Document Sample
                 1 OCTOBER 2000 – 31 MARCH 2002


Babergh District Council: minutes 1973-1985; reports 1973-1989 (EH502)


West Suffolk Advisory Committee on General Commissioners of Income Tax:
minutes, correspondence and miscellaneous papers 1960-1973 (IS500)
West Suffolk Hospital, Bury St Edmunds: operation book 1902-1930 (ID503)
Walnut Tree Hospital, Sudbury: Sudbury Poor Law Institution/Walnut Tree
Hospital: notice of illness volume 1929; notice of death volume 1931; bowel book
c1930; head check book 1932-1938; head scurf book 1934; inmates’ clothing volume
1932; maternity (laying in ward) report books 1933, 1936; male infirmary report book
1934; female infirmary report books 1934, 1938; registers of patients 1950-1964;
patient day registers 1952-1961; admission and discharge book 1953-1955; Road
Traffic Act claims registers 1955-1968; cash book 1964-1975; wages books 1982-
1986 (ID502)

see also SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS,                     PHOTOGRAPHS          AND

Rickinghall VCP School: admission register 1924-1994 (ADB540)
Risby CEVCP School: reports of head teacher to school managers/governors 1974-
1992 (ADB524)
Sudbury Grammar School: magazines 1926-1974 (HD2531)
Whatfield VCP School: managers’ minutes 1903-1973 (ADB702)


Great Barton: minutes 1956-1994 (EG527)
Hopton-cum-Knettishall: minutes 1920-1991; accounts 1930-1975; burial fees
accounts 1934-1978 (EG715)
Ixworth and Ixworth Thorpe: minutes 1953-1994; accounts 1975-1985; register of
public graves 1957-2000; correspondence, plans and related papers concerning
Ixworth by-pass 1971-1985 (EG502)
Kedington: lease of piece of land 2000 (EG546)
Lawshall: minutes 1976-1991; accounts 1979-1987; correspondence and
miscellaneous papers 1989-c1993 (EG573)
Rede: minutes 1894-2000 (EG716)
Stoke-by-Nayland: minutes and agenda papers 1987-1994; precept counterfoil book
1913-1922; general correspondence 1939-1940; files and papers relating to
commons registration, footpaths, planning and financial and miscellaneous papers
1934-1996 (EG584)
Thurston: minutes 1997-2000; accounts 1990-1995; miscellaneous correspondence
and papers c1976-2000 (EG518)


Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich: files created by the Diocesan Registrar
20th cent (FE500)


Barnham: PCC minutes 1988-1999 (FL524)
Brockley: registers of baptisms 1909-2000, marriages 1837-1998 and burials 1813-
2000; loose page of burials 1809-1812 (FL539)
Bury St Edmunds, All Saints: registers of banns 1955-1968 and services 1979-
1996; PCC general/committee minutes 1960-1998; Men’s Group minutes 1969-1979;
accounts 1972-1983; inventory 1963-1997 (FL542)
Chevington: register of marriages 1837-1987 (FL550)
Culford: registers of baptisms 1887-2001, marriages 1996-1999 and burials 1813-
1992 (FL557)
Denston: register of marriages 1987-1999 (FL560)
Drinkstone: registers of services 1955-1976 and confirmations 1942-1984 (FL562)
Fornham All Saints: register of marriages 1998-2001; vestry minutes1889-1919;
vestry   accounts     1886-1928;     PCC    minutes   1968-1991;    miscellaneous
correspondence 1982-1991; schedule for repairs 1987 (FL572)
Fornham St Martin: miscellaneous papers 1981-1991 (FL510)
Freckenham: registers of marriages 1966-2000 (FL515)
Hopton: register of banns 1824-1996 (FL588)
Horringer: register of burials 1879-2001 (FL589)
Lackford: register of baptisms 1813-1998 (FL598)
Rattlesden: parish magazines for Rattlesden and other parishes 1892-1922 (FL500)
Risby: Mothers’ Union with some Sunday School records: accounts, attendance
records, correspondence, miscellaneous papers and printed material c1948-1998
Santon Downham: registers of baptisms 1813-2000, burials 1814-2001 and
services 1962-1988 (FL621)
Stoke by Nayland: tithe papers 1915-1922; Clothing Club accounts 1900-1910; Coal
Club accounts 1900-1910; printed and manuscript music 1843, 1868, nd (FB80)
West Stow: register of baptisms 1813-2000 (FL648)
Whepstead: registers of baptisms 1900-2000 and burials 1876-2000; PCC minutes
1977-1986 (FL651)
Wissington: register of services 1921-1984 (FB65)
Woolpit: registers of baptisms 1904-2000, marriages 1986-1993, banns 1935-2000
and services 1898-1985; PCC minutes 1972-1989; visitors’ books 1963-1977


Bury St Edmunds Preparative Meeting of the Society of Friends: plan of Friends’
Meeting House and burial ground 1878 (FK6500)
Bury St Edmunds Fennell Memorial Homes, Society of Friends: minutes 1969-
1986 (FK6502)
Bury St Edmunds United Reformed Church: register of marriages 1990-1996
Clare United Reformed Church: cradle roll records 1902-1960 (FK3509)
Hartest Congregational Church: notes on history (1863-1980) with photographs
and photocopies of documents 2001 (HD2509)
Haverhill Methodist Circuit: Withersfield church: church council minutes 1983-
1997; trustees’ treasurer’s accounts 1959-2001; collection journal 1986-1996;
envelope collection register 1978-1996 (FK1508)
Mildenhall Baptist Church: minutes 1899-1932 (FK2503)
Wattisfield Congregational Church: photocopy of typescript notes and
correspondence relating to the church (1949, undated) (P935)


