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					                    3331 N. Dodge Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85716
                         505-908-9498 520-668-9044

 Horace Helms Holdings is a NM based LLC created to hold and manage all of
       the assets created by Clayton R. Douglas. Those would include, Thunderrider Radio, Thunderriders Magazines, Free
 American Websites, magazines and radio shows, Trevor Cameron Sieries of
 novels, the Solomon Series of novels, four documentary films; “Chemtrails”,
 “Consent of the Governed”, “True face of FEMA”, and “No Such thing as the
                             New World Order!”

In 1993, Two Men met at Sturgis. One a young singer, songwriter, the other an
aggressive writer/publisher with a young family and Rider’s Xchange
Magazine from Miami. There was an instant connection and Clay Douglas took
home a Mike Jones CD entitled “Yesterday, 1903. He also took home a
document from Sturgis that would change his life in major ways, called the
Cutolo Document exposing CIA involvement in drug running and would lead to
the creation of the Free American Magazine.
      A few weeks ago, as Clay was laying out a new
website, he came across that Mike Jones CD, “Yesterday 1903”. That story is
being told and offered to major motorcycle magazines here: Mike Jones.
      It was a fortuitous meeting 16 years later over the telephone.
Mike Jones has expanded his horizons into writing the screenplays for a major
motorcycle related film, now 80% complete. Funding for the film ran out but
Mike ended up with control of the film. A few shots to end the movie is awaiting
funding. Mike Jones’ new album is cut with songs from his first impressive
album along with over half a dozen new songs that will, with proper marketing
and concerts put on with his new band, will propel Mike to stardom.
      Clay Douglas’ career is featured here. His background in the motorcycle
industry, his knowledge of publishing and PR, his assets include four
documentaries under his belt and the continuous publication of four
magazines over the last twenty years, make him a most valuable asset to Mike
Jones career.
      A few years back, Clay was the victim of a Motorcycle Accident in
Phoenix and did not have an attorney of the caliber of Mike Hupy. The last five
years tells of some of his travails after 4 months hospitalization.
           The fact is by combining marketing skills and programs using the
various websites, Wolf on the moon for Mikes trailers and music clips, Thunder
  Riders for promotions of Mike and the Hupy law firm. Finally, the fifteen year
 running radio shows of Clay Douglas called the Free American Hour, Like this one:.
      Clay’s novels, short stories, articles and radio shows may be found at this Link.

         Clay believes that Mike Jones has enough to work with to be able to get out a viable
product (Live To Ride CD Album) in a very short time. Clay would begin to promote Mike
and sell the albums to all Motorcycle Oriented clubs and businesses as well as record stores.
         It is possible to generate enough profit from the sales of this album to finance the
completion of the movie.
         A small amount of backing to allow for gas and expenses and this ball is already to
roll. Clay’s efforts would be toward continuing to promote the album and the artist and
others, Like Charlie Bechtel in Thunder Riders and the Free American Hour.
          Clay’s films and books would continue to be promoted on the well established Free
 American website but his efforts would be focused initially on promoting and polishing the
  “Live To Ride” movie, soundtrack, marketing and promotion while maintaining an Arm’s
     Length separation between the News magazines and the production company. The
      following was a business plan BEFORE reconnecting with Mike Jones. No hard copy
  magazines are being printed at this time. All articles and shows are available on the various
websitess. A Credit Card processing shopping card is alive and functional at the Free American
                                     and Thunder Riders Sites.

                                               PERSONAL PROFILE

                       Clayton R. Douglas
                      Mailing Address 3331 N. Dodge, Tucson, AZ 87516
                      Main phone 505-908-9498 Cell 520-668-9044 Skype freeamerican69
                      Birth date - 6/27/46
                      Height - 6'4‖ Weight -250
Professional, published photojournalist
Author of fiction and non-fiction.
Experienced layout artist
Sales - advertising and product marketing
Marketing and PR - product and image

   Publisher of The Free American Magazine and website Started in New
     Mexico Aug 94 - distributed nationally. Responsible for writing, layout, ad sales and editing.
                   Hosting the Free American Radio Show Daily on Blog Talk Radio
  Author of series of adventure novels Trevor Cameron, Terrorist Hunter. Two novels completed in a
                                     Produced and hosts videos,
   Chemtrails, the Video on a current, top-secret phenomena occurring in our skies on a daily basis.
 "The True Face of FEMA" - Features Col John Brinkerhoff of Homeland Security and Clay Douglas
    "America, Dream or Nightmare" What America was supposed to be and what it is becoming.
            ―No Such Thing as the New World Order‖ From a lecture gave in California

                                       Articles published in:
Chic - Easyriders - Biker Magazine - High Country Magazine - Fortune Magazine - Motorcycle News,
 England - Indian Illustrated, Summer 94 issue - Motorcyclist Post - Laughing Indian - Motorcyclist -
Ratty Rag - Motorcycle Industry - Liberty News - Media Bypass - Resurrection Newsletter - The New
                Republic, The Moneychanger, Hatch Courier, and the Free American.

