No end to festival thrills at Spitalfields by dfsiopmhy6


									No end to festival thrills
at Spitalfields

       1.                                     2.

       As the excitement of the               Dreary January and February can inspire in the rationally minded among
       Christmas festive season winds         us proposals for nation-wide hibernation schemes. It’s a time of year
       down, and a new year dawns,            when we need something to look forward to – something to focus on
       we look forward with slightly          in the gloom – and for many that something is the hazy image of the
       bleary eyes to what 2008 has in        summer season of festivals ahead: Glastonbury, T in the Park, and the
       store, and find that, largely due to   rest, everywhere across the country.
       the careful regeneration of Old
       Spitalfields Market by developers      But in Spitalfields, this year, something more immediate is capturing
       Ballymore, a festival atmosphere       the attention: this Spring, Ballymore will relaunch the Old Spitalfields
       looks like being alive and well all    Market, and the sense of excitement is already palpable. Late in 2007, the
       year round, and, indeed, for many      Thursday antiques market returned to the interior of the Horner Building
       years to come.                         that houses the Old Spitalfields Market, and the Christmas season’s
                                              ‘Merry different Christmas’ was launched with a spectacular event
                                              complete with music, puppetry and even confession. Both of these gave
                                              the public a glimpse of what the refurbished space will look like, with the
                                              newly worked roof particularly impressing people.
Old Spitalfields Market, in the heart of
East London, is famous for its thriving,
colourful festival atmosphere, and its
regeneration by Ballymore will ensure that
the festivities can continue for generations

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With the relaunch imminent, the atmosphere has been charged                    in the market, by Ballymore, is a safeguard which will protect all the best
– especially with these tasters of what is to come. Crucially, Ballymore’s     things about Spitalfields – and improve upon them – for current and
redevelopment will only enhance the special feel of the market that has        future residents in the community.
been central to its popularity.
                                                                               Carrington & Partners – in Old Spitalfields Market since it was saved
“Spitalfields has got a unique personality that no other part of London        in 1993 – has also been at the forefront of this regeneration. Managing
has, which is reflected in the diversity of the people who work here,” says    Director Narjeet Sohanpal recalls the time when there was “ a dividing
Fiona Hannafin, of In Spitalfields, the homes and interiors shop.              line between the City and the City Fringe. People would comment on the
“It refuses to be a cog in a machine. There’s a really strong vibe that says   stark contrast between the glass towers of Bishopsgate and the red brick
people are up for new and exciting things, pushing the boundaries in           of eighteenth century Spitalfields Market on the other side,” she says.
whatever they’re doing. That’s why the area is such an exciting place for
different types of people to visit.”                                           The conscious and concerted efforts of Carrington have wooed the
                                                                               doubters to come and live in Spitalfields. In fact, they have introduced
It’s not only attractive to domestic and foreign visitors. The regeneration    over 14,000 new residents to the area, and this has contributed greatly to
of Spitalfields in recent years has made it even more desirable as a place     Spitalfields’ reputation as a vital, diverse and colourful place to live.
to live, for people from all walks of life. The development and investment     “A lot of residents and businesses have been here for a long time, and