Guildhall Feoffment Trust, Bury St Edmunds: trustees’ report and financial
statements 1999-2000 (GB500)
Bury St Edmunds MENCAP Society: financial records 1993-1998 (GB568)
Chevington Village Hall: minutes 1984-1993 (GB510)
Newmarket Forces Fund: minutes 1944-1946; volumes recording grants to ex-
servicemen 1946-1962 (GB569)
Pakenham Village Hall and Playing Field Association: minutes, accounts and
papers 1919-c1995 (GB570)
River Stour Trust: albums of photographs showing the construction and opening of
Cornard Lock 1997 (GB562)
Suffolk Regiment: miscellaneous records and papers 19th-21st cent (GB554)


National Union of Public Employees, Western Area: shop stewards’ education
joint works committee minutes 1980-1986 (GG504)
West Suffolk Parish Councils Association: minutes 1947-1974 (GC575)
Acton Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record 1998-2000
Great Ashfield and Badwell Ash Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge
landscape record 1999-2000 (GH533)
Great Barton Women’s Institute: scrapbooks 1981-1999; file relating to history
(1933-1993); miscellaneous photographs and papers (GH532)
Boxford Society: ‘Boxford (Suffolk) 2000: Photographic Record of all Village
Houses’ 2000 (GC573)
Brandon Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record 1998-2000
Bures Women’s Institute: record books 1937-1947; committee minutes 1940-1947;
preservation depot minutes 1940-1944; waste paper sub-committee minutes 1942-
1946; fruit preservation accounts 1940-1943; Fruit Preservation Centre record book
and related papers 1941-1944; annual reports 1921-1974; correspondence and
miscellaneous papers 1939-1951; photograph of modern manuscript map nd; time-
line (1921-2001) 2001 (GH514)
Bury St Edmunds Concert Club: minutes 1993-1996 (GC566)
Friends of Compiegne, Bury St Edmunds: minutes and annual accounts 1968-
1980; membership and visit lists 1967-1985; subscription and other lists 1974-1985;
correspondence c1978-1980; photographs and newspaper cuttings 1974-1991, nd;
papers relating to the compilation of Twenty Five Years: Bury St
Edmunds/Compiegne 1967-1992 [1992] (GC559)
United Grand Lodge of England: Abbey Lodge 1592, Bury St Edmunds: lodge
minutes 1876-1999 with index 1876-1925; permanent committee minutes 1962-1966;
lodge agendas 1921-1948; permanent committee agendas 1965-2001; accounts
1944-1969; declaration book 1949-1988; signature book 1978-1990; files of
correspondence and papers 1965-2001; photocopy of Freemasonry in Bury St
Edmunds by J R Burdon (nd [1961 or later]); miscellaneous manuscript and printed
material 1947-1995 (GC577)
Old Burians Association: photocopies of photographs and menus (1895)-1966,
undated; order of service for unveiling memorial 1905 (GC527)
Clare and District Model Aeroplane Club: correspondence, lists of members,
photographs, printed material, reunion and miscellaneous papers 1935-1996
Glemsford Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record 2000
Hundon Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record 1999-2000
Ixworth and District Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record
1999-2001 (GH534)
Lavenham Women’s Institute: minutes 1985-1998; record books 1987-1999;
scrapbooks c1970-2000; Millennium Challenge landscape record 2000; time-line
(1919-2001), 2001; printed material relating to Women’s Institutes in Rhodesia 1959-
1976 (GH511)
Layham Gardening Club: minutes, accounts, show schedules, brief history and
miscellaneous papers 1978-2001 (GC572)
Leavenheath Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record 1999-
2000 (GH531)
Pakenham Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record 2000; ‘Lives
and Homes of Pakenham W I Members’ 1999-2000 (GH522)
Santon Downham Women’s Institute: record books 1959-1982; committee minutes
1960-1979; volume and papers relating to speakers and other arrangements for
meetings 1980-1985; miscellaneous papers 1969-1985, nd (GH503)
Semer Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record 1998-2000
Stanningfield and District Agricultural Club: minutes 1944-1948 (GC576)
Stanton and Hepworth Scout Group: Cub Scout Section: minutes,
correspondence, papers relating to activities, events and miscellaneous matters;
Scout Group newsletters and miscellaneous papers c1969-1981 (GC574)
Sudbury High School for Girls, Old Students’ Association: Association accounts
1984-1999; school magazines 1960-1965; book awarded as prize 1907;
miscellaneous correspondence, photographs, cuttings and papers (1929)-1998


Robert Thomas Churchyard: arithmetic exercise book nd [1840s] (HD2346)
William Corder of Polstead, yeoman: microfilm of brief for prosecution in trial for
murder of Maria Marten (1828) (J800)
Crickmore family, Bildeston, grocers and postmasters: miscellaneous
manuscript and printed papers including Great Eastern Railway bills of lading,
financial papers and official notices c1871-c1886 (HD2536)
Laurence S Harley: photographs (c1890)-1965 and slides c1959-1980 of
ecclesiastical and other buildings, architectural features, gravestones, views of
villages and countryside, people and their trades, witchcraft, mediaeval pottery and
miscellaneous subjects in Stoke by Nayland, elsewhere in Suffolk and in
neighbouring and other counties; correspondence concerning contributions to East
Anglian Magazine, draft articles, photographs and papers 1947-1972;
correspondence, notes and cuttings relating to the Mannock Vault, Stoke by Nayland
1965; miscellaneous papers 1950-1996 (HA533)
Henley family, Bury St Edmunds: mainly photocopies of correspondence,
newspaper cuttings, photographs and miscellaneous material, with prints of
illustrations, compiled and annotated by Doris Evelyn Hill nee Henley (1899)-1996
Eliza Scott Merritt (nee Scott): photocopy of first ten pages of life story recounting
childhood in Great Barton where her father was ‘general manager’ of the Bunbury
estates (mid 19th cent), late 19th cent, with photocopy of covering letter (1981) to Sir
William Bunbury from her grandson (P938)
Edward O’Neill, Bury St Edmunds: title deeds, photographs, newspaper cuttings
and related papers concerning Edward O’Neill as owner of 24 West Road, Bury St
Edmunds, vice-president of Bury St Edmunds Co-operative Society, chairman of the
House Committee of Bury Infirmary and member of the Royal Antediluvian Order of
Buffaloes 1879-1933, nd (HD2515)
Ambrose Payne, Clare: probate copy of will 1770 (HD2510)
Alfred Walter Pollard, Stoke by Nayland: photograph and memorial card relating to
service in the Bedfordshire Regiment c1914-1918 (HD 2508)
Olga Ironside Wood: ‘Olga Ironside Wood 1912-2001: a personal memory’ by
Christopher Spicer 2001 (HD2545); order of service for thanksgiving and memorial
service 2001 (HD 2553)
Various: photocopies of letters from Anne Whitmore, Polstead (1832) and Ellen M
Alexander (1840) with notes 2001 (P936)


