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If you are interested in becoming a French Club Officer, please fill out the following application. You may return this form to me by person or by e-mail.            Name Grade Officer Position Desired Are you currently enrolled in French class? Level of French (Including this year) Number of years of active participation in the French Club Explain how you are qualified for this position: What are some of your ideas for the French Club? What are some other demands on this school year (studies, jobs, extracurricular activities, family obligations, etc?) What priority would French Club have among them? How many French club events can you realistically commit to participating in? Telephone number and email address

Use this space to discuss your plans for French Club. You must answer ALL questions          What are your long term goals? What are your short term goals? What plans do you have for encouraging member attendance? What service projects should the club undertake? What activities should the club participate in? What three things should the French Club raise funds for? What ideas do you have for fundraising? What would the approximate profit be? In an ideal world, what would the French Club do? How would the members behave? How would the school and community know that the French Club is an active club? Write anything else that you think you would like to add to your plans for French Club.

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