                                        PREVIOUS Adventures:
                      Conceived and created American Motorcycles in Las Vegas.
Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing, Inc. Albuquerque, NM - Wayne Baughman, President Completed 90
      day PR contract - Continued to write articles on progress of the company until final failure.
                 Recommended Rey Sotelo who became the next Indian Manufacturer.
                      1991-1994 Rider’s X-change /Renegade X-press Miami, FL
  Publisher of Riders Xchange, Motorcyclist oriented magazine primarily covering Florida, distributed
             Conceived, created, wrote, photographed, and edited, art direction and ad sales.
                           1988 to 1990 Worldwide Marine, Inc. Miami, FL
         President - Operated marine repair service, charter boat fishing and floating restaurant.
                                 1984 to 1988 Worldwide Brokers, Inc.
   Vice President In charge of daily packaging operations. Directed sales, promotion, purchasing and
                                         product development.
    1983 to 1984 High Country Magazine - Placerville, CA - High Adventure for Today's Cowboy..

                                        Personal History
                                       Clayton R. Douglas

         Clayton Douglas is a professional writer with a publishing history that goes back twenty-five
years. He has a business-oriented background that goes back even further. He has operated distribution
companies and has sold and marketed products for companies from Seattle to Miami, New York to LA.
         Clay has ridden motorcycles his whole life and written for Easyriders, V-Twin, Motorcycle
Industry and two of his own. Thunder Riders Magazine operated in that field in Arizona for three
years. New Times referred to Thunder Riders as the ―Premier motorcyclist magazine in Phoenix.‖
         The crown jewel in his publishing career however, was the Free American, a name that has
become synonymous with Clayton R. Douglas. As the owner of a successful chemical business in
Miami, Clay divided his time between fishing off the Gulf stream on his custom Hatteras Sport
fisherman, the ―Sea Deuced‖, writing his new series of ―Trevor Cameron, Terrorist Hunter‖ adventure
novels, ―One Bloody Alabaster Eye‖ and ―Deadly Flashes of Silver‖, and riding his motorcycle, gaining
all the while, the experience and the ability to communicate his adventures and knowledge that has
made him well known all over America.
         An earlier attempt to sell one of his publications through a business brokerage house was turned
down by the broker who said that his publication had so much of Clay Douglas in it, that no buyer
would be able to make it work on their own. The broker was partially correct but successful media
companies are those who have stumbled upon characters and personalities who have built those
companies through their acting, singing and writing or just through the force of their personalities. The
powers behind the studios and broadcasting companies are constantly hoping to find the right
personalities to market.
         Clay Douglas is that kind of personality.
         But you won’t see him in the movies or on ABC or NBC. You won’t read his articles in the
New York Post, or see his take on the news on CNN. However, many commanding officers in our
armed services, police captains, intelligence operatives, Congressmen, Senators, governors and even
Presidents have read his articles, relied on his intelligence, listened to his words over the airwaves for
better than ten years. A veteran broadcaster has said, ―Clay Douglas is one of the best interviewers I
have ever had on my stations!‖
         Tall, well built, handsome with an IQ well into the genius level, Clay seems to be a natural
leader. Being personable, having a quick wit and a sharp mind, he is able to captivate a large audience
on stage as he lectures, on radio where people around the world rose early to hear his take on the news,
and any of his videos will glue a couple to their couch for an evening.
         You may be asking yourself, if the above description is accurate, why isn’t he in Hollywood
raking in the big bucks instead of working alone in his studio? Major media companies pay big bucks
for personalities with less talent. Yet, for years, he has been single handedly publishing magazine, after
magazine, doing the jobs of ten people? Why hasn’t a network scooped this guy up?
         For the same reason the U.S. Army turned down his application for OCS. Sorry son, someone
with your IQ will question orders. They were right! Clay Douglas is the ultimate rebel. ―I will never
follow illegal or unconstitutional orders.‖ He was honorably discharged from the Army after almost
dying of Spinal Meningitis and refusing a pension the chaplain offered him. ―I don’t want anything
from the army or the government!‖
         Self trained. Self educated, self disciplined, possessing a will of iron, no fear. Speaks his mind,
follows no orders. Goes where he wants, when he wants, is rarely late and works with that same kind of
intensity. It is these qualities that make him the nightmare of control freaks around the world and earned
him the respect of equally strong men who have come back from war to mount the steel horses that are
the symbol of the freedom they were willing to fight for. It is these qualities that make thousands of
copies of Thunder Riders and the Free American fly off the shelves around the country.
         His travels across this country provide him with the material that will make his novels and films
