using my father’s voice         Jameson Road, we went first to           Ferndown. By this time we had                  “Nor will I ever forget the roar of
and mannerisms — although he was          Shaftesbury where Jack was               learned to use a large stage both to      laughter the first time the audience
96 when he died, not the seventy          awarded the Producers Cup for the        accommodate our set and also to           heard Marge say ‘We are going to have
something of Butter.” Also instilled      best Director and our marks were         generate the required ambience.           your dad stuffed, Love!’ ”
into Don’s development of the             sufficiently high to propel us to the    Crucially, we were chosen to present           As Don himself added: “My father
character were observations of some       second round at the Digby Hall,          the final play of the festival on the     would have chuckled if he could have
of Don’s clients. “Clients?”              Sherborne.                               Saturday evening. Both the                heard that.”

 Competition                                                                       by Hugh Norris
HUGH NORRIS, famous actor, director, historian, auditorium             reward to anyone who can fill in the interior lines of either
sweeper and BLTC loo cleaner extraordinaire, has mislaid his           or both of the limericks referred to below.
world-renowned Little Black Book — the one with all his                    In order to help the poor old fellow, we are printing below
favourite dirty jokes and foul limericks. He can only recall the       the first and last lines of the favourite two: what we ask you
first and last lines of two of the best limericks, which is on a par   to do is to write in, filling in the the funniest interior lines.
with his ability (Hah!) to learn lines. He is offering a vast          You only have to complete one, though two would be Maestro Hugh Norris direct-
                                                                                                                                         ing his troupe
                                                                       marvellous.                 Naturally, we are offering a reward: one funny limerick
The first one is                                The second one is
                                                                                              could earn you TWO FREE TICKETS to the show of your
A pretty young actress from Bude                An actor who came from Skegness
                                                                                              choice in our forthcoming season. TWO funny limericks
di-dah-di-di-dah-di-di-dah                      di-dah-di-di-dah-di-di-dah
                                                                                              could earn you FOUR FREE TICKETS! So please send in
di-dah-di-di-dah                                di-dah-di-di-dah
                                                                                              your funny limericks to BLTC, 11 Jameson Road,
di-dah-di-di-dah                                di-dah-di-di-dah
                                                                                              Bournemouth BH9 2QD. We’ll print the funniest. Maximum
And what happened next was quite rude!          And his sex life was not a success.
                                                                                              of two prizes on offer. The editor’s decision is final.

  Join the club!                                                                                           Quote of the Jubilee
                                                                                                             (courtesy of The Times, June 8 2002)
  MEMBERS should receive membership                                                                 HER MAJESTY was speaking to an awestruck woman
  renewal forms with this newsletter, and                                                           in the crowd, when the woman’s mobile phone rang. The
                                                                                                    poor woman didn’t know what to do. The Queen assured
  Playgoers should receive new members                                                              her in an encouraging voice, saying: “You never know, it
  application forms.                                                                                could be someone important.”
     Whether you wish to be active in the
  affairs of the club or not, we urge as many
                                                                 Curtain Call Awards:               Deb’s Cookeryto me by my Aunty      Corner
                                                                   Change of date                   This recipe for Chili Mio was given
  of you as possible to sign up as members                                                                      Tookie in Hilo, Hawaii, in 1965
                                                                 NEVER say you aren’t going to                    Ingredients (for 8 servings)
  for the coming season.                                         mention something ever again.        1 ½ pounds minced beef                 1 beef bouillon cube
     It is the efforts of the active members                     After giving you two reminders       1 large onion, chopped                 1 tbspn cumin seed
                                                                 about booking for the local          1 clove garlic, minced                 2 tbspsns chili powder
  combined with the annual subscriptions of                      Oscars, we have received an          2 tbspns bacon fat                     2 teaspns oregano
  those who choose to remain non-active that                                                           ½ cup water                           Salt
                                                                 urgent note to say the event has
                                                                                                      ¾ cup red wine                         2 cans kidney beans
  keep us going. And remember, members                           been brought forward by one                        Preparation time: 1 hour
                                                                 day. It will now take place on       Sauté beef, garlic and onions in bacon fat until meat is
  are charged only £2 for their tickets.                         Friday, 11 October. But you          not red. Add water, wine, beef bouillon cube and sea-
     We would appreciate your continued                          can still call Don Gent on 01202     sonings. Bring to boil then simmer until moist but not
  support, so please consider joining us.                        389725 if you want to join the       wet, about 40 minutes, stirring often. Add beans, sim-
                                                                 BLTC table on that evening.          mer 5 more minutes, serve over rice.