have seen the market through all sorts of changes,” says Fiona Hannafin.     There aren’t many big, open spaces like it in London, so it’s an obvious
“But there’s also the new blood, so you get an exciting mix of ages and      place for people to congregate and mingle. It’s also crucial that its unique
tastes. We are all individuals, but part of a whole.”                        architectural heritage is preserved. Ballymore is continually updating
                                                                             and improving the space, so that it is as attractive a location as ever – but
Old Spitalfields Market is the hub of the action, the ‘main stage’ if you    also a safer, hardier one, with an infrastructure and facilities suitable for
will, and all the charm and character of the area seems to evolve within     modern market life.
its walls and radiate to the surrounding area.
                                                                             Ballymore has already successfully completed the regeneration of many
But just like the fields at Glastonbury – or any other festival location     significant features of the interior and exterior of the listed market
where there are thousands of visitors milling around – occasionally, the     buildings – including the re-pointing of all the brickwork, renewal of
ground has to be given a rest, and improvements made to ensure that the      the window frames, the installation of a new roof and lighting. Not
area can be maintained for the future.                                       forgetting the market’s historical sensibilities and aesthetics, Ballymore is
                                                                             also addressing the existing shop-fronts, which will soon be redeveloped
Hence, over the past year, Ballymore has been tackling all the areas         in a style that complements the market’s history and traditions.
which are going to prove vital to the market’s future – all of which
will benefit local residents and make it even more attractive to the         Visitors to Old Spitalfields Market discover not just a beautifully
visitors who come every year to experience a slice of lively, East London    preserved historical building, but an undemanding and laid-back
‘festival’ life.                                                             environment. Yet – as with all the best festivals – if you have the energy,
                                                                             the market is positively brimming with life, and all sorts of things to
The main market area is currently being revamped with a whole new            see and do.
floor, and improvements to the drainage and power systems. Due to
these renovations, some stalls have relocated temporarily to Lamb St, just   There’s nothing more relaxing than wandering through the market’s
a minute away, outside the market, but all the independent shops and         shops and stalls, taking in the intriguing mix of curiosities, collectables,
restaurants are open and buzzing as usual.                                   antiques and designer goods.
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“Spitalfields has got a unique personality                                      Previous page 01- 02
                                                                                The modern-day market is housed within the original
                                                                                Spitalfields building architecture, dating back to 1887.

that no other part of London has, which                                         03-05
                                                                                The market draws together temporary stalls

is reflected in the diversity of the people
                                                                                and permanent outlets, such as TeaSmith and
                                                                                Pimps & Pinups.
                                                                                This page 06

who work here”                                                                  Old Spitalfields market is renowned for its food stalls
                                                                                and restaurants.
                                                                                Market traders on a typical day in Spitalfields.
                                                                                Following pages 10-14
                                                                                The Market ranges from luxury goods to knick-
                                                                                knacks, from interiors to clothing.

Often, visitors will stumble upon      charismatic shop – and stall-            and interior gifts made with                               accessory you could imagine, much
unexpected sights – a film crew,       owners – who are so proud of their       natural and eco-friendly materials,                        of it rare, hand-made, vintage
with actors and actresses in period    wares and enthusiastic about what        from far-flung parts of the world.                         or retro. So, there’s nothing to
costume, a roller-blading class,       they do – can really make your day.      The market also boasts many                                stop you trying out that festival
or a group of dancers who have                                                  items that rely on local, artisan,                         look – cowboy hats and boots,
decided, spontaneously, to put on      Then there’s the appeal of the           traditional crafts – everything                            ethnic scarves, floral tea-dresses,
a performance for bystanders. It’s     bohemian, ‘alternative’, ethically-      from bread and cheese to hand-                             waistcoats, sunhats with huge
often crazy, but always colourful…     conscious or eco-chic lifestyles         carved toys and hand-woven bags.                           brims, hippie cloth bags – it’s all
as if something in the air just lets   that often go hand-in-hand with                                                                     there, in a wonderful bazaar-style
people get carried away.               festivals – certainly, many people       Part of festival fun is, of course, the                    celebration of individuality.
                                       find themselves drawn towards            liberating feeling of experimenting
As well as a spontaneous, lively       these refreshing perspectives when       with quirky fashion (or anti-                              Another lovely thing about
atmosphere, many festival-regulars     they experience a multi-cultural         fashion statements) that you                               festivals is that there always seems
are in search a sense of community     festival environment.                    wouldn’t ordinarily find, or be                            to be someone on hand offering to
– something that’s very particular                                              brave enough to try out on the                             pamper you a bit, or inviting you
to Old Spitalfields Market.            It’s a big part of life in the market.   high street. At a festival, you can                        to experiment with your image,
                                       Many of the shop-owners and              wear what you like; nobody minds.                          just for fun. For anyone who
The community feeling really adds      stallholders were ahead of their                                                                    missed out this year and is feeling
to the air of celebration.             time in focusing on ethically-           In Spitalfields, whimsical is                              in the mood for a change, Old
“It’s a bit like a big village fete,   sourced products, so visitors to         wonderful – being alternative                              Spitalfields Market can take care
where everyone knows each other”,      the market can take their pick           is encouraged, even expected.                              of that, too. Urban Haircutters, a
continues Fiona Hannafin, “that        of organic fair trade coffee, tea,       The market shops and stalls are                            unique hairdressers/gallery/shop
definitely adds to the atmosphere.”    cushions and t-shirts, recycled          crammed with all sorts of curious                          located on Brushfield St, and
The genuine welcome of the             jewellery, and numerous designer         clothing, and every kind of                                Pimps and Pinups, a 1950s-style
10.                                                                         11.                                     12.