fly from the shelves of bookstores and video shops. Like Louis L'Amour whose novels had that element
of realism that so held your attention, when he describes a scene or location, he has been there.
Clay’s first series is patterned after the immensely popular, John D. MacDonald Travis McGee novels.
         After Clay submitted a copy of his manuscript to MacDonald’s attorneys to assure them that he
had plagiarized nothing, one of them commented, ―You write just like John D. MacDonald!‖
         ―I read everything he ever wrote!‖ Clay replied.
         It is this independent spirit, his research and experience, and the way he meets every challenge
or obstacle that has kept all of his companies and projects on track and profitable as long as he had the
back up systems and employees to handle the office and company details.
         Before getting further into the details, you need to be aware of the current conditions he has
been operating under.
         On May 25th, 2004, Mr. Douglas was seriously injured when a woman T-Boned him, rolling his
bike over him three times, striking his head on a curb and putting him in the hospital for four months,
three of which he was fed a potentially deadly cocktail of drugs like Halcyon and Haldol which can
induce mental distress, to keep him unconscious. The doctors gave his family little hope that he would
live or survive with his full mental capacity.
         His sons kept Thunder Riders going but they were not qualified to publish the Free American.
Most of the mail order business was lost and the radio show went off the air.
         The doctors had no idea of the sort of man Clay Douglas was. He not only survived a severe
head injury and broken ribs, he came out of the hospital to a demoralized and angry family. His wife of
twenty-five years left him three weeks after he got out of the hospital, after a failed attempt to gain
guardianship of him and his affairs. The court investigator told him he was the most well recovered
head injury patient she had ever interviewed. His sons went back to college. Left alone, Mr. Douglas
still managed to sell advertising, do the majority of the writing and photography, do the layout of the
magazine, cover runs and events and restarted his radio show on the internet. He traveled to California
to do two lectures as well.
         He filed for and got a divorce. He rolled all of his affairs, products, properties and ventures,
into CRD Publishing and now Horace Helms Holdings..
         He has two established magazines. He has two completed novels in one series, ready to print,
and two in another fiction series needing only a rewrite and editing. His short stories and articles have
been published in many national magazines He has four films, already selling as VHS and DVDs, and
dozens of videos of lectures and guests. He has established two well-known websites, and has hundreds
of interviews ready to be uploaded to them. He has a stable of writers and a library of books and a stock
of healthful products that have sold successfully in the Free American and promoted over his radio
show. This is a product line that, with only 10,000 issues printed, and brought in sales of $30,000 plus
per month for the entire time the Free American was published.
         Advertising sales currently, with only one magazine and one man, generates about $15,000 per
issue on 6 issues a year. These should be published every month. With the range of events and story
material, this is no problem for a properly staffed and funded company. There are dozens of
conferences that would love to have Clay come and speak. That opens up booth space to generate fresh
subscriptions and more product sales.
         Careful attention to the websites will dramatically increase the revenue from on site sales.
Acquiring a selection of new products and books create more material for magazines and radio shows.
Clay’s policy of taking on new books from the publisher has proved to be a successful and smart way of
doing business. ―We can’t buy everybody’s book. So we work it this way. You give us the first case or
two of your books, we bring the author on the radio show so Clay can interview him. We record the
show and put up links to it. We advertise it in the magazines for free and we become one of your
distributors. The radio shows will be archived on the website and may be downloaded by participating
radio stations for late night programming until his popularity propels him into primetime with
Limbaugh, Savage, Imus, Stern and Reagan.
         Small links on popular sites can often be traded or purchased inexpensively. Changes in policy
by major distributors have forced many small publishers off the newsstand where 50% sale is
considered good. Thunder Riders will continue to be given away but the area in which it will be
available will expand beyond Arizona. Once the expansion is complete, we will limit availability and
start charging a subscription fee. You need to understand that Arizona & Florida are considered Biker
Heaven. It has beautiful scenery, good roads, no helmet law, liberal gun laws, beautiful women and
more and better bike builders than California. Fox network expressed an interest in a reality series
based on the content of Thunder Riders. A film crew traveling around the state filming interviews with
Bike builders, Biker events and Bike Club, would generate considerable interest among the networks
and can be offered for sale as Thunder Rider Videos in the magazine and marketed through all the bike
shops and biker bars around Arizona and now Florida as well as through the video stores nationwide
