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					Every business that has a presence on Facebook manages a Facebook fan page. Fans
are important for a business. So much so that entrepreneurs make strategies and chalk
or plan of actions to increase the fan following on their business profile pages. While
it takes a lot of hard work and installation of various applications to attract visitors
and convince them to 'like' your business, it is even harder to make them come back to
your page.
  To ensure that you get regular visits from potential customers, you need to engage
them. You can make your clients and fans participate in your activities and take
interest in your programs. For this you need to install certain applications. These
applications make your Facebook fan page user-friendly as well as maintain a friendly
environment with loads of applications to engage them, which is alluring for your
visitors. Although you are the best one to choose appropriate applications for your
Facebook fan page, here are the few popular ones:
  This app is the best one if you want to link your website or blog to your Facebook
fan page. The installation of this app is fairly simple.
  The best feature of NutshellMail is the Facebook email newsletter. This app will
allow you to create an opt-in area within your Facebook fan page for your fans to sign
up to get automatic notifications of the page's activities.
  It is a great application which will expand the reach of your business in both the
networking sites. If you add Twitter applications to your Facebook fan page,
information you post on your fan page automatically gets shared on your Twitter
profile too.
  YouTube Video Box
  With the installation of this application, you can add videos to engage your visitors.
On one hand this would enrich your user's experience; on the other it integrates your
YouTube account to your Facebook page. Moreover, it allows you to search for
YouTube videos, add those and allow your users to watch and share your videos.
  Besides these applications, there are thousands of applications that you can choose
from for your Facebook fan page. You must make sure that you are using applications
that are only created by expert software professionals. They will also provide you
with custom made apps at reasonable rates.
  Create Facebook Fan Page with custom applications to promote your business, Visit
Avenuesocial.com for more information.

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