What is Women's Rugby League- by gyvwpgjmtx


									The rugby league football has a female-only version, which is the Women 鈥檚
Rugby League. Overseen individually by the various organizations of separate
countries and internationally by the Women 鈥檚 and Girls 鈥?Rugby League, current
clubs for female-only participation runs in Australia, Great Britain and New Zealand.
  On worldwide competitions, Australia, France, Great Britain and New Zealand
contest regularly at the Women 鈥檚 Rugby League World Cup, which is held on
regular intervals. This international level of women 鈥 檚 rugby league
championships have been established in the year 2000.
  The international governing of women 鈥檚 rugby league is the Women and Girls
Rugby League. It was established in 2000, in concord with the first Women 鈥檚
Rugby League World Cup. The organization currently administers the running of
international game for women 鈥檚 rugby league, and helps manage rugby league
within several countries.
  In Australia and Oceania, the Australian Women 鈥檚 Rugby League, or AWRL, is
the overseeing body of all female rugby leagues, and was established in 1993. It is
currently under the Australian Rugby League, which supervises its running and
management. The AWRL took five years to be recognized by the ARL. The AWRL is
overseen by its own governing organizations in the Canberra Women's Rugby League,
New South Wales Women's Rugby League, Queensland Women's Rugby League, and
the Western Australian Women's Rugby League, at state level.
  In the United Kingdom, the Women 鈥檚 Rugby League Association, or WRLA, is
the directing body of female rugby league in The Isles. It was under the Rugby
Football League association, which governs its running and management. WRLA was
established in 1985, and was recognized as an official rugby league organization in its
first year of existence. There were between thirty and forty female-only rugby league
clubs running in England by the beginning of the 2006 season, not including clubs
that have teams of both genders. Majority of these clubs are in Lancashire and
  The Women 鈥檚 Rugby League World Cup, coinciding with Men 鈥檚 Rugby
League World Cup with Australia, France, Great Britain and New Zealand competing,
was first held in Great Britain in the year 2000. New Zealand won the inaugural
tournament, as well as the 2005 competition, held five years later as the host country.
The next Women 鈥檚 Rugby League World Cup was held in Australia in the year
2000, yet again coinciding with the Men 鈥檚 World Cup.

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