along with the politically oriented videos produced under the Free American label.
         The shortage of operating cash and experienced personnel forced him to cut back the
publication of Thunder Riders. It is amazing that he was able to survive and keep up the stamina and
conviction to continue on while coping with the loss of the love of his life, the destruction of his radio
show and the temporary loss of the Free American. Working with a small staff on the Free American
was the norm for him, but the added burden of obtaining articles, photos and advertising for a territory
as vast as Arizona shortened his temper even more and may have created an extra hardship on friends
and employees. The number one priority would be the finding of an honest, competent, well-trained
         All of the functions of the office would be taken over by the new owners with the exception of
selection and creation of articles and subject material. An office and small staff will be needed. A phone
room with experienced sales people will be set up for advertising sales. One would concentrate on local
motorcycle-oriented businesses, another for nationwide companies. Others would be assigned to
distribute the videos and books. One person would be needed to handle the mail order business and
shipping. Two or three ad design and layout artists would also be needed in the main office.
         Distribution would be expanded into California and Colorado and eventually, as local reps are
found, expanded nationally. Sales efforts for Mr. Douglas’ videos and books will be handled out of the
sales office. Mr. Douglas would require a personal assistant who would handle booking events,
speaking engagements, booking guests for his radio show and syndicating the show.
         $25,000.00 is needed by Clay immediately to pay off all existing debts of CRD and for
essentials like rent, electric and vehicle payments. It will take another $15,000.00 (approx) to print the
next edition of Thunder Riders, which will feature the new Free American as the back half, printed
upside down, introducing the biker community to this superb but controversial magazine. The
combined edition will be printed in extra quantities and sent around the country to all former
subscribers (4000) and outlets and reestablish the product line. It will also be sent to shops around
California, Las Vegas and Colorado.
         The estimated revenue from past subscribers (if only 50% re-upped) and new subscribers from
an e-mail campaign would be about $80,000.00. Time is of the essence here to maintain the support of
local businesses that are expecting the magazine to get back to a regular monthly schedule.
CRD Publishing (Clayton) can supply a few computers and printers and a phone system to handle the
growth of the company for the first year.
         Currently, many magazine distributors are requiring that smaller publishers upgrade to slick
bond paper throughout. This is a move by giant companies to force many small publishers out of
business. If we wish to put the magazine into the bookstores, arrangements would need to be made for
printing in Mexico or Canada. Both the Free American and Thunder Riders started by putting the
magazines out for free in key locations, Truck Stops and Gun Shows in the former and Bike shops and
biker bars in the latter. Once a person has had a chance to read the magazine, they have a form to fill
out to subscribe. There will be a large cross over from one magazine to the other. The Free American
has four thousand former subscribers who only need to be mailed a copy of the premier issue and are
eager to see it come back out.
         Bear in mind, that the Free American has always been controversial and explores the
conspiracy version of history. Mr. Douglas’ support of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is the
primary guidelines of The Free American. His coverage of events around the world and in America is
more balanced than the mainstream. For example, the draft of the next publisher’s column of the
premier issue included here, Mr. Douglas’ articles have always given one a view of the other side. He
has allowed the Palestinian’s views to be presented which drew cries of Anti-Semitism from the Jewish
sector. This same sector uses the term Racism to cover honest Americans concerns over immigration or
crime in black areas. They object to the use of the term Christmas while lighting menorahs.
         He believes the American people deserve to hear both sides of a story if the story is being told
without hate or rancor. While he discusses sensitive subjects as race, religion, world government, the
conspiracy view of history, UFOs, and psychics, he does so without bias, hate or anger. He has never
advocated violence, will not support war and truly believes in freedom and liberty.
         Alternative media was effective during the sixties and seventies and it is needed even more
today. Mr. Douglas has come up with secondary plans using the internet to it fullest potential to
distribute the magazines and his radio shows in much the same way he has done in Arizona, to allow
the individuals rather than the corporations to profit and become a part of a larger whole without
sacrificing the individuality or their independence
         He plans to recruit computer-savvy patriotic people and arrange for them to be able to print our
publications, in small batches, with blank spots to allow them to sell and insert their own local
advertising into these issues. They will then be responsible for the dissemination and distribution in
their area. This will work for both publications.
         Here is a sample of Clay Douglas’ editorial style:

