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PHoTograPHs by Carlos serrao

Computers may have changed some in the last fifty years, but a killer suit is still the best way to command respect in the workplace. Here, the next generation of Web heavies mix sharp tailoring with unexpected twists, and even try to sell us on their start-ups. They may want to look into some new hardware first.

Cofounder of

Jordan GoldberG

Thirty-second sell: “It’s a service by which people try to accomplish goals, such as quitting smoking, by instituting a layered accountability that forces them to actually do it. they give us money as collateral, and if they don’t meet their goals, we donate their money to charity.”

Two-button wool-andsilk suit ($1,395) and silk tie ($100) by Calvin Klein Collection; cotton shirt ($150) by Thomas Pink; leather shoes ($595) by Crockett & Jones.


CEO and cofounder of

mike hudack

Thirty-second sell: “A growing number of people are creating tV shows on the Web, and they need technology infrastructure, distribution, PR, and ad sales. We provide all of that, and then we take a share of the ad revenue.”

Two-button wool suit ($3,105) by Versace; cotton shirt ($225) by Burberry London; silk tie ($160) by Ermenegildo Zegna; leather shoes ($545) by Moreschi; steel Classic Date watch with leather strap ($995) by Oris; waterproof wool briefcase ($445) by Jack Spade.

Two-button wool suit ($2,350) by Gucci; cotton shirt ($150), Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers; silk tie ($185) by Ermenegildo Zegna Couture; linen pocket square (box of three, $60) by Brooks Brothers; leather shoes ($520) by Prada.


Cofounder of

dwiGht lee

Thirty-second sell: “It’s an online marketplace where you can buy and sell restaurant reservations, and we take a cut of the auction price and make some money through advertising.”




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Cofounder of

m at t h e w r o s e n b e r G

Thirty-second sell: “Users come to our site to talk about trends they’ve noticed. then we track information about those trends—the age, sex, and demographic breakdowns—which is a great resource for marketers. We also have a system in which users earn points by reporting on trends and then trade in those points for special products from our advertisers.”

Three-button threepiece wool suit ($1,595), Polo by Ralph Lauren; cotton shirt ($500) by Brioni; silk tie ($170) by Dior Homme; silk pocket square ($130) by Gucci; leather shoes ($495) by Salvatore Ferragamo.



Founder of

c h a r le s f o r m a n

Thirty-second sell: “It’s a platform for multiplayer, realtime games. People can participate in the games, or they can just sit back and watch. soon we’ll start showing video ads between the matches.”

Two-button wool suit ($2,195), cotton shirt ($495), and silk tie ($260) by Dolce & Gabbana; linen pocket square ($60) by Robert Talbott; leather shoes ($530) by Fratelli Rossetti; stainless-steel digital watch with rubber strap ($1,295) by Gucci.


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CEO and cofounder of

ron Yekutiel
Two-button rayon suit ($2,740) and cotton-and-nylon shirt ($385) by Prada; silk tie ($195) by Luigi Borrelli; silk pocket square ($105) by Tom Ford; leather shoes ($350) by Allen-Edmonds.

Thirty-second sell: “It’s the first open-source platform that lets multiple people collaborate and create stuff together by way of rich media. We just finalized a deal with Wikipedia, and we’re going to do with video what they’re already doing with text.”

CEO and founder of

s t e v e s p u r G at

Thirty-second sell: “It’s a way for media creators to get noticed. someone can post his or her work on the site and have it reviewed by other media creators, and because we collect information on all our users—things like their tastes and ages and locations—media creators, and even media companies, can gauge interest in different kinds of work. Our users filter out all the junk.”

Two-button wool suit ($1,995) and cotton shirt ($295) by Pal Zileri; silk tie ($110) by Canali; leather belt ($88) by Brooks Brothers.


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One-button three-piece wool suit ($1,095) by Emporio Armani; cotton shirt ($275) by Ravazzolo; silk tie ($110) by Canali.

Founder of Normative

J a k o b lo d w i c k

Thirty-second sell: “We partner with independent musicians and treat each album like its very own Web start-up. We create a Web site for every new release, and we handle everything from recording the music to distributing and marketing it.”

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