Page 2
     W hy I’m
      be ginning
       to hate
         the theatre                                                                                                                      Linda Kirkman, theatre critic of The Daily Echo
                                                                                                                                       confesses to increasing frustrations and niggles in this
                                                                                                                                          article written exclusively for Little Theatre News

WELL, maybe hate is too strong a word, but let's                                             And while we're on the subject of stars,        cerned, theatre is all about making people
say the gloss has well and truly worn off the love                                       where are they these days? Years ago leading        believe that what they are watching is real. To
affair that began so promisingly.                                                        roles in the West End were played by the great      do that requires concentration, and that is some-
      My earliest memory of live theatre is a per-                                       and good who gave value for money, whereas          thing that is becoming more and more difficult
formance of Aladdin, starring Shani Wallis, at the                                       lately it's more likely to be TV names who will     lately.
Streatham Hill Theatre in London. I think it was                                         guarantee bums on seats, if not the greatest per-        First there are the people who seem to think
around 1956, so I was very small at the time —                                           formance.                                           that overtures are simply to give the musicians
yet it made such an impression that I can still                                              Still on the subject of professional theatre,   a chance to warm up, rather than to help create
remember it 46-odd years later.                                                                                                                  an atmosphere and give the audience a taste
      Fast forward seven years or so, when as                                                                                                    of what is to come. Not only do they contin-
a pupil of BSG my English teacher Miss                                                                                                           ue their conversations, but usually talk even
Black (Pam Wright) regularly used to take                                                                                                        louder to be heard above the music.
groups of us to the rep company perform-                                                                                                              Sometimes, if you're really lucky, you'll
ances at the old Palace Court. That was                                                                                                          find yourself sitting near to someone who
when I really started to feel the magic of the-                                                                                                  will hold a conversation throughout the per-
                                                 Photo courtesy English National Opera

atre, and for a Piscean dreamer like me the                                                                                                      formance — not whispering, you under-
opportunity to disappear into a make-believe                                                                                                     stand, but talking in a normal voice. I once
world for a couple of hours was irresistible.                                                                                                    plucked up the courage to ask one such per-
      Throughout the 1970s and 80s there was                                                                                                     son to please keep quiet, only to be greeted
little in Bournemouth, Chichester or the                                                                                                         with “I beg your pardon?” and a continu-
West End that I didn't see, and when in the                                                                                                      ance of the chatter.
early 90s I started reviewing shows in                                                                                                                Then there are the phone pests, who pre-
Chichester and Southampton, subsequently                                                                                                         sumably don't know where their ‘off’ button
moving to the Echo and taking on Curtain                                                                                                         is — and when the phone inevitably rings
Call, I thought I was in heaven.                                                                                                                 don't know where to find the handset either.
      Film I could never get to grips with —                                                                                                     On one memorable occasion I was watching
I'm always conscious that the finished prod-                                                                                                     a show at the Pavilion when someone's
uct is the result of numerous ‘takes’, and no                                                                                                    phone rang. It was answered and a conver-
matter how many people watch it the per-                                                                                                         sation held…. !
formances will never change. Theatre, on                                                                                                              And can someone please explain to me
                                                                                              “Do I really want to see things like
the other hand, is different every night and                                                    men sitting on the lavatory?”                    why people have to eat at the theatre? I've
that is its charm.                                                                                                                               lost my concentration at many a play
      But then I began to find that the charm was                                        why this current obsession with modernising         because of the continual rustling of sweet
sometimes lacking. It started with my all-time                                           shows to attract a new audience? I'm not quite      papers, and I've even seen people chomping on
favourite musical, Les Miserables. I'd seen it                                           in my dotage and I love opera, but do I really      sandwiches and drinking from cans. Is it really
countless times and been moved to tears, but then                                        want to see things like men sitting on the lava-    so difficult to wait until the interval?
I caught a matinee just before Christmas and the                                         tory or throwing condoms on stage, both of               Lastly — the throat clearers. At school our
annual cast change, and to say the company just                                          which are part of English National Opera's cur-     assemblies were always stopped if anyone
walked through the performance was an under-                                             rent season? No, actually I don't. It seems that    dared to cough, and the culprit given a stern lec-
statement.                                                                               dumbing down affects more and more in our           ture on the rudeness of such behaviour.