Manor of Depden: microfilm of court roll (1627-1657) (J763)
Ickworth Estate: proposed basement plan, part of East Wing refurbishment 1991


Arnold and Gould, Glemsford, horsehair manufacturers: letter books 1908-1909;
South American correspondence 1929-1945; Continental correspondence 1937-
1953; miscellaneous correspondence 1927-1953; general correspondence 1941-
1942, 1951-1952; purchase books 1966-1974; sales book 1961-1980; file relating to
property in Glemsford and Long Melford c1931-c1951; photographs c1950s-1990s;
miscellaneous papers 1964-1977 nd (HC508)
E G Josling, Bury St Edmunds, chartered surveyor and auctioneer: volume
containing daily telephone messages 1957-1958; business card undated (HE505)
Whitbread PLC: deeds: White Horse Inn, Badwell Ash 1740-1876, house in Cook
Row/Abbeygate Street, Bury St Edmunds 1781-1812, cottage, Icewell Hill,
Newmarket 1813-1865, land in Wattisfield (1726)-1885; ‘A Night in Lavenham’ by H
Douglas Thomson (reprinted from ‘The House of Whitbread’, magazine 1947) (HC


Aldham: Yew Tree Farm (also Fir Tree Farm) 1707-1917 (HD2501)
Beyton: Wild House, 1 Fallowfield (1950)-1995 (HB515)
Bury St Edmunds: Flat 3C, Avenue Approach (1891)-1997 (HB520); 17 Fornham
Road (1878)-1988 (HB520); 38 King’s Road 1967-1992 (HB520); 31 Prince of Wales
Close (1900)-1997 (HB520); 10 St Martin’s Street 1957-1997 (HB520); former House
of Correction near Southgate Green 1877 (HD2506); 28 Springfield Road 1881-1998
(HB520); 16 Steward Road (1971)-1998 (HB520);
Clare: 2 messuages, Callis Street 1789 (HD2517); messuage, Nethergate Street
(1522) (HD2551)
Little Cornard: moiety of advowson (1704)-1920 (HD2554)
Cowlinge: various properties 1728/29-1876 (HD2394)
Culford: Sandy Barracks (1935-2001) 2001 (P937)
Elmswell: 12 Bennett Avenue 1979-1998 (HB520); 34 Eastern Way (1972)-1998
(HB520); Watch Bell House, School Road 1950-1998 (HB520); Meadow View,
Wetherden Road 1962-1992 (HB520)
Fornham All Saints: 1 West End Cottages, Tut Hill (1936)-1997 (HB520)
Fornham St Genevieve: 3 South Lodge Drive, Fornham Park 1961-1993 (HB515)
Fornham St Martin: 18 Kytson Road 1976-1998 (HB520)
Glemsford: 6 acres, Tye Field 1870-1883 (HD2537)
Hadleigh: Pond Hall (1837) (HD2548)
Hepworth: 17 Church Close (1968)-1993 (HB520)
Ixworth: 3 Chalk Terrace 1932-(1994) (HB515)
Kedington: messuage and 8 acres near Parish End 1715 (HD2541)
Lakenheath: Dove House (previously Duff House/Dove Cottage, The Hall), Hall
Drive 1960-1988 (HB515)
Lavenham: property in the Market Place c1878-1913, Ropers & Sons 1925-1928
and elsewhere 1677-1882 (HD2532)
Long Melford: Police Station 1848-1972 (HD2532)
Mildenhall: premises and garages, North Terrace 1907-1987 (HB515); 6 St Helena
Walk 1973-1994 (HB520)
Monks Eleigh: Alexanders (1785)-1924 (HD2547)
Stanton: Chapel Farm 1746-1923 (HB501)
Great Whelnetham: land 1913-1970 (HB515)
Woolpit: Aysgarth, Broomhill Lane (1960)-1993 (HB520)
Various parishes: property in Shimpling and Thurston (1383/84) and grant of goods
of Thomas de la Mare of Bury St Edmunds (1391) (HD2505)
Various parishes: c1650-1821 (HD2521)
Various parishes: 19th-21st cent (HB520)


Elmswell: plans of GER station master’s house 1913-1914 (HD2502)
Manor of Monks Lytons alias Kentwell, Long Melford parish : photocopy of map
of the lands of Sir William Clopton and schedule (1613) (P934)
Ousden: photograph of map of Ousden Hall Estate (1724) (K1106)


