What are the Benefits of Reflexology Zone Therapy- by gyvwpgjmtx


									Reflexology, also known as zone therapy is an ancient holistic healing technique. The
theory behind this alternative medicine is that through the application of pressure to
the foot, the practitioner may affect specific reflex zones in the body, producing a
reduction of stress and pain.
  While much of reflexology as yet to be scientifically validated, individuals who have
received treatments swear by it, and insist that reflexology is responsible for reducing
imbalances and blockages involved with chronic illness.
  The theory of reflexology (zone therapy) foot massage is that through the use of
pressure to various parts of the foot, the related areas of the body, will be stimulated,
anesthetized healed, and favored with increased circulation of blood.
  Patients who've undergone reflexology say they prefer these holistic massages to
other kinds of more invasive treatments. Reflexology is safe, non-invasive and well
reputed to effectively relieve and lower elements associated with disease.
  Reflexology is founded on principles that are not associated with traditional
medicine. Although it's been around since the days of Early China and Egypt, there
has been nothing proven that zone therapy treatments actually heal diseases. Because
of this, reflexologists will inform their patients to continue any other treatments you
are receiving as a patient and use reflexology foot massages as a supplemental form of
treatment rather than an alternative. Combining zone therapy treatments with
medicinal treatments and therapy may relieve pain and promote a quicker healing
  After your reflexology sessions, the vital energy within your body will circulate
more balanced between every cell of the body. This increased blood flow eliminates
blockages that to specific organs. These blockages and build up throughout the body
are believed to be the cause for pain by holistic healers. With this reduction of pain
patients will also experience comfort and relaxation but discomfort initiallyshould
also be expected.
  Once the detoxification process starts during the reflexology treatment, a patient can
expect slight discomfort, a feeling of nausea, emotional ups and downs, changes in
your body temperature, dizziness, mood swings, and drowsiness just to name a few.
While these symptoms are not appealing, the result effects include relaxation, stress
reduction, relief of pain in various regions of the body, increase energy and stamina
and productivity. Zone therapy foot massages should be received frequently to
maintain blood flow and reduce potential blockages throughout the body.
  As an alternative to frequent visits to a reflexologists, specialized sandals have been
created specifically for reflexology. The "fingers" of these reflexology sandals by the
Japanese company Kenkoh, replicates the actions of a reflexologists and can
effectively continue the process between sessions. You can purchase these sandals
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