      On another occasion when I went to the same                                        lives.                                              Consequently I would rather choke than cough
show there were no fewer than five understudies                                              I think the sound people are trying to deaf-    at the theatre, yet there is rarely a performance
on. Perhaps today's ‘stars’ don't have the commit-                                       en us all too, and many a musical I've attended     when at least one member of the audience is not
ment of their predecessors, but I can't remember                                         has been spoiled by its sheer unnecessary loud-     coughing, invariably at the most dramatic
this sort of thing happening years ago. I'm sure                                         ness.                                               moments. You know the sort of thing: "… and I
that for a lot of people, going to a London show                                             However, by far the biggest cause of my         can therefore prove to you that the murderer
is a rare treat that could easily be spoiled by find-                                    disillusionment with live theatre is audiences      was [cough cough]!”
ing that an understudy is performing on that day,                                        themselves, whose strange behaviour I find               Honestly, it's enough to make you want to
rather than the ‘star’ they'd booked to see.                                             almost unbelievable at times. As far as I'm con-    stay home and watch East Enders, isn't it?
                                                                                                                                                                                      Page 3
  Views from all angles
Forgive me, but as Newsletter Editor I have decided to offer some personal accolades for service above and beyond the call of duty in sup-
port of the Club in the present season: the Tony Awards already exist — these are are going to be the Tony Too awards.         Tony Orman

Congrats to Sue Hyder, doyenne of                 Thanks to Simone Manston (above right with the cast of        My gratitude to Lin Denning is        Hilary Jefferys paints sets, dec-
the Box Office, who does every                    Dead On Nine) who — not even being a member —                 immense: she took a leading role      orates them, makes costumes,
                                                                                                                in the comedy The Cemetery            builds gravestones, dresses
show, from home and at the                        came in at very short notice to take on the leading lady’s    Club, which I directed, at short      actors backstage and brings the
Theatre, counting the House and the               role after we lost the services of not merely one, but two    notice, when another lady             blessed gift of cheerful laughter
cash. Asane lady in a mad world.                  previous declining stars! Phew, said Hugh.                    dropped out. Lin, I am a fan!         to our rehearsals.
                          You may call this sucking                                                          David Weeks         Another      true
                          up to the boss, but our                                                            (see picture on     trooper in our
                          chairman Don Gent has                                                              page 1) directed    group is Hugh
                          been a tower of strength                                                           Lord       Arthur   Norris. On the
                          throughout the season,                                                             Savile’s Crime      Committee he’s
                          helping out whereever                                                              (left). He also     the Hon Sec. But
                          assistance is required.                                                            designed and        he acts, directs,
                          He’ll prompt, he’ll act,                                                           built the set. He   gets our licences
                          he’ll clean the theatre, he’ll                 also built our raked auditorium, and has recently       through the mag-
                          act diplomatically to                          rebuilt the seating and restructured the walls of the   istrates, orders
                          soothe ruffled feathers. He                    Green Room Bar. I thank him for all the efforts         plays, gets per-
                          will take the tough deci-                      he is devoting to the Club. He is a star actor,         forming rights, and yes — he does clean the loos, paint
sions. Lord knows, I wouldn’t want the jobs he does.                     director and designer/builder. What a combina-          corridor walls and work on set-building. My personal
You have to be a true volunteer. Here’s to you, Don!                     tion! Watch his two new shows next season.              thanks go to him.
                                                                                  Pam Wright

                                            . 1
                                     .B.B                      Approach,

                   Royal Shakespeare Theatre

 Page 4     RSC
                       R S C
                                                  R S C                             R S C
                                                                                                        Pam Wright (above) though not currently a member of BLTC (she was
                                                                 R S C                                  Linda Kirkman’s schoolteacher mentioned on page 3 as Miss Black)
                                                                                                        appeared as Queen Elizabeth for BOAT last year (see page 5) and contributes
                                                                                                        regular cartoons to our newsletter (see specimen on left). She appeared in the
“Tell Adrian, if he lends us the car, he can come back!”                                                very first BOAT production on Brownsea in 1964. She commands my deep-
                                                                                                        est affection, respect and thanks.
Page 4
The whirligig of time
Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is one much admired by Tony Orman: and when Mark Rylance takes his troupe back to basics,
in an all-male cast production of Tony’s favourite play Twelfth Night, in an “authentic practices” opening to the Globe’s 2002
season in Southwark, Tony reminisces from an unusual standpoint.