Stanley John Noble: photograph of as administrative officer and chief clerk in the
Clerk’s Department of West Suffolk County Council 1960s (K1107)
Ampton: photographs mainly taken by Walton R Burrell of convalescent servicemen,
nurses and visitors at Ampton Hall while used as a Red Cross hospital during the
First World War 1916-1918 and nd (K1116)
Barningham: postcard views of buildings and people early 20th cent (K1105)
Bury St Edmunds: aerial view from St John’s church looking towards railway station
1871 (K1104)
Bury St Edmunds: photograph of Norman Tower c1880 (K1109)
Bury St Edmunds: photograph of Home Guard early-mid 1940s (K1113)
Bury St Edmunds and area: (also elsewhere in the country and abroad) album of
photographs taken by Walton R Burrell of family groups, individuals, pets, houses,
gardens, flowers and views c1850-1919 (K1103)
Culford: photograph of the interior of Culford Hall nd (K1111)
Fornham All Saints: photograph of Fornham All Saints Women’s Institute in the
garden of Fornham Priory nd (K1107)
Lavenham: glass negatives: Chimney House, Church Street and funeral procession,
Market Place nd (K993)
Lavenham and other parishes: slides of church interiors and exteriors, other
buildings and views 1976-1993 (K1110)
Stoke by Clare: photographs of people, events, buildings, views and surrounding
countryside (c1856)-2000 (HD2512)
Stoke by Nayland: copies of photographs: Church Street including Post Office and
Tudor Cottage (c1915), Essex and Suffolk Foxhounds (1923), Church Street nd
RAF Stradishall: photographs           including the Memorial, memorial book,
commemorative plaque and memorabilia with notes 2001 (K1111)
Sudbury Girls’ Secondary School: photographs of school groups and hockey team
1928-c1930 (K1114)
Various parishes: glass negatives of church interiors and exteriors and other
buildings nd (HD2522)
Various parishes: slides of ecclesiastical and other buildings and views 1958-1981
Mainly south west Suffolk: (also some Cambridgeshire and Essex) aerial
photographs c1967-1987 and nd (K1115)
West Suffolk: Alan Wright collection of photographs of church interiors and exteriors
1988-1999 (K1108)
Suffolk: slides of ecclesiastical and other buildings, village signs and views 1970-
1990 (K1102)


Aldham Local History Recorder: material relating to individual houses, subjects
and families, photographic prints and negatives, maps and plans, exhibition material,
cassette and miscellaneous papers compiled late 20th cent (HD2544)
Beyton: sale catalogue 1937 (HD2530)
Boxford Local History Recorder: scrapbook containing newspaper cuttings,
photographs and miscellaneous printed material 1996-2000 (HD2552)
Bradfield St Clare: ‘The Parsons of Bradfield St Clare with their Patrons or
Presenters’ (1313-1997) by T.Smith 2000 (HD2500)
Bury St Edmunds: brochure issued on official opening of Thingoe House, Northgate
Street as offices and council chamber for Thingoe RDC 1968 (HD2529)
Bury St Edmunds: sale particulars for 49-52 Westgate Road 1874 (HD2519)
Bury St Edmunds: survey of the Maltings, Westgate Street before redevelopment
2001 (HD2525)
Bury St Edmunds: Moyse’s Hall: visitors’ books, diaries, scrapbooks, albums,
newspaper cuttings and miscellaneous papers 20th cent (HD2504)
Bury St Edmunds: file of photographs, notes, copy maps and newspaper cuttings
relating to buildings, streets, rivers, etc (1427)-1997, compiled c1977-1997 (HD2518)
Bury St Edmunds and Thorpe Morieux: photographs and related papers
concerning New Park Farm and Birds Farm, CLA Farm Building Award Scheme
winners 1968-1969 (HD2524)
Freckenham: sale particulars for the Manor House 2001 (HD1180)
Haverhill Urban District Council: tenants’ handbook c1957 (HD2526)
Hawstead: copy of survey of village green (1985) (HD2533)
Market Weston: photocopy of typescript ‘Antiquities of Market Weston’ by H B
Newham (1949) (P935)
Monks Eleigh: typescripts compiled by H J Campling: ‘Stand By Your Beds’ [Second
World War service memories] 1992; ‘TIME: Talent in Monks Eleigh AD 2000’ 2001
Newmarket and Stansfield: files relating to sale of former railway station areas
1949-1981 (HD2355)
Ousden: ‘A Study of the Parish of Ousden’ by Diana Haslam, school project 1961
Risby Local History Recorder: printed and manuscript material relating to church,
schools, village people and events 1999-2001 (HD2154)
Stanningfield and Bradfield Combust Millennium Project: ‘One Day Diary’ written
by residents 2000 (HD2549)
Stoke by Clare: materials for a history completed in 1985, with later related material
(1090-1997) nd (HD2512)
Stoke by Nayland: material collected or compiled by Nicholas B Bagenal relating to
history including details of memorial inscriptions and papers relating to the Parochial
Library [14th cent]-1978 (HD2539)
Stoke by Nayland: report on conservation of the Lady Waldegrave monument
(dated 1600) in the church 2001 (HD2538)
Stoke by Nayland: material relating to links with the suburb of Stoke in the town of
Nelson in South Island, New Zealand 1859-1981 nd (HD2513)
Sudbury: decree relating to mills 1664 (HD2535)
Sudbury: photocopy of plan of East House Estate from sale particulars (1906)
Sudbury: papers relating to unsuccessful campaign to save North Street School
1996 (HD2540)
Sudbury: files relating to survey of industrial and commercial buildings 1999
Troston: sale catalogues for Troston Hall Estate, papers relating to Troston Poor’s
Estate and miscellaneous papers 1811-1924, nd (HD2514)
Walsham le Willows: Walsham Observer 1999-2000 (HD1320)
Whepstead: sale particulars for The Ark House, Chedburgh Road 2001 (HD2534)
Withersfield: ‘Withersfield Houses: a history of each house compiled from available
documents up to the year 2000’; typescript indices of parish council minutes (1931-
1992) (HD2520)
Various parishes: sale particulars (also London and shorthorn cattle) 1860-1973
Various parishes: plans and papers relating to architectural work 1965-1975
Various parishes: parish magazines and miscellaneous printed material 1975-2001
Various constituencies: candidates’ election addresses 1997-1999 (HD1311)
South Suffolk: midwives’ accounts 1833-1883 (HD2511)
West Suffolk: transcriptions/indices/notes mainly relating to monumental inscriptions
and register bills (16th-20th cent) made by E R Burdon c1927-1955 (HD2527)
Suffolk: card index giving details of mills, often with illustrations, compiled 1961-
1964 (HD2522)
Norwich Diocese: microfilm of bishops’ registers held at Norfolk Record Office
(1416-1445) (J752)
Miscellaneous: newspaper cuttings and printed ephemera relating to the First World
War and miscellaneous matters 1911-1919, nd (HD2542)
Second World War: photocopies from diary/scrapbook relating to RAF service
(1943-1945) with introduction and annotations 2000 (P933)