boutique salon, on Lamb St, are more than willing to help you               When the expanded, refurbished Square Pie – a regular fixture at
experiment with your tresses to achieve something a bit outlandish.         Glastonbury, whose sumptuous pie-and-mash meals bring visitors
                                                                            from far and wide – returns in the coming months, along with Café
Meanwhile, City Beach, on Lamb St, can tend to your tan – or lack of it     Mediterraneo (known for its delicious mezze dishes and fresh, juices
– if you want to look (convincingly) like you’ve been rocking out in the    and smoothies) and the International Food Village (where you can
sun, or indeed, give you a boosting facial or relaxing massage.             find everything from crepes to falafels and Chinese noodles), the menu
                                                                            is complete.
Then there’s the food. Some festival-goers talk for weeks afterwards
about being able to find just what they fancied at any given moment, and    Unlike the major festivals, Old Spitalfields Market has excellent transport
choose from a host of wonderful menus all in one place.                     links - none of the ten-hour traffic jams to get in and out; you don’t have
                                                                            to queue for hours to use the ATM (or the toilets for that matter); and
In Old Spitalfields Market, the choices reflect the community’s multi-      best of all, it’s completely under cover, so, if you leave the house without
cultural influences, with a hearty mix of old-fashioned comfort foods and   your designer wellies, you’ll be alright; there’s no risk whatsoever of a
modern, international flavours – so you can pick up just about any snack    mud bath - just a cosy, dry, uplifting experience.
or meal you can think of before heading to see the next attraction.
                                                                            And it’s not that Spitalfields doesn’t have bona fide festivals of its own! In
Sweet Basil, a family-run restaurant, on the Brushfield St. side of         fact, it’s got a few of them…
the market, specialises in excellent pizzas and salads, including a
range of vegetarian options. For something a little spicier, pop into       The Spitalfields area boasts its own award-winning music festival,
Meson Los Bariles, on Lamb St. for delicious tapas and a glass of           the Spitalfields Festival, sponsored by Ballymore. With its famously
wine. Then there’s the Spitalfields Organic Supermarket, your ideal         eclectic, cutting-edge programme, representing the communities which
source for organic food of every kind – even tofu, if you’re truly          define East London, it provides everyone, whatever their tastes, with
committed to festival fare.                                                 the opportunity to discover diverse new sounds, from classical and
                                                                            contemporary musical acts – everything from jazz to samba, violin
If you need a quick, reviving drink, TeaSmith, the market’s contemporary    concertos to traditional Bangladeshi music.
tea house not only has a wonderful selection of brews but they can also
give you a tea masterclass, or tips on Japanese tea ceremony. For coffee-   The festival brings thousands of bringing thousands of music fans to
fiends, Daily Grind has the perfect cup.                                    Spitalfields throughout June – but this event goes above and beyond
                                                                                                                       “It’s a bit like a
                                                                                                                       big village fete,
                                                                                                                       where everyone
                                                                                                                       knows each other”
13.                                                                            14.