         Mark Rylance “backstage” at London’s Middle Temple,                     Rylance as Olivia in a ‘sexless’ ren-       Michael Denison, English
         heart of England’s legal profession in 1602 and in 2002                               dition                      leading man of 1940s to 1950s
I DON’T SUPPOSE there are too           as a boy playing a girl playing a boy.   Rylance says he found it eerie          Malvolio. His parting shot to the
many men around today prepared              Mind you, that’s a little simpler    performing in a Middle Temple Hall      laughing        courtiers     in     the
to admit they went to an all boys       than Shakespeare’s all-time wind-up      that is virtually unchanged since       denouement — “I’ll be revenged on
grammar school where their              in As You Like It, where in the          Shakespeare himself staged the play     the whole pack of you” — leaves a
thespian proclivities were met by       conventions of his time the boy          beneath its majestic beams:             bitter aftertaste for modern
the headmaster’s demand that they       actor plays the young lady Rosalind,     “When we first came through the         theatregoers. But then, in 1602,
play a female role in an all-male       who disguises herself as a boy, who      door, I thought of Richard Burbage      bear-baiting was more popular than
cast in a school production of The      then at one point imitates a girl.       leading his company exactly the         the theatre.
Merchant of Venice.                         I found it particularly endearing    same way. And when I saw Oliver              I particularly enjoyed seeing
    So it was with a certain shock      in the current Globe “outing” that       [Cotton, playing Malvolio] walking      Michael          Denison’s       sturdy
that I was recently presented by an     the Company was able to celebrate        down a passage in Elzabethan            performance as Malvolio in the
old school friend with a copy page      the first factually recorded             costume I thought I was seeing a        1965 production of Twelfth Night at
from a 1949 edition of my school        production of the play on February       ghost.”                                 the Open Air Theatre in London’s
magazine, containing a review of        2, 1602 in London’s Middle Temple,           I loved the play as a teenager,     Regent’s Park Theatre.             That
the play in which I discover that       by mounting the show in the same         and I suppose studying it for GCE       institution was marking 30 years
“Orman, as Jessica, gave a truly        room on February 2, 2002.                Advanced embedded it even more          since its own inauguration in 1935
admirable performance. With a               Like the Lord Chamberlain’s          deeply in my subconscious. The          when it had presented the same play
coy and girlish attractiveness, he      men in 1602, the 2002 Globe              comedy is unusual in that there is a    as its first offering to the public.
not only voiced his lines with          company crossed the Thames to            definite dark side in the character          But lest we forget we are
promising skill but lived his part      stage a celebratory production.          and treatment of the majordomo          amateurs, I cannot let the moment
every minute he was on the stage,                                                                                        pass without once again remarking
no mean task for one of the                                                                                              on the very fine production of
youngest members of the Society,                                                                                         Twelfth Night last summer by our
masquerading as a girl.”                                                                                                 own Brownsea Open Air Theatre.
    I was 13 at the time. It took                                                                                        This was directed by BLTC’s Denise
the rest of my school career to live                                                                                     Mallender, who added some fine
it down. So I have the greatest                                                                                          touches which I for one had never
admiration for Mark Rylance, the                                                                                         seen before.
Globe’s artistic director, who is                                                                                             Even before the show started,
                                                                                                                         the audience, sitting and standing
prepared to put his theatrical career                                                                                    outside the auditorium was treated
and reputation once more on the                                                                                          to strange mumming, miming and
line, playing Olivia in the new                                                                                          comedy acting by Elizabethan-style
production of Twelfth Night.                                                                                             comedians, watched by Her Majesty
    His interpretation of Olivia is a                                                                                    Queen Elizabeth (Pam Wright —
                                                                                                                         see photo on page 4) and members
sexless one, somewhat removed                                                                                            of her court. These same individuals
from the passion he worked up                                                                                            were then seated in full view at stage
playing Cleopatra a couple of                                                                                            right to watch the actual play. I
seasons ago.                                                                                                             loved the whole experience. And I
    Twelfth Night in an all-male                                                                                         really enjoyed the outstanding
                                                                                                                         performance as Malvolio of BLTC’s
cast version presents the usual                                                                                          David Weeks, who unsurprisingly
Shakespeare comedy sight of the                                                                                          earned last season’s Curtain Call
ship-wrecked twin and cross-                                                                                             Award for Best Supporting Actor in
dressed manservant Viola/Cesario                                                                                         a Comedy.
