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					One of most exciting opportunities today is to open and operate a virtual assistant
business. The internet has opened a whole new world to the virtual assistant. As a
result, the VA industry is one of the fastest growing in the country today. As the
number of companies beginning to do business online increases, the need for a virtual
assistant business increases as well. Because the internet has changed the way that so
many of us do business, it has made the virtual assistant a key part of many
companies. As one of the fastest growing home based opportunities today, a virtual
assistant business is a necessary tool into today's online.
 A virtual assistant is an individual who works off premise. In years past, an
employee working outside of the office was rare and inconvenient. Employees might
have been able to do certain tasks at home as opposed to the office, but more often
than not, it was more trouble than it is worth. Today with the technical tools available
a VA hardly, if ever, every sets foot in the office of the client he or she is working for.
The virtual assistant is often armed better to do a job than an employee in the office.
Within the office there are many distractions that make it difficult to get the job done.
Office politics, chatting around water cooler, pet projects, and other things often stand
in the way of getting the job done.
 A virtual assistant business provides an extremely valuable service to offices
throughout the country. As many offices become virtual themselves, the need for a
business supporting everything virtual. There are virtual receptionists, virtual
secretaries, virtual accountants and other outside functions. As the capabilities of the
virtual employee have expanded, it has opened many new and exciting opportunities
for the virtual assistant business.
 The Virtual Receptionist The call center industry has gotten into the virtual assistant
business as well. The virtual receptionist is often a function of a call center or
answering service. The answering service will answer the telephones for their
customers and transferred to the proper personnel. This is very much like it is done
within the walls of an office, only off premise. Many offices have partially or entirely
outsourced their reception desk.
 The Virtual Office Brick by brick, the virtual assistant is tearing down walls in office
buildings throughout America. More and more offices are going virtual, downsizing
office space or in some cases eliminating them all together. While the face of business
changes, so does the face of the virtual assistant industry. The virtual assistant comes
in many forms and can perform a multitude of tasks. In this burgeoning and exciting
industry, the future has no limits.
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