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					Though drinking water is among the basic requirements to stay alive, it should be
extremely clean and germs-free to stay healthy. In today's polluted environment, it is
not safe to drink unfiltered and un-purified water. It is imperative to have a good
quality water purifier at home. The water purifier is essentially required if you drink
underground water for drinking. If you are planning to buy water purifiers, you should
keep a few points in mind.
 Types of Water Purification Methods: Different types of water purifiers use different
purification methods.Some water purifiers use three stages and some use five or more
stages. More the levels of purification, cleaner is the water. If you know about each
stage of purification, you can easily choose a good water purifier for your home.
 Pre-filter Purification :There is a pre-filter purification that is performed by a micron
pre-filter that is designed to remove the dust, silt and dirt particles. It happens before
the water enters the main filter of the purification system. Candle-Filter Purification
To remove all the suspended impurities, there is a special multilayer micro porous
candle filter.
 Sediment Filters :There are sediment cartridges to trap the fine particles of sand and
silt and carbon fines. In RO (Reverse Osmosis) systems, these are regarded as the
pre-filters. Depending upon the application, they come in variety of micron ratings.
 Taste and odour cartridges :These filters contain activated carbon that removes
chlorine and organic matter as these things make water less tasteful to the consumers.
These pre-filters in RO purifiers protect the RO TFM membranes from chlorine
damage. Reverse Osmosis: Reverse Osmosis removes the dissolved impurities from
water with the help of a semi-permeable membrane. It reverses the flow of water from
high salinity to high purity.It permeates the water flow on opposite side of the
membrane.If you are having hard water in your home, you absolutely need a RO
water purifier in your home. However, this filter completely de-mineralised the water.
Along with undesirable minerals, it removes healthy minerals also.
 (UV) filtration: This filtration method removes solids that are more than the size
0.005-0.1.It removes any suspended impurities such as solids, bacteria and viruses.
 Electric Water Purifier :These are very common types of water purifiers mostly
found in homes. They contain a combination of sediment filters and activated carbon.
They are of two types; UV filters and RO filters. UV filters are available in
countertops and kitchen wall mounted models. RO filters can remove several disease
bearing microbes and pollutants.
 You can have a look at different types of water purifiers available in market by
visiting online retail stores.
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