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What is Search Engine Marketing-


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									Search Engine Marketing or SEM is one of the most dynamic marketing strategies
used by businesses today. It gives any business owner the power to reach their target
goals easily. SEM is a form of internet marketing that promotes websites and
increased visibility in search engine results pages. Search engine marketing aims to
make your website appear in the top ranks of search engine results pages every time
potential target markets search for products or services that has relevance to your
business. Search engine marketing is divided into two kinds. First is Pay per Click
advertising, Pay per Click advertising, or simply PPC is an online advertising where
visitors are directed to a website when they click an advert. In Pay per Click
advertising, advertisers pay for every click a user does.
  On the other hand, Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is where web pages creates
visibility on the website through natural search results. Its aim is to make a website hit
the first page in search engine results page.
  SEO Indiana companies say that SEM is better over traditional marketing in terms of
tracking your sales revenue and your expenditures since you will know how much
you’re earning and spending for it. In TV, radio, and print, you will be able to know if
your marketing tool is effective in terms of an increase in your sales or a demand from
the customers, or brand awareness among the audiences. But you will not be able to
know how it directly affected your sales.
  With Indiana search engine marketing, you can also find out who your customers are
and where they are coming from. In this case, you will be able to make specific
marketing plans targeted to these audiences and know your weak points too; this
makes SEM more powerful than traditional media.
  Indiana SEO marketing campaign costs depend on how much you are going to use it.
The broader the scope that you want to cover, the higher the cost will be, but the more
benefit it will return to you. That is why more and more companies are converting
their marketing plans to SEM instead of using traditional marketing.

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