Blything Petty Sessions: Blything Magistrates Court register 1969-1974
(Framlingham, Halesworth and Saxmundham courts) (BB2)
Bosmere and Claydon Poor Law Union: weekly returns (Form A) 1883-1885; night
reports (Female infirm wards) 1916-1917 (ADA2)
Hartismere Petty Sessions: magistrates court registers 1969-1976 (BB6)
Hartismere Poor Law Union: parochial ledger 1905-1913 (ADA3)
Eye Borough: registers of purchased graves 1855-1935, graves 1863-89, fees
1911-1984 and burial grants 1923-64; contract book 1854-1888; financial records
1748-1946; water rent book, 1964; Urban Sanitary Authority collecting book 1893-9;
District Rate books 1919-1921; notes on the history of Eye; printed maps of the
Borough of Eye 19th cent; Eye church papers 1892-1942; Town Hall Plans and
improvements1970-77; coal list 1887-89; apprenticeship posters; Town Farm Old
Newton papers; charity records 1837-1932; notebook on chemistry; papers and
correspondence re WW1 (EE2)
Eye Town Council: minutes 1974-92 and financial reports 1974-88 (EH403)
Framlingham Petty Sessions: Framlingham Magistrates Court Register 1964-1974
including Blything Petty Sessions (Aldeburgh, Halesworth and Saxmundham Courts
1964-1968) (BB5)
Ipswich Coroner: files 1995-2000; general files 1982-95; diaries 1984-94 (EC4)
Ipswich Dock Commission: Ipswich Dock Commission v Great Eastern Railway
Co: statements, opinions, papers 1870-1871; Ipswich Stevedores Ltd:
correspondence, minutes, articles of association, register of members 1966-1971;
Ipswich Dock Bill: minutes of evidence, correspondence etc 1970; debentures
transfers 1956-1962, statistics 1920-1921; Ipswich Dock Enquiry report 1922 (EL1)
Ipswich Corporation Waterworks: letters addressed to CWS Oldham, engineer and
manager of Ipswich Corporation Waterworks, c1900-1912 (HD2015)
Mid Suffolk District Council: minutes 1993-95; Housing Surveys 1984 (EH402)
Orford Town Trust: volume containing translation of sections of several charters,
papers re fisheries dispute, notes re collapse of Orford Church tower and other
papers; inventories and valuations 1932-75 (EE5)
Suffolk Coastal District Council: Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority: Port Health
Officers' day-books 1985-1995; records re inspections and food samples 1972-1987;
Felixstowe Dock Water Samples Book 1972-1987; plans and maps of Sizewell and
photograph of car park (EH401)


Environment Agency (Anglia Region): minutes of Anglia Water committees for
personnel 1974-83, water 1974-83, fish advisory 1974-89, Broads 1974-83,
recreation 1974-89 (IT400)
Ipswich Group Hospitals: Felixstowe General Hospital: visitors' book 1949-1972;
correspondence 1926-1936; theatre operations books 1945-1977; Herman de Stern:
visitors' book 1949-1972; The Bartlett Convalescent Home: visitors' book 1949-
1972; Suffolk Convalescent Home: minutes 1889-1949; financial records 1919-
1932; inventory and valuation 1927; rules 1946; report 1948; postcards and leaflets;
Felixstowe Cottage Hospital or Croydon Cottage Hospital: newscuttings,
agendas 1909-1947; registers of in-patients 1926-1986 and minor operations 1952-
1955; various minutes 1910-1954; committee attendance book 1949-1972; financial
records 1909-1985; mortuary register 1950-1987; papers re buildings 1964-1984;
leaflet 1927; reports 1910-1947; Chantry Convalescent Home: committee
attendances 1949-1970; St Mary's Hospital Tattingstone: leaflets and certificate
1980s; dental treatment records 1953-1963; staff information 1977-1988; minutes
1956-1970; Stowmarket Resource Centre for the elderly: plans 1990; microfilms
of St Catherine’s House birth index 1900-1930 (ID406)


Butley Secondary Modern School: programme for the official opening 1960;
photographs taken on the school’s last day 1988 (HD2068)
Haughley School: register of attendance and payments 1869-1870 (HD2030)
Ipswich Sprites Lane Infants School: agreement relating to the appointment of
Miss J A McTurk as headmistress 1959 (HD2066)


