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									Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a colorless and odorless substance that is seen as the
latest addition to the elusive list of safe, natural and effective alternative treatment to
diseases. Aside from fighting and preventing the progression of disease symptoms,
this substance is actually produced by the body to distribute adequate amounts of
oxygen among cells. To sustain normal body system functions, the antibodies or white
blood cells produce hydrogen peroxide to oxidize infectious bacteria and fungi and
prevent the body from succumbing to diseases. In the past, all we know about
hydrogen peroxide is its antiseptic effect on open cuts and wounds. Today, new
medical researches indicated the solution holds immense potential in improving a
multitude of health conditions.
  Orally taken it always comes as a 35 percent food-grade concentrate. But while it is
safe as milk and whey products, all caution and care must be taken. For external use, a
3 percent solutions work fine. On the other hand, orally taken solutions are highly
caustic. Intravenous solutions are usually administered by medical doctors.
Intravenous hydrogen peroxide is typically used among patients with emphysema.
Although the solution is generally safe to use, it still needs to be taken in correct
dosage to avoid adverse effects and optimize its healing benefits.
  In improving diseases and health, hydrogen peroxide therapy takes a number of
forms. First, it is used as a first aid wood cleansing agent that restores pH balance,
particularly on sensitive skin types. Patients with lung infection may be administered
with vaporized solutions via nebulizer. Bacterial and yeast infections are no match to
the efficacy of the solution in regaining balance to the body's natural flora. It is also
effective in treating or preventing infections like ear, mouth, gum and throat infections.
People with type II diabetes and emphysema may be intravenously administered with
the solution.
  Compared o other oxygen-based treatments, hydrogen peroxide is gaining popularity
because of its efficacy, safety, accessibility and cost. Its dirt cheap cost will sure keep
it on your list of treatment options in curing virtually all types of diseases. Its holistic
approach in improving health and oxidizing waste products stimulates immune system
and enzyme system functions, which prevents the body from easily succumbing to
diseases like lung problems and cancer in all forms. Thankfully, more and more
research results are attesting to the beneficial oxidizing action of hydrogen peroxide,
providing people with more valid information about its benefits and advantage over
other forms of treatment.
  Hydrogen peroxide is classified under the natural treatment category. Unlike other
tools for therapy, the solution is actually not a foreign agent in the body as it is
naturally produced by cells to play crucial roles in sustaining normal body system
functions. Aside from immune system functions, it is also produced within the cells to
hasten metabolic functions. But while its significant healing and restoring effect on
cells and tissues are already proven and established, there are people who are still
skeptical about the safety of orally taking it as a treatment regimen.
  There are many other uses for hydrogen peroxide other than just cleaning wounds.
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