What are the Benefits of Online Tutoring- by gyvwpgjmtx


									Online tutoring has established itself as an attractive alternative to conventional
face-to-face tutoring. With online tutoring, the tutor and the student are sitting at
different locations and are connected through the Internet. The recent advances in
Internet technology have made online, one-on-one tutoring a viable option
comparable to face-to-face tutoring.
  A student can log on at any time, seeking help in homework or preparing for an
exam, and interact with a tutor to get his queries solved immediately. The fact that a
student can engage in this form of tutoring from home makes it a very convenient and
flexible option for most students and parents.
  Online Tutoring: How it Works?
  Online tutoring first requires an Internet connection (broadband is recommended)
and a home computer. The sessions are done online through virtual classroom
software called a shared whiteboard. Students can log on to the whiteboard and
instantly connect with the tutors for help with their lessons or daily homework.
  Once a student enrolls with an online tutoring service provider, generally the
company conducts an online assessment test to determine the student 鈥檚 strengths
and areas needing improvement. Based on the results, an Education Manager
develops a customized curriculum and assigns the most suitable teacher for the
  Online tutoring is highly successful for students who are in elementary school, high
school, and college, in a range of subjects such as math, science, languages, and
various test prep courses.
  Audio contact between the tutor and the student are established using Skype or other
voice-enabled services. This audio connection, along with the whiteboard, enables
tutors to effectively conduct the sessions online and help students improve their
learning skills.
  Online Tutoring: Benefits
  Here are the main benefits of online tutoring:
  * Live one-on-one tutoring service
  * Highly personalized curriculum tailored to student needs
  * Scheduling completely under student control
  * Provides study time and assistance over and above that which parents themselves
may be able to offer their children.
  * Parents can discuss their children 鈥檚 strengths and weaknesses, and progress in
various subjects with tutors on an as-needed basis. (As not all tutoring services offer
this feature , it is advisable to confirm that it is available from the on-line service
under consideration)
  * Saves time and money spent on traveling to and from a tutoring center
  * Allows one-to-one interaction between the student and the teacher. It is the best
tutoring medium for students who are shy about asking questions or requesting more
detailed explanations in a group tutoring environment.
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