David the Shepherd Boy David and Goliath

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					                                    David the Shepherd Boy
                                    David was the youngest of all his
                                    brothers and was a son of Jesse.
                                    He and his brothers looked after
                                    the sheep and protected them
from wild animals. When the Philistines attacked David’s brothers
when to battle with the Israelites. David wanted to fight with the
Israelites but his father Jesse said he had to look after the sheep.

           David and Goliath
After a many days and nights David went to
visit his brothers and give them some food.
When he got there Goliath came out again
saying ‘Who will fight me, if you kill me we will
be your slaves but if I beat you will become
our slaves.’ Every single Israelite was terrified of the huge, giant
Goliath. No one wanted to battle against Goliath, not even King Saul.
Then David thought I can beat this mighty monster and went to the
King. He said ‘I will fight against Goliath!’ So David got out his sling
and chose five smooth stones from a near by stream. ’I will battle
Goliath’. Goliath looked down and laughed and thought this will be
very easy. David got out his sling and shot a stone at Goliaths
forehead. Goliath fell to the ground dead. David became a hero and
one of King Saul’s courtiers. David became King after Saul died.

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