Want To Get In The Fastest Lane- Get The Fastest Car In The World First_ by gyvwpgjmtx


									Sitting in the driving seat of a car sounds something very ordinary, but what about the
case where a little stiffness of the toe can bring a huge thrill of eye bulging and head
shaking speed in just a few eye-blinks? Yes! It’s all about the fastest car in the world.
Thinking about accelerating from zero to sixty miles an hour in just three seconds
feels the utmost desire of any professional driver. Dreaming of such experience is
pretty good because the price tags of such rubber burning vehicles never allow many
drivers to turn their dreams into reality. From mere sketches to a live machine; it’s not
a child play that every motor car manufacturer can cop with, not ever by popular car
makers like Ford and Toyota. These ground breaking cars come the most sophisticated
assembly lines of exotic car makers like Lamborghini, Ferrari and Bugatti. Producing
only a few dozens of cars, these firms are among the world’s most revenue creating
car manufacturers because of their supreme price. The competitors in this field are
always in a brisk to produce fastest car in the world and this race for a faster race
brings a great deal of innovations in technology and engineering every year, uplifting
certain other areas of work like material engineering, fuel improvement, mechanics
and dynamics along with customer care and replacement auto parts. Bringing the
fastest production car in the world from a few lines of a pencil into reality involves
the team effort of a number of experts. High speed car manufacturers hire the services
world’s best engineers who practice their knowledge to bring the best that they can
and of course, the companies have to pay them heavily. The marketing program of
these cars is also a hard nut to crack that involves advertising through high priced
media. And if the companies intend to produce only a few cars, then you can imagine
how these cars should be priced particularly when a company intends to claim as the
maker of the fastest car in the world. There should be nothing to widen the eyes if the
prices of these cars start from $500,000. If you are a professional driver and cannot
afford buying such an expensive nomadic ride, there is good news for you. You can
pacify your lust through certain airport rental car services specializing on production
cars. Although not very common, yet these production cars can be found somewhere.
The expert rating states that among production cars, SSC Ultimate Aero is the fastest
car in the world that beating famous Bugatti Veyron by 4 miles an hour that runs at
253 miles an hour. Equipped with an 1183-horsepower Twin Turbo V8 engine, the car
fills the driver with a limb-stiffening experience of acquiring a thrust of zero to sixty
miles an hour in just 2.7 seconds. Yeah! That’s really wrinkles the forehead and lifts
the eyebrows to think at least once about this fun. This car is not only designed to
produce swish in the air but also has a perfect interior that makes one feel the right
compensation of his investment.

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