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									The best cleaning tool available today is the vacuum cleaner. There are so many kinds
of vacuum cleaners that you would be spoiling for choice. While some clean bigger
spaces in a short time, others clean narrow spaces easily. Some can store dirt in on
cleaning and others can store and carry around dirt. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners can
clean dry hard floors sucking up the dirt off even the deepest carpeting and at the
same time they are designed to clean liquid spills.
Technically the way to operate a wet and dry vacuum cleaner is the same as operating
a regular one. The function is the same with just one difference. In this kind of cleaner,
the dirt collected is dissolved in the water inside the machine; hence, the dirt does not
come flying out.
The main point of buying such a cleaner is that, it a versatile cleaning tool. You don't
have to go rushing for a rag everytime some liquid is spilled. You can also retrieve
items that have gone down the drain and the wet and dry vacuum cleaner can also be
used to unclog a pipe.
On the other hand, we have the heavy duty vacuum cleaners. Though they are priced
highly, they are still worth the investment. They have a longer life. These come with a
plastic and a metal body too. They clean the floor and carpets equally well in just one
go. They have a powerful motor and are heavy. If you live on the second or the third
floor, carrying a heavy duty vacuum cleaner all the way up is a daunting task. In this
way, the light weight vacuum cleaners are better.
A comparison of the two kinds of cleaners leads to the discovery that both have their
pros and cons. It all finally boils down to your convenience. While the light ones are
good for people who cannot carry heavy weights, the heavy ones are more efficient
and are generally used by construction people rather than for residential purposes.
Before buying that all effective cleaning tool, remember to take a look at the
effectiveness, power, weight, price, cost of the bag replacement and the warranty. It is
better to pay once rather than again and again and court trouble.
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