                                                Nicola King, Frank Holden and Janet Chiesa ‘setting up’
                                          David Weeks (as Malvolio) for a ‘sting’ on Brownsea Island last summer                                    Page 5
 S h a k eby -Q u i z
           Tony Orman
                                                 Audition                                                                                             AGM
                                                                                                                                                      WE HATE to preach at our
With the Summer open-air                                    Don Cherrett is holding an audition for
                                                                                                                                                      members. But really! Every year
Shakespeare season upon us, I                                                                                                                         we tell you that you are
thought you should all brush up your                                                                                                                  welcome to the Annual General
Shakespeare, open up all those old
                                                There will be a reading of the play at the Club on Friday,
                                                                                                                                                      Meeting. And each year it’s the
school books and answer these easy                               September 13, at 7.30 pm.
                                                                                                                                                      same thing. We get 20 members
questions on Shakespeare’s female                       The auditions will be held at the Club on                                                     to the meeting: does that mean
characters:                                                 Friday, September 20, at 7.30 pm.                                                         you’re all satisfied? All 140 of
1. Who is Caesar’s wife?                                                                                                                              you? You don’t have any points
                                                      If you are interested and want to know more
2. Which female character in The                                                                                                                      to make, any suggestions for
Merchant of Venice dresses up as “a                      (or if you can’t make the audition date)
                                                                                                                                                      improvement? Any moans or
Doctor of Laws”?                                            you can call Don on 01202 690952                                                          gripes? Wouldn’t you like to be
3. Who in As You Like It dresses up                                                                                                                   on the Committee — or at least
as a man?                                      Whodunnit is a Comedy Thriller by Anthony Shaffer
                                                                                                                                                      vote to throw out the present
4. What is the name of the Fairy               (author of Sleuth and The Wicker Man). Don is presenting                                               Committee and take over the
Queen in A Midsummer Night’s                   this show at the Club from Monday 9 to Saturday 14                                                     Club? No?
Dream?                                         December, 2002. This witty, wickedly funny satire, a long-                                                 Oh goody! And you don’t
5. There are four characters titled                                                                                                                   even want a free drink and a
“Mistress” in The Merry Wives of
                                               running success on Broadway, is firmly in Agatha Christie
                                                                                                                                                      friendly chat with Committee
Windsor. How many can you name?                country of the 1930s, complete with her stock of characters
                                                                                                                                                      members and your old friends?
6. Name the two female characters,             and situations. A group of strangers have gathered for                                                 Wonderful! So it will mean
both of whose names begin with ‘C’             dinner at Orchas Champflower Manor. One of the guests                                                  nothing to you that
who have plays named after them?                                                                                                                      the next Annual General
                                               informs each of his fellow guests that he has the means to
7. Who is the mother of Coriolanus?                                                                                                                   Meeting will be at the Club on
Is it (a) Volumnia; or (b) Virgilia?           blackmail them. Not surprisingly he gets murdered — but
                                                                                                                                                      Sunday, 15 September at 7.30
8. Isabella is a character in which of         whodunnit?                                                                                             pm.
these three plays:                             This play offers a variety of sizeable parts for 7 men and 3                                           and we imagine that you won’t
(a) Twelfth Night;                             women over a range of ages (from early 20s to late 80s) —                                              put it in your diary, will you?
(b) Measure For Measure;
(c) The Tempest ?
                                               so everyone is eligible to audition!
9. In which play do you find a                                                                         Should Robert have been more
                                                                                                   upset at her reported disappearance?               Mon./Sat.2-7 September 2002
character called Silvia? Is it
                                                                                                   His wife Esmeralda, admirably                      Performances of Absurd Person
(a) The Two Gentlemen of Verona;
                                               OUR June production of Dead On                      played at very short notice by                     Singular at the Club at 7.45 pm.
(b) Much Ado about Nothing;                    Nine was reviewed by Margaret                       Simone Manston, is equally bored                   Friday 13 September 2002.
(c) All’s Well That Ends Well ?                Franklin in The Daily Echo:                         by the marriage and entices visitor                Reading of Whodunnit at the
10. Whose mother is Gertrude?                      “Two deaths, five suspects and a                Tom (Clifford Page with a well                     Club at 7.30 pm.
                                               wall clock — crucially reset before                 sustained Canadian accent) to help
                                                                                                                                                      Sunday 15 September 2002
Answers at foot of page                        each scene — maintained the                         her take vindictive revenge.
