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OPEN FORUM by dfsiopmhy6


									                           OPEN FORUM
                   WEDNESDAY 7.30 pm - 10 NOVEMBER 2010

Attendance: 54 Members
Presenters: Richard Joyce, Jim McCarthy

1.     Introduction
Jim highlighted the areas of improvement which included drainage on the 1 st and 12th, the
extension of the 3rd Tee, the installation of the winter tees and the extension of the
pathways. This investment will continue for 2011 with more drainage work, more
pathways and improved bunkers and tee levelling.

2.      The Academy Project.
RJ introduced the project was designed to provide an indoor teaching facility using part of
the existing pro shop area. Initially the quotations came in at £35k subsequent to this the
project was realigned with a budget of £15k. The new project specification is to box in the
two end driving bays reinforce the structure, line and decorate to provide a teaching area
in which the professional will fully equip with all the modern teaching aids. The academy
will provide an all weather teaching facility for all levels of membership and new joiners.

The project will mean the loss of the current driving bays which will mean we install 2
external driving bays to be located between the current bays and the pitching area. The
revised project cost is £15k and we have received quotations that meet this budgeted
target. The Captain then asked for comments from the floor.

      Barry Langford questioned the use of £15k that could be better used on the
       course. JM responded that with £15k was not instead of but in addition to current
       course expenditure.

      Peter Richie asked whether the facility would be free to members- RJ responded
       that lessons would be charged in the usual way through the professional.

      John Chambers- can the new bays be covered in some way? JM responded no
       not without the budget being increased substantially.

      Michael Carrick explained the academy in more detail to the members. RJ
       provided an artists impression for members to see and everyone seemed happy.

      Howard Field asked that the current levy on the course is £50 for members could
       not the £15k be better used to subsidise subscriptions. JM responded the course
       and pro shop academy are budgeted separately.

      Alison Seymour-Mead said she wanted to make her view that the academy was a
       very good idea and she fully supported it.

      Barbara Everett asked where the practice nets were going to be located. RJ
       responded 20 yards from the current practice nets adjacent the pathway.
      Tom Murray said it’s another thing you are taking away from the members as
       members like to practice under cover. RJ responded saying that the current
       practice nets were very tight and most practice nets at other clubs are located

      Teresa Donnelly said she voted for the motion and thought it was a very good idea
       and in line with other clubs in the area. This sentiment was echoed by Martin

3.      Course - Health & Safety
These simple safety guidelines are:
When preparing to swing it is your responsibility to make sure others are at a safe
distance, especially on practice swings.
It is your responsibility to ensure that everyone is out of range before playing your shot.
If you hit an errant shot shout FORE immediately.
If you hear FORE cover your head immediately and bend to reduce the target.
Be especially aware if you are close to a fairway or tee where golfers are hitting towards
Be aware of dangers at all times especially where public footpaths cross the course.
Always give green staff priority and make sure they are aware that you are playing your
shot BEFORE you play.
Please do try to play safely
     4. The Captain asked for questions and answers from the forum:

Online Booking - James Whiting asked when on line bookings will be reintroduced. RG
from Match & Comps echoed this question and voiced frustration at the lack of progress.
RJ indicated that progress was being made and that we would hope to have online
booking ready for April 2011.

Distance Markers – The question was asked whether distance markers on the course
could be introduced, a number of others thought this was a good idea. RJ asked Bill
Murdoch to revisit this with the course committee.

Course Opening Times before Opens - Mike Rossborough asked why at opens the
course was not opened up to members. RJ answered that where possible the course is
opened to members and there is only 2 occasions in the competition calendar where the
course is closed.

1/10th Playing Policy - David Meehan asked that the policy for playing of the 1st & 10th
tees during both weekdays and weekend be reviewed. JM responded that the existing
rules are causing some confusion and match & comps will review as soon as possible.

Course Congestion - John Carrington wrote in regarding the congestion on the course
through external visitors and internal competitions. This point was answered by JM who
responded that the financial numbers indicate that year on year numbers of visitors are
dropping and therefore we still need to allow societies visitors some access to the course
however as a club we do have lots of internal competitions which often exasperate the
problem. In 2010 we held 12 societies on a Friday which actually took less than 12 hours
of tee times. Bob Murray chipped in and asked that the tee be kept clear for members
between 12 and 13.30. JM thought where possible this was a good idea.
Medal Days – Social Golf Access - David Turrall asked that the new rule regarding the
gap on medal days for playing social golf be reintroduced as this was having a negative
impact on golfers who do not want to play competitive golf.

5. HS2 – see slide presentation

Member feedback on HS2 indicated that most             were against the line and were
supportive of the committee’s strategy regarding HS2 and GKC.

6.     Equality.
The Act covers a wide range of issues:
Age, Disability, Gender reassignment, Marriage and civil partnerships, Race, Religion or
beliefs, Sex, and Sexual orientation.
Key areas we need to consider in the light of the new law are:-
     Governance and Structure
     Membership
     Competitions
Governance and Structure
Review of Articles of Association for compliance.
Include Equal Opportunities Policy.
Review access to key posts i.e. President and Club Captain.
Review Grievance Procedure to deal with non-compliance to the Act.
An integrated gender membership.
Ladies six day membership – accepted category.
An integrated five day membership category.
No future age related member’s discount – except junior and intermediates.
Course access to all members.
Solutions needed for Mens’ Monthly Medal Competitions.
Tuesdays – Tee reservations for Ladies Competitions.
Gender specific competitions – Permissible under the Act

“ Feedback from members on equality was supportive of the Club’s strategy,
although it is recognised that the final detailed changes to the Club’s constitution will
need to be presented to the members for approval. On this subject, KGC is well
placed with its current policies and procedures to be able to comply with the
The related issue of the extent to which general access to the course is restricted by
organised competitive golf requires review. The Captains will organise a survey of
members to gauge overall opinion on this topic”.

7.     The President Brian Melling closed the meeting by thanking the members for
attending and Richard & Jim for presenting the current issues. He wished everyone a
safe journey home.

Meeting Closed at 10pm.

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