Bentley: planning applications register sheets and papers 1983-2000;
correspondence 1995-1998 (EG51)
Clopton: minutes 1894-1988; receipts and payments book 1897-1988 (EG162)
Cotton: deeds relating to Carter's Meadow 1917-2001 (EG77)
Debenham: Land Registry certificate 2000 (EG80)
Great Finborough: Parish Council and annual parish meeting minutes 1974-1997
Harkstead: minute book 1992-1997 (EG101)
Haughley: deeds of a maltings and premises in Haughley 1907 (EG127)
Grundisburgh and Culpho: magazine, programme, invitation and souvenir book for
the Millennium celebrations; Millennium Walks leaflet 2000; guides to Grundisburgh
1987-1998; documents relating to distribution of stock vested in the Guardians of the
Woodbridge Union 1930 (EG32)
Mellis: Mellis Roll of Honour (World War 1&2) (EG86)
Mendlesham: minutes 1976-1987 (EG135)
Orford and Gedgrave Parish Council/New Orford Town Trust: newscutting,
photographs and letter relating to doctor's surgery in Orford 1988-1989 (EG159)
Pinewood Parish Council: minutes 1997-2001 (EG164)
Playford: minutes 1870-1995; correspondence 1982-1987 (EG94)
Rushmere St Andrew: minutes 1998-2001 (EG8)
Tattingstone: minutes 1894-1996; papers relating to the playing field 1942-1979;
financial records 1901-1996; allotment register 1920-1983; Village Hall Foundation
1965-c1992; correspondence re the Tattingstone Memorial Institute nd; Alton Water
papers, including plans and the public enquiry, 1971-c1992; papers re the Glebe
Close development 1970s, St Mary's Hospital closure 1989-1995; applications for
Council Housing 1948; Medical Officers Report, Samford 1956; correspondence
1897–1972; Review of Village Planning Policy 1994; planning applications 1977-
1996 (EG163)


Deanery of Bosmere: Synod minutes 1978-1994 (FH6)


Aldringham-Cum-Thorpe: register of baptisms 1990-1992 (FC122)
Ashbocking: registers of burials 1813-1992 and services 1897-1898 (FB34)
Boulge: register of marriages 1842-1999 (FC29)
Bramford: PCC minutes 1975-1994; 'Pass it on Programme' 1997; sale of parish
room in Ravens Lane; orders of service 1996, 2000; altered apportionment of tithe
rent charge 1914; drawing of choir stalls and panelling 1899 and other papers;
registers of banns 1976-1999 (FB6)
Brandeston: terrier and inventory 1939; register of marriages 1838-2000 (FC105)
Brome: register of marriages 1973-1990 (FB127)
Burgate: registers of marriages 1806-1812 and 1960-1974, banns 1806-1999,
baptisms 1882-2000 and burials 1813-1906 (FB136)
Burgh: papers re the Town Lands Charity, also including Glebe Terrier 1827;
register of marriages 1838-2000; receipts 19th-20th cent (FC34)
Burstall: altered apportionment of tithe rent charge 1929 (FB9)
Buxhall: register of baptisms 1872-1985 (FB218)
Charsfield: registers of baptisms 1877-1998, marriages 1987-2000 and burials
1917-1993 (FC106)
Clopton: registers of baptisms 1896-2000, marriages 1839-1996 and burials 1813-
1986 (FC205)
Dallinghoo: photograph of Dallinghoo Millennium Capsule with details of its contents
2000 (FC115)
Earl Stonham: Earl Stonham and Stonham Parva PCC financial records 1944-1996;
PCC minutes 1936-1969; rate book 1907 (FB23)
Gislingham: registers of banns 1825-1997, marriages 1937-1993 and services
1975-1998 (FB130)
Great Glemham: register of marriages 1980-2001 (FC121)
Grundisburgh: register of marriages 1984-1992; PCC minutes 1920-1995;
Grundisburgh old village school feasibility study 1989; annual accounts and
correspondence 1961-1993; inventory 1964 (FC33)
Harkstead: marriage licence 1810 (FB184)
Harleston: registers of baptisms 1813-2001 and burials 1816-2001 (FB213)
Ipswich St Mary Tower: church paper and parish magazines, church histories,
photographs, miscellaneous papers and pamphlets 1914-1999; miscellaneous
papers 1864-1997 (FB91)
Ipswich St Michael's: registers of banns 1970-1995, marriages 1959-1992,
confirmations 1919-1986 and baptisms 1926-1995 (FB109)
Ipswich St Thomas: registers of baptisms 1927-1972, marriages 1938-1988, banns
1938-1988, confirmations 1942-1991 and services 1902-1988; parish magazines
1928-1964; PCC minutes 1928-1986 and accounts 1933-1946; finance committee
minutes 1928-1937; choir attendance register 1940-1956; church electoral roll 1937
Kettleburgh: register of marriages 1838-2000 (FC109)
Letheringham: register of banns 1863-2000 (FC114)
Mellis: register of services 1975-1994; PCC accounts 1977-1997; church log book
1927-1991; church restoration file 1984-1985; 'Step by Step' Programme file 1991
Oakley: register of marriages 1973-1997 (FB129)
Offton: PCC minutes 1949-1984 (FB16)
Onehouse: register of burials 1813-2001 (FB214)
Orford: correspondence and other papers 1847-c1972 (FC168)
Otley: registers of confirmations1876-1932, baptisms 1863-1961 and burials 1890-
1992; altered Tithe Apportionments 1920-1921; Tithe Redemption Certificate 1921;
church restoration statement of accounts 1880; papers re church clock fund 1886
Palgrave: register of banns 1824-1985 (FB137)
Rendham: registers of burials 1813 and marriages 1837-2000 (FC127)
Redgrave: PCC minutes 1990-1995 (FB132)
Somersham: register of burials 1813-1992; details of legacy to the church from Mrs
Phyllis Talbot Barry 1991 (FB20)
Sproughton: PCC minutes 1933-1963; register of banns 1876-1929 (FB 188)
Stoke Ash: registers of marriages 1837-1994 and baptisms 1893-2001; marriage
licences 1944 (FB154)
Stonham Parva: PCC accounts and cash books 1902-1987; PCC minutes (including
overseers' and school managers' minutes for early years) 1884-1990;
correspondence 1973-1990 (FB18)
Stradbroke: tithe map c1840 (FC83)
Swilland: registers of confirmations (including Ashbocking) 1920-77, baptisms 1813-
1946, burials 1813-1992, banns 1823-1920 and marriages1837-1952 (FB33)
Thorndon: register of marriages 1837-2000 (FB155)
Thornham Magna: registers of marriages 1837-1998 and burials 1813-2000
Thornham Parva: registers of marriages 1837-1999 and banns 1825-1997 (FB164)
Thwaite: registers of services 1854-1999 and marriages, 1838-1999; marriage
licence 1945 (FB153)
Westerfield: Parish Hall commitee minutes 1941-1958; list of the vicars of
Tuddenham St Martin (later the united benefice of Westerfield and Tuddenham St
Martin) (1308-1983) nd (FB48)
Westleton: parish newsletters 1965 (FC63)
Witnesham: PCC minutes 1991-1997; PCC annual reports 1982-2000 (FB52)
Yoxford: PCC minutes 1956-1971; copy conveyance of the parsonage house 1946;
church accounts, 1925 -1984; 'The Twlight of the Dawn' by John Hasted (signed);
postcards and photographs; 'Christian Stewardship’, 'The Challenge comes to us in
Yoxford'; London Gazette 1910-1929; various programmes and funeral orders of
service; Yoxford Visitors’ Guide; Blything Union official accounts of the Parochial
Charities 1838 (FC73)


