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					                          NJ PROPERTY REFERRALS LLC


1.     Parties. The parties to this Agreement are _______________________________
(Hereinafter referred to as “Associate”) and NJ PROPERTY REFERRALS LLC
(hereinafter referred to as “NJPR”).

2.     Introduction. The purpose of this Agreement is to establish the terms under
which the Associate shall provide services as an independent contractor for NJPR. NJPR
and the Associate agree as follows:

3.     License Status. NJPR is a licensed real estate broker and the Associate is a
licensed salesperson/broker in the State of New Jersey.

4.      Compliance with Law. The Associate shall comply with all laws, rules and
regulations of the State of New Jersey, including its real estate licensing laws and those
of any other governing entities.

5.     Compliance with Policy. The Associate acknowledges that he/she has read,
understands and subscribes to Policies and Procedures (hereinafter referred to “Policy
Memorandum”) which is incorporated hereinafter in its entirety.

6.       Independent Contractor Relationship. It is the intention of the parties to
establish an independent contractual relationship rather than a hiring or employment
situation. The Associate shall retain sole discretion as to the manner and means of
accomplishing the desired result of referring prospects for real estate purchases and sales
to NJPR consistent with the terms of the Policy Memorandum. The Associate will not be
treated as an employee for state or federal tax purposes with respect to the services
rendered under this Agreement. NJPR shall, to the extent that is legally required to do so,
file all necessary tax information and reports to the federal and state taxing authorities,
including IRS Form 1099 to report the income of associate arising under this Agreement.
NJPR shall not withhold income taxes, social security taxes, disability or unemployment
insurance payments, or any other assessments or taxes from referral fees of Associate
unless required to do so by law. Subsequent to the termination of this Agreement, the
Associate will not be entitled to unemployment compensation benefits.

7.     Activities Limited. The Associate shall act solely as a referral associate with
NJPR and shall not engage in any other real estate activities, for which a license is
required, with any other individual or entity.

        The Associate hereby agrees to limit his/her activities to the referral of
prospective purchasers, sellers, rentals or other referrals. The Associate agrees not to list
properties for sale or lease and shall not show properties for the purpose of selling or
leasing said properties.

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       The Associate hereby agrees not to refer prospects or referrals to any Sales
Associate or Company other than NJ Property Realty Services LLC unless approved and
authorized by NJPR.

8.     Duties of the Associate. The Associate agrees to:

        Conduct any activity, which requires a real estate license, strictly in accordance
with this Agreement and the Policy Memorandum of NJPR as may be promulgated from
time to time and the laws and regulations of the State.

       Refer all prospective buyers and sellers in the manner prescribed by NJPR in the
Policy Memorandum.

9.     Duties of NJPR. NJPR agrees to:

       Make available information designed to improve the prospecting skills of the

      Provide a system for processing the Associate’s referrals in a timely and efficient

       Coordinate with other third party Brokers to ensure follow up on each referral;

       Provide confirming data to the Associate on each referral;

        Pay referral fees to the Associate within 10 days upon Receipt by NJPR of
certified or collected funds. NJPR shall not be liable to the Associate for any fees not
collected by NJPR nor shall NJPR be obligated to pursue collection of any such fee on
behalf of the Associate.

       NJPR shall be the sole judge of whether any transaction shall have been initiated
by Associate, and in the case of a dispute between Associate any other person, the
decision of NJPR shall be final and binding upon Associate. Commissions are deemed to
have been earned only after NJPR has received payment in certified or collected funds.

10.      Expenses. The Associate agrees, at his/her own expense, to keep his/her real
estate license in effect and further agrees to pay for his/her own license, professional dues
(if any), costs of business, and contributions payable to federal, state or local government
agencies arising out of his/her activities as an Associate, and any other expenses incurred
as a result of real estate referral activities performed under this Agreement.

11.     Term/Termination. This Agreement shall continue to be in full effect until
terminated by either party. Either party may terminate at will this Agreement by
notifying the other party in writing of the desire to terminate. Such termination shall not
divest the Associate of any rights to commissions earned on sold referrals which are
under contract but which have not yet closed at the time of such termination. No

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commissions will be paid on renewals of rentals or options to purchase which are
exercised after the Associate has terminated the Agreement with NJPR.

      Upon termination of this Agreement, all prospects and leads which the Associate
may have secured during the association with NJPR remain the property of NJPR and no
compensation shall be due the Associate.

       Failure of an Associate to keep his/her license in full force shall cause this
Agreement to terminate automatically as of the date when such license expires, is
revoked or is cancelled.

            If license is subsequently reinstated, a new agreement must be executed.

12.     Confidentiality. The Associate agrees to hold confidential all information
pertaining to or connected in any way with the business of NJPR, and will not divulge
any such information to any person, firm or corporation during the course of association
with NJPR. Upon termination, Associate agrees not to disclose or furnish to any person
or entity information concerning NJPR clients, customers, prices, policies or relationships
as the same are solely the property of NJPR.