                                                                                                                                                      Annual General Meeting of
                                               smooth suspense of this 1955 who-                       Plot and counter plot, the
  One-act plays                                dun-whom play by Jack Popplewell.                   pathetic fallacy of summer lightning               BLTC at the Club at 7.30 pm.
                                                                                                                                                      Friday 20 September 2002.
  not forgotten                                    Waves of surging music intro-
                                               duced us to a beamed cottage interi-
                                                                                                   and some amusing dramatic irony
                                                                                                   made this an intriguing and pacey                  Auditions for Whodunnit at the
HOPEFULLY there will be two one                or with cretonned suite and period                  play.                                              Club at 7.30 pm.
act plays in February 2003, one of             telephone; maybe shell ornaments                        After an appreciated cameo                     Mon./Sat.21-26 October 2002
which will be our local and national           and glass floats would have                         “ducky” role from Tim Garton in a                  Performances of Donny Boy at
festivals entry for the year 2003.             enhanced the seaside Cornish con-                   Coward-ish dressing gown, the                      the Club at 7.45 pm
They have not yet been chosen, but             nection.                                            denouement was unravelled by                       Mon./Sat.9-14 December 2002
we’ll let you know more soon.                      Bored playwright husband                        friend of the family Scotland Yard                 Performances of Whodunnit at
    That will make us a total of               Robert (Mike Satchell) seeks conso-                 detective Farrow, handsomely                       the Club at 7.45 pm
seven productions in the coming                lation with Marion (Denise                          played by Noel Davenport.                          Mon./Sat.17-22 February 2003
season, which we reckon is a target            Nippard), the archetypal secretary                      Direction by Hugh Norris gave a
                                                                                                                                                      Performances of Death of a
no other amdram group in our                   who becomes more attractive on                      credible portrayal of the days when
                                                                                                   the hangman’s noose was still the                  Salesman at the Club at 7.45 pm
region even attempts.                          removing her glasses.
                                                                                                   fate of convicted murderers.                       Mon./Sat.14-19 April 2003
                                                 Donny Boy: Pre-casting
    But this time, the production
                                                                                                                                                      Performances of Waters of the
will probably only run two or three
                                                                                                                                                      Moon at the Club at 7.45 pm
times at Jameson Road before
venturing forth into the Dorset and            YOU won’t be seeing any audition notices                  We agreed with the director, Jack            Mon./Sat.2-7 June 2003
New Forest festival hinterland.                for our October production of Donny Boy.            Snell, that the show should be put on at the       Performances of Boeing-Boeing
                                               Since this runs counter to our established          end of the season, in the summer of 2001.          at the Club at 7.45 pm
         Answers to Quiz                                                                           But this time, Jack could not find a suitable
                                               policy of holding open auditions for our
  10. Hamlet’s.
  9. (a) The Two Gentlemen of Verona.
                                               shows, we want to explain the discrepancy           cast, so the show was again cancelled, but              Your
  8. (b) Measure For Measure.
  7. (a) Volumnia.
                                               in this case.
                                                     We wanted to put on Donny Boy, with
                                                                                                   this time without financial loss.
                                                                                                         As Jack was madly keen to get the
                                                                                                                                                      Chairman                Don Gent 389725
  6. Cleopatra; Cressida.                      a cast of two males and one female, in              piece on, we agreed that he should do so on        Secretary             Hugh Norris 761400
  Mistress Anne Page, Mistress Quickly.        October 2000. The show was cast, and in             the basis that he had found an extremely           Treasurer/
                                                                                                   qualified cast, all available to perform in         Bar Manager      Noel Davenport 766690
  5. Mistress Ford, Mistress Page,             rehearsal when one member of the cast                                                                  Membership Secretary/
  4. Titania.
                                               (you won’t know him) proved to be                   October 2002. In the circumstances, we              Newsletter          Tony Orman 554291
  3. Rosalind.
                                               frequently unavailable. Alas, we had to             could not take the risk of advertising             Advertising Manager Derek Hyder 424640
  2. Portia.                                                                                                                                          Wardrobe           Hilary Jefferys 298356
                                               cancel the production at some financial             auditions. Call us superstitious if you like
  1. Calphurnia.                                                                                                                                      House Director      Clifford Page 874795
                                               loss.                                               — but, oh well, there it is.                       Properties         Ginnie Waters 718290
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