Dennington Methodist Church: financial records 1970-1999; minutes 1896-1999;
drawing of the church 1962; correspondence c1960-1999; Circuit reports and
Quarterly Review 1923-1925; property check lists 1897-1999 (FK1/1)
Ipswich Alan Road Wesleyan Methodist Church: receipts early 1900s; account
book 1930-38; minutes of Centenary Sub-Committee meetings 1977-1979; bank
book for Wesleyan Methodist Extension Scheme 1904-1907 (FK1/1)
Ipswich Barrack Corner United Reformed (formerly Presbyterian) Church:
Presbyterian Church newsletters 1960-1984; Disjunction Certificate Book 1967-1972;
Service Books and leaflets 1968-1998; correspondence re Moderator’s visit 1969;
Pastoral Visitation, list of members and minutes of meetings 1984,1985; photographs
of the interior of the church; transfer certificates 1983-1985; Tacket Street
Discussions 1972-1974; audio tapes of the Barrack Corner URC choir nd; the
Ipswich Inter-Church Bulletin 1966; minutes of Womens Home Church Association
and Womens Missionary Association; offical handbook of Presbyterian Church of
England 1923-1964 (FK5/2)
Ipswich Christchurch URC/Baptist Church, Tacket Street: files re Gordon
Hawkins containing photographs, obituaries, compositions, orders of service and
concert programmes 1948-2000 (FK3/1)
Ipswich Methodist Circuit: circuit property committee meeting records 1975-1997;
Roll of Honour nd (FK1/1)
Ipswich St Johns United Reformed Church: minutes 1891-1988; members’ rolls
1890-1970; financial records 1899-1977; church choir records 1949-1981; personal
diaries 1933-1939; annual reports 1947-1968; general correspondence 1947-1964;
church magazine 1946-1999; file re Suffolk Congregational Union and the Union of
Congregational and Presbyterian Churches 1953-1968; plans of interior furniture and
photographs 1955; files re trust deeds 1946-1954, centenary celebrations 1953-
1954, freewill offering envelope scheme 1928-1957; year books, newscuttings and
orders of service 1941-1989; sports club records 1940-1970 (FK3/22)
Ipswich Unitarian Meeting House: volume entitled 'A history of the Ipswich
Unitarian Chapel with the sermon preached at the opening thereof by the Rev John
Fairfax 1700', including printed copy of the sermon (1700) and a manuscript history
of the chapel 'for the young' by E A Notcutt (1894); newscuttings about the chapel
and Notcutts 1991-1997; notes by Rev Clifford M Reed about the volume and its
provenance 2002 (FK4/1)
Leiston Preparative Meeting: accounts 1984-1993; lists of Members and Attenders,
plus P M appointments 1994-2001; ephemera 1994-2001; 'Quakers of Leiston'
booklet 1960 (FK6)
Needham Market United Reformed Church: printed list of burial ground and details
of gravestones nd (FK3/17)
Woodbridge Beaumont Baptist Church: accounts 1855-1900; members’
subscriptions 1873-1906; church books c1800-1897; extract from trust deed 1814
 Woodbridge Corps Salvation Army: photographs 1920s-1980s; leaflet giving
details of the corps and members nd; register of 'Dedication, Marriages and
Promations to Glory' 1907-1970; memorial to A G Bert Crane 1918 (FK7)


Ipswich Christ's Hospital Charity: trustees’ minutes 1858-1882 (GA405)
Thorndon Kerrison Community Home (formerly Approved School): minutes of
managers’ meetings 1968-1974;           building department ledger 1947-1968;
miscellaneous papers c1948-1985 (GB13)


