; We Shall Overcome - A song of Hope
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We Shall Overcome - A song of Hope


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									It is truly frightening that two million children in India die because of hunger and add
to our hunger statistics every year. This implies that in India 6000 children dies every
single day because of starvation1. The situation persists for decades because, for
generations they continue to be clad with poverty unable to break the vicious cycle.
To secure a single meal for a day, children take up menial jobs in hazardous work
environment which makes them vulnerable to dreadful diseases.
  Today 13.5 million children are out of school because they have to arrange for their
food for survival. For them going to school is not the priority but earning their meal is.
Their hunger stops them from going to their classrooms and instead sends them to
  Akshaya Patra Foundation is a non-profit organization which has been trying to
eradicate hunger and poverty since a decade. The foundation has been tirelessly
working with a vision of 鈥淣 o child shall be deprived of education because of
hunger 鈥? In all these years the organization has experienced that every child has a
hungry mind which always crave to learn. They want to overcome their poverty and
lead a worthy life. One filling meal can make them do wonders. Let us not deny them
of their right to live a better life. Find out how we can bring hope in their life
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