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                              Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
                                         Hampton Inn - Dearborn, MI
                                       7:30 PM Tuesday July 19, 2005
                                           Tax I.D. No. 23-7104472

1.0 CALL TO ORDER: Time: 7:45 pm                              Presiding: D Lobb

2.0 SECRETARY’S REPORT:                                      Reporting: D McNutt
       2.1 Minutes from June 21, 2005 presented for review. Accepted.

       2.2 Attendance: Quorum
       2.3 Present:
               2.3.1 Bomia, Mark                                      2.3.8     Samojedny, Doug
               2.3.2 Taylor, Sandra                                   2.3.9     Baise, Greg
               2.3.3 McNutt, Debbie                                   2.3.10    Wehr, Marshall
               2.3.4 Mohler, John                                     2.3.11    Lobb, Dan
               2.3.5 Britton, Andrew                                  2.3.12    GUEST: Jerry Wagel
               2.3.6 Schaut, Tom
               2.3.7 Rolands, Tom

       2.4 Absent:
              2.4.1     Kohler, Bill                                  2.4.6     Jarosz, Robert
              2.4.2     Simonelli, Tom                                2.4.7     Miller, Jenny
              2.4.3     Whitaker, Curtiss                             2.4.8     Churchwell, Mariann
              2.4.4     Mozug, Theresa                                2.4.9     Tendler, Al
              2.4.5     Richardson, Mike

3.0 TREASURER’S REPORT:                                                       Reporting: Bomia, M
       3.1 Current Balance: appx$2600
       3.2 Outstanding Balance: $

4.0 OLD BUSINESS:                                                             Reporting: Schaut, T
       4.1 No Report.

      5.1 US Senate working to revoke “conscience decisions”. RPh’s must fill all RX’s without delay.
      5.2 PBM Maintenance Transparency passed
      5.3 PSE behind counter or other protective measure
      5.4 ESRD treatment centers to require drug regimen review? RPh’s to be present in dialysis clinics?
      5.5 All drugs need RPh verification 24/7—movement toward this requirement. (S Taylor)
      5.6 Several articles submitted (T Schaut) inc:
               5.6.1 NY Medicaid fraud in billions of dollars
               5.6.2 Morning after pill to be made OTC?
               5.6.3 Sign up to be a “Fulfillment Center” RPh
               5.6.4 Clinics in Target, Sears, etc in place of ER visits? Staffed with a PA.
      5.7 Centennial Group Meeting proposed (J Mohler). Group agreed against this.
      5.8 Needed: Pharmacist volunteers, especially for Thursday afternoons at the Cabrini Clinic. One 4 hr
          shift/month only. (G Baise)
      5.9 Meeting w/ Mary Sandusky of the Dept of Community Health Proposed (D McNutt). Group agreed
          against this.
      5.10     MPA Membership Toolkit available for recruiting (D McNutt). J Mohler agreed to bring a laptop
          to view at next meeting.

      6.1 Awards & Installation Dinner –John Mohler, Chair                    Reporting: Mohler, J
             6.1.1 Novartis possible sponsor
             6.1.2 Social vs. CE
              6.1.3   Everyone should bring one professional guest
              6.1.4   G Baise to check on Schoolcraft College
              6.1.5   Possible locations:
              Burton Manor Cheapest ($1900 weekday min, $2200 Fri min)
              DeLuca’s is $10/pp (J Nagel)—Price is right!

       6.2 Continuing Education Committee: Tom Rolands, Chair             Reporting: Rolands, T
              6.2.1 No Report

       6.3 Fundraising Committee: No Chair                                Reporting: McNutt, D
              6.3.1 No Report.

       6.4 Judiciary & Oversight Committee: D McNutt, Chair               Reporting: McNutt, D.
              6.4.1 No Report

       6.5 Membership Committee: S Taylor, Chair                           Reporting: Mohler, J
             6.5.1 No Report.

       6.6 Newsletter Committee: D Lobb, Chair                             Reporting: Lobb, D
              6.6.1 No Report.

       6.7 Nominations & Elections Committee: T Schaut, Chair             Reporting: Samojedny
              6.7.1 No Report

       6.8 Political Action Committee: Al Tendler, Chair                   Reporting: T Schaut
               6.8.1 Contact your Rep re: HR 1671, 1669(S. 1300?), (exemption from anti-trust rules,
                       PBM transparency). D McNutt to provide a copy of these bills.
               6.8.2 Today a bill was signed allowing Pharmacies to receive Rx’s by mail
               6.8.3 Medicare ASP (actual supplier price basis) (D Samojedny)
               6.8.4 Rule 1115-file for approval from CMS. Distributed information on Medicare (J Mohler)
               6.8.5 Sign-up for free e-mail info on Medicare program at
                       Add your name, e-mail address and select “Pharmacy_MMA-L” from list. Click
                       “Submit Request”.
               6.8.6 If your drug cost is < $8500/month, new Medicare program may cost you more.