                             Publisher’s Corner – First Restored Edition
                                       By Clayton R. Douglas

         Since I watched the Federal Government kill the children in Waco to save them from a child
molester, along with the adults in a well established religious community near Waco, Texas, called the
Branch Davidians, I felt there was something seriously wrong with the government AND the way the
media was reporting on it.
         When President Bush made the announcement a few years later that we were going to give our
allegiance to the New World Order, the hair stood up on the back of my neck. I devoted my life to
understanding what was happening to our country. I learned that in almost every area of our daily life,
we were being hammered by sophisticated mind control techniques that made Soviet and German
propaganda pale in comparison. We are being programmed right now to accept and support a third
world war. The first two world wars established the mechanisms for one world government. After the
failure of the League of Nations due to the resistance of Russia and America, the Russian Czar was
murdered and the Federal Reserve was established here. After the Second World War, German
resistance to Global Bankers crushed, the world government body called the UN was ushered in. Its
first order of business was giving the ―color of law‖ to the Balfour Declaration and giving legitimacy
to turning over the country of Palestine to the Zionists. Israel sprang for the Rothschild’s Jewish colony
in Palestine to become the major Nuclear Power in the Middle East it is today, underwritten by Trillions
in ―Tribute‖ from American Taxpayers. We were programmed into believing it was time for the New
World Order when it actually is the two thousand years old order. To offset the accuracy of my
conclusions, I was labeled ―a Conspiracy Theorist‖.
         The revelation that NSA was being used by Bush to spy on Americans is only the tip of the
iceberg, but its coverage in the mainstream media and the outrage it created in the average American
household has opened the door to the kind of information the Free American has been disseminating
over the past twelve years.
         Vietnam was sold to us as being a war on Communism but every plank on Marx’ Communist
manifesto has been implemented in the USA for as long as it has existed in the Soviet Union. The
attacks on Joe McCarthy for exposing the Communists, who were supposedly our enemies, were little
different from the attacks on me. The concentration camps exist, well documented and photographed.
For now they stand complete and empty. Their construction was called Civilian Labor Camps. in the
Pentagon budget a few years back.
         My video called the ―True Face of FEMA‖ features film of the very first Homeland Security
Briefing of Law Enforcement in Sandia Labs on Kirkland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, NM, a few
weeks after 9 – 11. Col. John Brinkerhoff of FEMA, in talking about FEMA’s response to new terror
attacks, tells those present that, ―In case of a single case of Smallpox in a major metropolitan area, we
will need 400,000 well armed, well trained, organized and disciplined troops to control the American
People because some of them won’t follow orders.‖ When asked if that would be the National Guard,
he responds curtly, ―No. They are too expensive. Besides, they will be away in Afghanistan, Iraq or
some other place. No, we need a cheap source of well armed, well trained, organized troops!‖ This
video should be available to every American.
         The ―War on Terror‖ is PC for control of all who dissent from one world government. The
Bolsheviks that killed the Czar and formed the Soviet Union were Communists agents that happened to
be Jewish. Their agents installed Stalin who killed 50,000,000 white Russians after making anti-
Semitism (questioning the ruling party) a crime! This same bunch settled into Israel and the same
tactics to crush opposition is being instituted today in America.
          The Vietnam War killed more whites than blacks yet we are told that belonging to a mostly
white group like the Aryan Nations, or a motorcycle club like the Hells Angels is somehow a bad thing.
What if we told American blacks that they were forbidden to join the NAACP or told a Jew they were
not allowed to join the ADL or AIPAC? Or that sending money to Israel was a crime? Mention the
Protocols and the screaming begins, ―Those are FORGERIES! OK. What is a Forgery? It is an exact
copy of the original! Why are we supposed NOT to read them? Does it really matter who wrote them?
They are 150 years old. Whoever wrote them died a long time ago! What matters is that they are a
detailed plan for one world government with the anti-Christ seated on the throne of the rebuilt Temple.
Is that the real reason the Palestinians are being forced out of their homes and walled off from their
crops and income? We should study the Protocols and ask, who is using them, without being accused or
imprisoned for the crime of doubting the ―official‖ story. From the Roman Empire on, there has been
country after country raised up to replace the Roman Legionnaires with the same minions running the
money changing scam in the temples. Today we know it by the Federal Reserve.
                   Clay can be reached 386-868-0588, 888-678-1444 Cell 505-418-7688
                       Or send in your contact details to
                             For updated news see

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