13.    Entire Agreement. This Agreement and the NJPR Policy Memorandum, which
is made a part hereof, constitute the Entire Agreement of the parties. This Agreement
may not be modified except in writing by both parties. The Policy Memorandum and
Addendum made a part hereof may be modified unilaterally by NJPR upon notice to

14.   Assignment of Interest. The Associate may not assign his/her interest in this
Agreement to any other party.

15.    Binding Agreement. This Agreement shall be binding on the parties, their
successors, heirs, and/or assigns.

Rev. 6/09

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      A. The annual administrative fee is due upon joining NJ PROPERTY
         REFERRALS LLC. Renewal fees are due on January 1st of each following
         year. Agents joining after July 1st will be charged a prorated fee of $50.00 for
         the remainder of the first year; the full fee of $75.00 will be due on January 1st
         of each following year. Please make check admin fee payable to: NJ
         Property Referrals

       B. The annual administrative fee will be refunded to the Associate upon the first
          closed referral in that calendar year.

      A. The ASSOCIATE will be billed for license renewal according to the schedule
         determined by the New Jersey Real Estate Commission. Fees are determined
         by the State and are subject to change.

       B. If an ASSOCIATE fails to renew his or her license, it will be returned to the
          New Jersey Real Estate Commission where it will be held in escrow for a
          period of time regulated by the State. If the license is not reinstated within the
          allowed escrow period, the license will expire permanently.

       B. Licenses are renewed according to the following schedules located at:


                State fees must be sent to our office and made payable to the State
             Treasurer of New Jersey by Money order or Certified bank check.

      A. Referrals to NJ PROPERTY REFERRALS LLC.
             1) 15% to ASSOCIATE on referred side of closed transactions greater
                than $125,000.

               2) 10% to ASSOCIATE on referred side of closed transactions less than

               3) 15% to ASSOCIATE on rentals greater than $1,000 per month; no fee
                  paid on rentals less than $1,000 unless by special arrangement.

       B. Outside Brokers and third party Brokers:
              1) The ASSOCIATE shall Receive 50% of the referral fee Received by
                  NJ PROPERTY REFERRALS LLC.

               2) Each referral fee must be negotiated Broker to Broker; NJPR REFERRAL
               COMPANY LLC will attempt to secure the highest fee possible for its agents.

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                       80 Park Street * Montclair, New Jersey 07042
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    ***ASSOCIATES may not negotiate referral fees with a Broker or Sales

              EXAMPLE OF 30% REFERRAL FEE:

Sale Price______________________________________________$300,000
Commission Rate-Referred Side_____________________________x 2.5%
Referred Side Commission_________________________________$ 7,500
30% Gross Referral Fee Received___________________________$ 2,250
50% of Gross Referral Fee Received Goes to Associate________$ 1,125

                              NJ Property Referrals LLC               Intials___________
                     80 Park Street * Montclair, New Jersey 07042
             Tel: (973) 509-9505 Fax: (973) 846-7043 Email: { HYPERLINK
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1.      Introduction. The goal of NJ PROPERTY REFERRALS LLC (hereinafter
referred to as “NJPR”) is to provide referrals to NJPR realtors and to other qualified
Brokers across the country.

        This goal is accomplished through the NJPR Referral Associate (hereinafter
referred to as “Associate”) whose objective is to refer a prospective buyer or seller of real
estate to NJPR.

2.      Primary Duties of the Associate. The Associate should conduct his/her business
so as to maintain and to increase the goodwill and reputation of NJPR and the Associate.

       The Associate should develop his/her personal sphere of influence as a potential
source of prospective clients with real estate needs.

       The Associate should also use prospecting methods which will enable him/her to
contact other prospective buyers and sellers to determine their real estate needs. The
Associate should obtain the name, address, and phone number and any other information
which will assist the Sales Agent to help the prospective client.

3.      Registration and Placement of Referrals. All referrals are to be registered with
NJPR. NJPR cannot guarantee that a commission will be paid on any referral that is not
placed through our office.

            A seller or buyer prospect lead will be placed with the Broker who can best
      service the prospect. An Associate may request that a prospect be assigned to a
                                   designated Sales Agent.
        If a Sales Agent is already working with the prospect, the Associate will be
notified as soon as possible that the referral is rejected. An Associate may earn a referral
fee only if the prospect sells or buys with the Sales Agent assigned. If the prospect has
had prior contact or buys and sells with another Sales Agent, no referral fee will be paid.

        Referral fees vary from Broker to Broker. The Associate will be notified if less
than the customary referral fee is to be received.

4.      Follow up. A written confirmation of the referral and its assignment to a Broker
and Sales Agent will be sent to the Associate and the Sales Agent. NJPR will also
generate a request for follow up from the Sales Agent at least every 60 days so that a
current Record can be maintained on every referral.

                                NJ Property Referrals LLC               Intials___________
                       80 Park Street * Montclair, New Jersey 07042
               Tel: (973) 509-9505 Fax: (973) 846-7043 Email: { HYPERLINK
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        The Associate is also encouraged to stay in touch with their referred prospect to
insure that appropriate levels of service are being provided.

       If the prospect would like to look in additional areas not previously assigned, the
associate must notify the NJPR office so that they can be re-assigned.
5.     Training and Education. NJPR offers seminars and other educational
opportunities throughout the year.

      Associates are encouraged to attend and take advantage of the methods of
improving their production.

       Associates are personally responsible for completing continuing education
requirements, if any, as required by the state issuing the Associate the real estate license.


Referral Associate (Print Name)

_____________________                          ___                    _________________
Referral Associate (Signature)                                                    Date


BY: ____________________________________                              _________________
  Dino Ciccotti, BROKER OF RECORD                                                 Date

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