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									The Internet has spawned a number of new words and phrases, and one of them is 鈥
渆 xperiential marketing 鈥? So then just what this term means, and is it anything that
you may be able to implement in your marketing strategies?
  The deal is that it's loosely defined and also loosely implemented. In short, you can
use it heavily or, you can just use mere elements of experiential marketing combined
with any number of other marketing techniques.
  So without getting too touchy-feely on you, the term is used to describe things that
are done to cultivate a more personal relationship with your customers. It doesn't end
there though because it can also be implemented to encourage or, allow your
customers to become more personal with your products or services.
  So what does this all mean? Do you have to offer back massages with the fishing
gear that you're trying to sell on your website? Perhaps some lavender scented fishing
bait that pulls double duty as bath oil?
  On a more serious note, it turns out that there are now several ways that you can
reach out to your clients, and customers to connect with them on a more personal
level, and wouldn't you know that online marketing experts have been studying all of
  That's right, and they have come up with some pretty darn sneaky experiential
marketing techniques that you can use. Techniques that require very little effort to get
stated with. Techniques that allow you to not only encourage customer loyalty, but
also promote your products and services at the same time.
  Perhaps the easiest and most straight forward technique that you can get set up with
is called auto responder emails. Basically the way that they function is it allows your
site to shoot off pre written emails to anyone who leaves their address at your site.
  In fact people who have worked to perfect this type of onsite feature have a series of
emails that they send out. Up to 5 or 6 over a two week period. Sound crazy? Well
would you believe that if it's done right, the recipients will be left to think that each
email was personally written, end directed just to them?
  Getting back to the fishing gear site analogy. Perhaps the site operator can have a
series of auto responder emails that detail a series of fishing trips to local lakes or
rivers. Heck! You can even include photos of you holding fish that you bought at the
local fish market.
  Something like the following. 鈥淗 ey I'm in a rush so I don't have the time to write
much, but I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my site 鈥? 鈥淏 y the way,
check out the pics in included of a couple of lunkers that I caught just last weekend on
the new bait the we just started carrying 鈥?
  So you can see how the first thing that is said in the email is that the person is in a
rush, so they can only include a few items. It lends realism to it while at the same time
justifies it being short. Then the email connects with the potential customer with the
fishing talk then promotes a product. That's experiential marketing, done quick and
  Chris Tyrrell writes for The Phoenix Partners who specialise in marketing and other
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