       6.9 Professional/Public Affairs: Bob Jarosz, Chair                 Reporting:
              6.9.1 No Report

      7.1 Next meeting: Tuesday, August 16, 2005, 7:30pm. Hampton Inn, Dearborn, MI.

      8.1 Motion to Close at 9:07pm

Respectfully Submitted by Deborah McNutt, WCPA Secretary

HR 1671 Call for Co-Sponsors!
Urge your Representative to support the Community Pharmacy Fairness Act

Here's the issue:

Reps. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) and Jerry Moran (R-KS) have introduced HR 1671, the
Community Pharmacy Fairness Act of 2005. This legislation will, when enacted, give you the
freedom to collectively negotiate your PBM contracts with other independent pharmacies.
This freedom will give independent community pharmacists leverage to negotiate contracts
with PBMs. As you can imagine, PBMs will again aggressively oppose this legislation tooth
and nail…but they will not have the public’s support on their side. YOU DO. By sharing your
story your voice will be heard. We can stop the PBMs threat to your pharmacy practices and
your patients’ well being.

Imagine your ability to prevent PBMs abusive practices, including:

       Shrinking formularies that restrict a patient’s treatment options

       Chaos in the pharmacy created by the lack of uniformity and completeness of
        information on prescription drug cards

       Plummeting reimbursement that threatens to close independent pharmacies

       Redundant pre-authorization hassles that consume countless hours of staff time in
        both pharmacies and doctors’ offices

       Abusive audits

       Harassment of compounding pharmacists

       Unfair and untimely payment for pharmacist services that keep patients out of
        emergency rooms and nursing homes

       Denial of the right to dispense a 90-day prescription with fair payment

       Mandatory mail order forcing your patients to use the PBM’s own mail order

       Switching your patients to more expensive, inappropriate drugs based not on the
        patients’ health care status, but on the PBM’s financial interest

The legislation:

       Provides an anti-trust exemption allowing independents, defined as pharmacies that
        are not owned or operated by a publicly traded company, to bargain collectively with
        health plans concerning terms and conditions of contracts with the pharmacies
        without violating antitrust laws.

       Is similar to legislation (HR 1304) passed by the House with an overwhelming
        bipartisan majority in 2000. No action was taken in the Senate

What to do:

       Call your Congressperson's office to register your position. Enter your zipcode in the
        box above for instructions.
       Talk to your staff, colleagues, friends, family, and most importantly your PATIENTS
        about this issue.

       Encourage them to contact their Member of Congress.

       Volunteer to help your Representative and their staff to better understand why they
        should support negotiation rights for independent pharmacies.

       Ask them to visit your pharmacy to witness the PBM-created chaos effecting both
        your small business and your patients.

       Watch for future NCPA Legislative Alerts

       Be NCPA’s eyes and ears on the ground--Contact us if you need assistance or when
        we can provide insight on your Member of Congress.

Up-to-date Co-Sponsor List

More details and Current Status

Additional Information:

Letter:"Dear    Colleague" on the Community Pharmacy Fairness Act, (04.19.05, PDF format)
Bill Text:   HR 1671, Community Pharmacy Fairness Act, (04.14.05, PDF format)
NCPA Resolution:    NCPA Resolution No. 7, (10.13.04, HTML format) NCPA
Site:   PBM Resource Center
   John Rector, Sr. VP Gov't Affairs & General Counsel 703-683-8200
   Charlie Sewell, VP Gov't Affairs 703-683-8200
   Christopher Nave, Grassroots Advocacy 703-683-8200

    PBM Transparency
    Bill # S.1300

    Original Sponsor:
    Maria Cantwell (D-WA)

    Cosponsor Total: 1
    (last sponsor added )
      1 Democrats

    About This Legislation:
    Prescription Drug Consumer Information Act of 2003 - Amends the Public Health Service
    Act with regard to certain contracts involving pharmacy benefit managers (PBM's). Sets
    forth certain requirements a PBM must meet for a group health plan, and a health
    insurance issuer providing health insurance coverage in connection with a group health
    plan (health insurance issuer), to enter into a contract with the PBM to manage the
    prescription drug coverage provided under such plan or coverage or to control the costs
    of such prescription drug coverage. Includes among such requirements that the PBM not
    be owned by a pharmaceutical manufacturing company and that the PBM shall agree to
    pass along any cost savings negotiated with a pharmacy to the group health plan or the
    health insurance issuer.
    Amends the Act to apply the provisions of this Act regarding contracts with a PBM to
    health insurance coverage offered by a health insurance issuer in the individual market
    in the same manner as they apply to a group health plan and a health insurance issuer
    providing health insurance coverage.
    Amends the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 to apply the provisions
    of this Act regarding contracts with a PBM to a group health plan and a health insurance
    issuer in the same manner as such provisions apply to a group health plan and a health
    insurance issuer providing health insurance coverage.
    Directs the Secretary of Health and Human Services to promulgate regulations requiring
    a pharmacy to disclose the retail cost of a prescription drug upon request by a

                            Detailed, up-to-date bill status information on S.1300.

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