the traditional summer season, having a second annual festival later in        programme, where seasonal celebrations are turned on their head, and
the year. Last Winter’s festival saw the first ever free big-screen concert    presented with a sprinkle of quirkiness – and a large helping of panache.
relayed from Shoreditch Church onto a screen in the market. Tickets for
a range of concerts are always available at £5 or under, and one third of      And of course there’s a reason why it’s always been the home of
the events are completely free – so no-one gets left out.                      Alternative Fashion Week, too. There’s colour, energy and creativity
                                                                               everywhere you turn, making each and every visit entertaining. Festival-
But, in the meantime, there’s plenty of musical inspiration to be found        style light-heartedness and flamboyance seem to be part of everyday life.
in the market; on the stalls you’ll find every kind of music memorabilia,
t-shirts, prints and posters as well as enormous range of vintage records      Gary Ash, of Queens, a highly original boutique treasure trove in the
and CDs – a wealth of treasures for fans, collectors and concert-goers to      market, which celebrates all things glittery and sparkling – decorations,
delve into.                                                                    toys, accessories, ornaments – feels that the mission of the shop was to
                                                                               spread around a bit of glamour and decorativeness to a “grey city”.
The festival experience isn’t just about being entertained, however – it’s a   “We wanted to bring a bit of colour”, he says. “The world needs a bit of
state of mind. It provides that essential summer relaxation and escapism,      colour – it makes people smile.”
the chance to let your hair down and forget the drudgery of work; there’s
the sense of adventure and freedom that comes with experiencing new            Indeed, colour – both literally and in colourful personalities – is what
and unusual things; but most of all, it’s about coming together in one         Spitalfields is all about. The life, the vibrancy, the individuality and the
place with interesting people from all sorts of different cultures whose       variety of Spitalfields are what keep people coming, and coming back
motive is simply to enjoy the best things in life.                             – 25,000 of them every week! With the new life injected by Ballymore’s
                                                                               redevelopment, that’s sure to continue for years to come.
It’s all a bit whimsical and frivolous, an opportunity to do things you
wouldn’t ordinarily do, whether that means bopping along to New World
music, eating strange combinations of exotic foods, or donning braids, a
headscarf and huge retro shades – anything goes.

A fun-loving, open-minded attitude and a vibrant, ‘alternative’ approach
are right at the core of this lively community, which centres around the
market. Spitalfields is, of course, famous for its ‘Alternative Christmas’
As the market prepares for its Spring relaunch after ambitious
redevelopment work, we guide you through the community
of retailers who are and will continue to be essential to the
vibrancy, excitement and success of Spitalfields.
(And we’ve even provided a useful accompanying map!)

                                                                                                             Food & Drink
                                                                                                             Arts & Crafts
                                                                                                             Interiors & Lifestyle
                                                                                                             Local Services
                                                                                                             Gifts & Accessories
                                                                                                             Health & Beauty
                                     Commercial St.

                                                      15__   17__ 18__
                11__ 12__                             16__       19__    20__   21__

                10__                                                            22__

                9__                                                             23__

                6__                                                             26__
     Lamb St.





