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									The Dryerbox® is a UL classified metal
receptacle that installs in the wall behind
the dryer and facilitates the collection of
the flex exhaust hose. It provides almost
two additional square feet of living area,
lessens the risk of lint build-up and
provides energy savings by removing the
kinks usually found in the flex hose.
Don’t Build A Home Without It
       Have a washer and dryer at home? Good chance the dryer
       is five or six inches away from the back wall and the flex
       exhaust hose resembles a snake. “Tight bends in the flex
       exhaust hose accelerate lint accumulation and can really
       impair the efficiency of the dryer and worse yet, create a
       fire hazard,” says Rick Harpenau, owner of In-O-Vate
       Technologies, Inc. and inventor of The Dryerbox®.

                      The 21 inch high molded box will house and
                      collect the flex transition hose allowing the
                      clothes dryer to be installed right against
                      the wall. Eliminating the bends in the flex
                      exhaust hose provides for better, less
                      restrictive airflow, which in turn minimizes
                      lint buildup, saves energy costs and
                      reduces the serious fire hazard caused by
                      lint build-up.

       Model Number         Wall Size      Exhaust Direction
             425                2x6              Upward *
             350                2x4              Upward
             4D                 2x6             Downward
             3D                 2x4             Downward

      * For stackable or pedastal dryers with downward exhaust
      direction install this model upside-down

         For a complete and detailed specifications and
               dimension, visit
Performance Data
     For Use:
        Dryer vent hose receptacle
        Doubles as gas connection receptacle
        Meets code requirements as a clean-out

        Model 425 and 350 deep drawn with .028 aluminized steel
         (22 gauge)
        Model 4D and 3D deep drawn with .031 aluminized steel
         (21 gauge)
        UL Classified for a one hour wall
        Made in the USA

     US Patent 5,476,183 and 6,419,102
  Are you considering a
  plastic dryer vent receptacle?

      400 degrees                  550 degrees                800 degrees

30 seconds                60 seconds                   110 seconds

         Time elapsed for fire to penetrate wall cavity:
                      1 minute 20 seconds
 Our metal receptacle is approved
 by Underwriters Laboratories
 for a One-Hour wall installation

      700 degrees                1000 degrees                 1450 degrees

5 minutes                 30 minutes                       1 hour

         Time elapsed for fire to penetrate wall cavity:
                         No Penetration
Features & Benefits
        No trim-ring piece is needed
        Elbow eliminator … gain 5 foot of duct run
        Surface is paintable, no masking needed
        Applauded by Mechanical Inspectors
        Over 1 MILLION installed

        Locate the dryer right up against the wall
        Flex is protected from getting squished
        Lint build-up is minimized
        Efficiency is increased … clothes dry faster
        Dryer related service calls are almost eliminated
        Laundry room appears larger to prospects
        Reduces the fire hazard
Contractor Benefits
      For The Building Contractor
      The Dryerbox® is sized (10” in width) to fit within 12”, 16” or 24” center
      studs. It only needs connection at three corners so no additional framing
      is needed. It is a very rigid 22 gauge aluminized steel with a Classification
      from United Laboratories to allow its installation in a one-hour rated wall
      assembly. It’s 20” height provides for sufficient room to store the recoiled
      aluminum flex.

      For The Plumbing Contractor
      The Dryerbox® features a “knock-out” port for a gas line, allowing for a
      convenient and space saving location of the gas valve and fittings.

      For The Drywall Contractor
      The extension rim on The Dryerbox® protrudes 7/8” from the nailing
      flange offering a built-in corner bead. A Roto-zip (spiral saw) tool will
      cut out the opening just like any other receptacle, leaving a small
      crevice that gets caulked by the painter when he caulks the baseboard.
      The Dryerbox® is metal so the zip-cut bit head will not gum up with
      plastic like other large receptacles cause.
Contractor Benefits

      For The Trim Carpenter
      The extension rim on The Dryerbox® protrudes about 1/4” providing
      enough of a edge to butt the baseboard to. The easiest and best
      looking saw-cut is just a slightly back-cut angle. The Dryerbox® should
      not be installed above the baseboard as this defeats the purpose of
      the receptacle providing a space to protect the flex transition hose.
      All typical American dryers vent in the same location: at the very
      bottom and in the center of the appliance.

      For The Painting Contractor
      After the drywall contractor “zip-cuts” around The Dryerbox®
      receptacle, there is a small crevice between the drywall and the
      metal box that is easily filled with caulk. This built-in corner bead
      rim protects the drywall from damage and provides enough of a
      reveal for the trim carpenter to butt his baseboard to. The surface
      is already prepared for painting. No masking is necessary. “Orange
      Peel” and wall paint right over the aluminized steel.
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