Northeastern University MBA Career Center RESUME FORMAT FOR NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY MBA STUDENTS CONTENT HEADINGS for your resume in the order they should appear on your resume: Personal Contact Information: - Name (bold and capitalized), Address, Phone(s), email, Web Site (if applicable) Summary: This is a 3-4 sentence paragraph highlighting the transferable skills you possess that support the career objective that is the focus of this resume. Experience:  List most recent job first. Put company name, location and dates you worked for that company in total (year to year) on first line with date in the right-hand column.  The second line should have your job title and immediately right next to the title the date you were in just that position (year to year) if you held more than one position at that company  Use a bullet format with action words starting each bullet. The bullet should include action and achievements. Utilize metrics where possible to support accomplishments.  Leave a space between jobs at different companies. Education:  List higher level degree first and put university/college name and location on first line with city and state  Second line should have the degree and year of graduation.  Third line should have specialization of your course study if applicable.  Be consistent with displaying information from graduate to undergraduate school. Professional Affiliations  List any professional groups of which you are a member. This can include career related clubs you are part of at Northeastern University or external affiliation groups. Languages  If fluent in a different language(s) include here. Computer Skill  If you possess technical and software skill beyond the scope of MS Office that is relevant to your career objective include it here. Activities/Interests  This is optional but not necessary as it often does not support your career goal. Northeastern University MBA Career Center – Fall 2007

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