                2__                                                                    28__


                                   Crispin Place                                       30__
1__ TeaSmith                                11__ Smudge Gallery                       21__ Solo Eclipse
Exceptional Teas.                           Prints, posters, local artwork            Italian leather goods
6 Lamb Street                               117 Commercial Street                     75/77 Brushfield Street
(020) 7247 1333                             (020) 7247 9004                           (020) 7539 9377                
                                                                                      [22. Vacant]
2__ Spitalfields Dry Cleaners               12__ Sniff                                Contact (020) 7422 6350
Dry-cleaning & alterations.                 Independent footwear boutique
7 Lamb Street                               115 Commercial Street                     23__ Daily Grind
(020) 7426 0076                             (020) 7375 1580.                          Family-run Italian café
                                                                                                                           Market information
                                                             71 Brushfield Street
3__ Meson Los Barriles                                                                (020) 7247 2418
                                                                                                                           Mon/Tue__All shops & no stalls
Traditional Spanish tapas                   13__ One Deko                                                                  Wed__All shops & no stalls
8/9 Lamb Street                             Designer interiors, home accessories      24__ 4 You Flowers                   Thu__Antiques & vintage
(020) 7375 3136                             111a – 113 Commercial Street              Florist, flower design               Fri__Fashion & art
                                            (020) 7375 3289                           69 Brushfield Street                 Sat__All shops & no stalls
                                                                                                                           Sun__Busiest day - all shops & all stalls
4__ City Beach                                             (020) 7247 6878
Tanning and beauty salon                                                                                                   Opening Times
10 Lamb Street                              14__ Queens                               25__ Elemental
(020) 7247 7878                             Kitsch fairyland designs                  Hand-crafted & antique furniture     Market Stalls__
                                            111b Commercial Street                    67 Brushfield Street                 Thursday & Friday 10am - 4pm
                                                                                                                           Sundays 9am - 5pm
5__ Caravan                                 (020) 7426 0017                           (020) 7247 7588
Eclectic interiors, fashion & curiosities                                   
                                                                                                                           Restaurants (times may vary)__
11 Lamb Street                              15__ Little Book of Furniture                                                  Monday --Friday 11am - 11pm
(020) 7247 6467                             Eco-friendly urban chic                   26__ Sweet Basil                     Sundays 9am - 5pm                        107A Commercial Street                    Family-run Italian restaurant &
                                            (020) 7247 4445                           pizzeria                             Shops (times may vary)__
                                                                                                                           Monday to Sunday 11am-7pm
6__ In Spitalfields                            65a Brushfield Street
Furniture, gifts & stylish accessories.                                               (020) 7375 3484            
13 Lamb Street                              16__ Café Mediterraneo          
(020) 7247 2477                             Delicious barbeque & mezze dishes                    14 Horner Square                          27__ Mundo
                                                                                                                           Thursdays__Antiques & Vintage
                                                                                      Gifts, pictures & greeting cards
                                                                                                                           The antiques and vintage market on
7__ Pimps and Pinups                        17__ Jala Newsagent                       59 Brushfield Street
                                                                                                                           Thursdays is a real collectors’ treasure
Boutique hair salon                         Papers, magazines, snacks, off-license    (020) 7392 2000                      trove. Bowler hats, William Morris prints,
14 Lamb Street                              105b Commercial Street                                                         antique chests, one-off grandfather clocks
(020) 7426 2121                                                                       28__ Wood ‘n’ Things                 and jewel-encrusted boots are amongst                      18__ Carrington                           Toys & Fancy dress                   some of the delights to be found.

                                            Award-winning estate agent                57 Brushfield Street
                                                                                                                           Fridays__Fashion & Art
8__ Fairy Gothmother                        105a Commercial Street                    (020) 7247 6275                      The fashion and art market on a Friday
Corsetry & evening wear                     0800 376 2223                                  is the younger sister market to Sunday’s
15 Lamb Street                                                                               huge market. This is a great day to skip the
(020) 7377 0370                                                                       29__Bohemia                          crowds and bag yourself a great bag, wallet,
                                                                                                                           brooch, skirt or original artist print. The                     19__ Square Pie                           Antique/vintage furniture, lights,
                                                                                                                           stallholders vary from designer makers to
                                            Better pies, cooked by pie-loving chefs   accessories
9__ Behave                                  16 Horner Square                          55 Brushfield Street
Designer denim and beyond                   (020) 7377 1114                           (020) 7375 3283                      Sundays__World famous market
17 Lamb Street                                                  Sunday in Old Spitalfields Market is when
                                                                                                                           this whole area surges into life. Stalls are
                                                                                                                           piled up with fabric, designers lay out their
10__ Komodo                                 20__ Spitalfields Organic                 30__ Urban Haircutters
                                                                                                                           still-drying prints, T-shirts by fashion
Tibetan fashion                             Organic supermarket                       Hair and fashion boudoir             graduates are snapped up. Organic food,
18 Lamb Street                              100 Commercial St                         53 Brushfield Street                 leather bags – fashion, food, furniture and
(020) 7650 8782                             (020) 7377 8909                           (020) 7377 1279                      much more spill over hundreds of stalls.

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