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									                                 Designer Bid Document Submittal
Project Name:
SBC No. :
Base Bid                                                         Bid Target
Alternate 1                                                         MACC
Alternate 2
Alternate 3                                                      Unit Prices
Total                                                            Allowances
Estimate Attached                   Y           N

Coordinated w/ Campus Schedule:                             Y             N           NA
Owner Assisted Scheduling:                                  Y             N           NA
Phasing:                                                    Y             N           NA
Total Duration:                                     Liquidated Damages:
Phase Duration:

Document Review
State Fire Marshal Comments Incorporated:                   Y             N           NA
State Fire Marshal Approval Letter Received:                Y             N           NA
TBR Comments Incorporated:                                  Y             N
Campus Comments Incorporated:                               Y             N
Local Authority Comments Incorporated:                      Y             N           NA

Testing Required:            Y          N           Responsible for Testing Cost:           Owner       Contractor
Type(s) of Testing:
Testing Complete:            Y          N           Geotechnical                       Y            N          NA
                                                    Asbestos                           Y            N          NA
                                                    Lead Paint                         Y            N          NA
                                                    PCBs                               Y            N          NA

Project Manual
Documents Prepaired under:              General Work Package                   Minor Work           Procurement
Bid Form Acknowledges:                  Duration/Liquidated Damages                    Y            N
                                        Phasing/Liquidated Damages                     Y            N          NA
                                        3 Year Roof Bond                               Y            N          NA
                                        Alternates/Unit Prices                         Y            N          NA
AIA A201(1997) General Conditions Included                                             Y            N
Wage Rates:           Building     Y        N        NA            Highway             Y            N          NA
Alternates Section Included (w/ brief explaination)                                    Y            N          NA
Unit Prices Section Included (& form completed)                                        Y            N          NA
Owner Provided Scheduling Section Included                                             Y            N          NA

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Temporary Facilities Section To Include:              Decorum w/ Students/Faculity           Staging
                                                      Campus Utilities Usage                 Parking
                                                      Restrooms                              Security
                      Utilities Shut Down:            Campus Rep
                                                      Phone #
                                                      Hours of Advance Notice
Commissioning Section Included                                                          Y          N             NA
Roofing System Bond & 20 Year Warranty Included                                         Y          N             NA
If work on existing roof, statement to not void existing warranty                       Y          N             NA
Abatement Specifications Included                                                       Y          N             NA
Excavation Unclassified                                                                 Y          N             NA
No Industry or TDOT Specs Referenced (Include Spec, & Details) Y                        Y          N             NA
Campus Standards Included:                Locks                                         Y          N             NA
                                          Energy Management System                      Y          N             NA
                                          Other                                         Y          N             NA
Proprietary Specifications                Y           N           What:
Work by Campus                            Y           N           What:               Data         Y             N
                                                                          Communications           Y             N
Campus Supplied Materials                 Y           N           NA               What
                                                Are Materials Available                 Y          N             NA
Salvage Materials for Campus Identified In Documents                                    Y          N             NA
Building Plaque Included( New Buildings Only)                                           Y          N             NA
Comissioning                    Y         N           NA          By Owner        Y            N
                                                                  Contractor      Y            N
                                                                  Allowance       Y            N        $

SBC Project Title & Number                                                        Y            N
Vicinity & Campus Maps (Staging Area Identified)                                  Y            N
Square Footage:                               Gross                                    Net
Use Type:
No Specifications or Trade Names on Drawings                                      Y            N
Alternates Clearly Identified                                                     Y            N            NA
All ADA Issues Addressed                                                          Y            N            NA
Existing Utilities Identified & Located                                           Y            N            NA
Verification of Flashing & Waterproofing Details                                  Y            N            NA
Finishes & Color Selections Complete                                              Y            N            NA
Piping & Duct Routing Coordinated With Architectural & Structural                 Y            N            NA

Principal:                                                                         Date:

               Jun 05 OFD F490 Designer's Bid Document Submittal page 2 of 2

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