Ultraviolet Steriliser by hjkuiw354


                                           Steriliser                                               NEW
For use in the following applications: Installed in a hanging
position or underneath aquarium tanks to kill disease causing
micro-organisms. Also use inside pond filters or skimmers to kill
free floating algae.
• Internal Step Design: Directs water back and forth across UV light, tripling the contact time
   through the unit.
• Ease of Replacement: Unique 4 pin connector for easy bulb replacement without shutting
   down the system.
• Clear View Port: Allows visible light (no UV) to pass through and indicate bulb is operating.
• Adjustable Clamp: Spring loaded clamp creates a snug fit to any
   aquarium or reservoir tank.
• UV Bulb: Highest quality, pure hard quartz material allows maximum UV transmission and longer bulb life.
• Compression Coupling and Gasket: Creates watertight seal at quartz sleeve and around ballast cord.
• Electronic Ballast: 10W, 15W, and 25W high output UL-Listed ballast.
• Versatile: Inlet and outlet at top for hang-on and at bottom for below aquarium installations. Use inlet ports
   on each side to connect multiple units together for any size requirement.
• Distribution Plate: Evenly distributes water into chamber.
• Plugs: Plug off inlet ports not in use. Can be removed to drain or clean unit.
• Free Standing Base: Holds AquaStep in place for installations below or beside aquarium.
• Design: Innovative design creates more volume area for increased contact time. Flat side allows snug fit to
   any aquarium or reservoir tank.
• High Capacity: More capacity than any other model of equal height due to shape of chamber and step design.
• Waterfall: Increases oxygen level by spreading out a thin sheet of gently falling water.
• Adjustment Screws: Keeps unit level when installed in hanging position on tank.
• Injection Moulded Construction: Heavy duty, thick wall ABS injection moulded parts. Built to last.

                                                                                     Code                 R440507
                                                                                     Wattage              10W
                                                                                     Bulb Length          34cm
                                                                                     Recomended Pump      QuietOne 800 or 1200
                                                                                     Flow Rate            1135LPH

                                                                                    Code                  R440508
                                                                                    Wattage               15W
                                                                                    Bulb Length           39cm
                                                                                    Recomended Pump       QuietOne 1200
                                                                                    Flow Rate             1703LPH

                                                                                    Code                  R440509
                                                                                    Wattage               25W
                                                                                    Bulb Length           45cm
  AquaStep 10 Watt                                                                  Recomended Pump       QuietOne 3000
                                                                                    Flow Rate             2877LPH
                               AquaStep 15 Watt

                                                           AquaStep 25 Watt
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