Bealings Women’s Institute: record books 1924-1973; committee minutes 1922-
1976 (GH609)
Brackenbury Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record 2000
Brandeston and Kettleburgh Women’s Institute: scrapbooks and photograph
albums 1965-1998; register 1968-1972; record books 1922-1998; committee minutes
1922-1998; attendance register 1972-1976; accounts 1978-1994 (GH468)
Burstall Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record 1999 (GH602)
Capel St Mary Young Farmers Club: programmes, correspondence and club
information 1955-1957 (GC618)
Capel St Mary Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record 1999
Community and Voluntary Forum : Eastern Region: Members’ Bulletins, notes
and leaflets 1999-2001 (HD2064)
Chediston and Linstead Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape
record 1999 (GH471)
Co-operative Societies: indexed share book 1886; dividend payment receipts 1889;
members share book 1888-1894; Show Club book; booklet on opening of new
central stores 1886; evening meeting of Conference of Delegates for the opening of
the new stores 1886 (GF1)
Cratfield and Huntingfield Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape
record 1999 (GH600)
Creeting St Mary Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record 1999
Earl Stonham Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record 1999
East Bergholt Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record 1999
East Suffolk Nalgo: annual meeting minutes 1928-1948 (HD2046)
Eyke and Rendlesham Women’s Institute: record books 1988-1998; committee
minutes 1995-1998; accounts 1992-1999; papers re winding up 1998-1999;
attendance register 1996-1998 (GH4)
Felixstowe and District Association for the Welfare of the Physically
Handicapped: Felixstowe and District Disabled People's Club: AGM, quarterly
meeting and committee minutes, lists of members and photographs 1955-1990s
Felixstowe Flower Club: financial records 1956-2001; members' registers 1956-
2001; programmes 1964-2001; minutes 1961-2001; photographs and cards for
anniversaries; insurance papers 1976-1991; photographs, history and cuttings album
1956-2001; visitors' books 1965-2001 (GC621)
Felixstowe Morning Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record
1999 (GH605)
Holbrook Greenwich Women’s Institute: record book 1985-1995; committee
minutes 1986-1995 (GH610)
Ipswich and District Branch of the Burma Star Association: AGMs 1994-2001;
minutes 1979-2001; Constitution 1995; Branch Formation Certificate 1979; Dekho
Journals 1993-1998; cuttings book 1982-2001 (GC623)
Ipswich and District Trade Union Council Centre for Unemployed People:
consititution 1994; annual reports 1984-1986 and minutes 1984-1996; papers re the
orgainisation of the centre; 'The Magazine', Ipswich Unemployment Centre 1986
Ipswich and District United Nations Association: minutes and accounts 1991-96
Ipswich and Suffolk Indian Association: correspondence, unsigned minutes,
newscuttings, membership lists 1986-2000; Profile of Ipswich and Suffolk Indian
Association by Bali Hans; booklets and papers re celebration of 50 years of Indian
Independence; papers re Ipswich Hindu Samaj 1982-2001 (GC427)
Ipswich Broke Hall Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record
1999 (GH607)
Ipswich Chamber Music Society: minutes 1940-1999; scrapbooks 1951-1999; file
of grant applications 1944-1986 (GC624)
Ipswich Town Football Club Ltd: microfilm of minutes, ledgers, wages books and
cash books (see GC426 for originals) 193619-62 (J480)
Ipswich Girls Friendly Society, Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich:
membership book with a history of the Ipswich Branch 1914-1942 (GF416)
Ipswich Jaffa Running Club: minutes of Committee Meetings 1977-1996 and
AGMs 1987-1998 (GC619)
Ipswich Branch, National Union of Teachers: minutes 1886-1941 (GG411)
Ipswich Society: copies of SCC Public Transport Plan 1992/3 and response re
implications for Ipswich 1992; planning applications submissions (sampled) and
correspondence 1983-2001; files re responses to IBC economic development
strategy 1993, IBC recycling strategy 1993; Local Government Review (Boundary
Commission) 1992/3; papers relating to appeal inquiries for Chantry Vale; Thorington
Hall; 'Mannings' hostelry, Cornhill, 'The Limekiln', Claydon and Ipswich Girls High
School, Westerfield Road Ipswich 1982-1991 (GC442)
Ipswich Branch Workers' Educational Association: programme of classes and
meetings 1958-1960 (GD407)
Kesgrave Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record 1999
Kirton and Falkenham Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record
1999 (GH608)
Laxfield Women’s Institute: minutes 1953-1997; record books of monthly meetings
1953-1997; attendance registers 1954-1982 (GH12)
Friends Of Leiston Abbey: minutes 1954-1964 (GC622)
Melton Women’s Institute: programmes 1950-1998; recipe volumes 1993-1995;
attendance registers 1991-1998; annual reports 1994-1998; financial records 1991-
1998; record books 1991-1998; minutes 1991-1998 (GH28)
Mendlesham Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record 1999
Pettistree Women’s Institute: record books 1923-1998; committee minutes 1925-
1998; financial records 1924-1988; register 1919-1934; correspondence re building
of hut 1928 (GH22)
Playford Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record 2000 (GH613)
Rushmere St Andrew Women’s Institute: committee minutes 1991-1996; reports
1959-1995 (GH486)
Saxmundham Women’s Institute: annual financial statment 2000; account book
1996-2000; record book 1996-2000; committee minutes 1996-99 (GH31)
Shottisham Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record 2000
Society Of Local Council Clerks (Suffolk): Millennium Project 2000 (GC620)
Stowmarket Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record 1999
Stradbroke Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record 1999
Suffolk Agricultural Association: photographs of the Spring Stallion Show and
county show c1907-1948; prize certificates 1889-1907 (GC491)
Suffolk Benevolent Society: deeds, minutes, toast lists 1790-1989 (GC617)
Suffolk County Guides Association: 8th Ipswich Guide Company: log books 1919-
1982, company roll and subscription book 1973-1975, photographs 1918-1935,
members’ roll 1917-1963. Girl Guides Association: printed material 1930s-1960s,
Guiding in Suffolk annual reports, accounts and county directories and newsletters
1922-2000, minutes of District meeting 1980s, Ipswich East Division annual reports,
accounts and photographs 1977-1990; handwritten 'Story of the Guide Movement';
memorabilia of Betty Curtis (nee Mahoney) 1972-1996; various minutes 1949-1994;
Babington and Ellis Shields competitions 1930s-1960s; Suffolk Girl Guides
correspondence and press cuttings 1930s -1940s; Suffolk Standard 1951-1952; tape
recording of Lottie Akester’s speech at AGM 1985; Suffolk East/West awards 1929-
1978; Jubilee Camps 1960, 1970, County Rallies 1950, 1958 (GC483)
Suffolk East Federation of Women's Institutes: various East Suffolk Federation
sub-committee minutes 1954-1990; W I News 1953-1995; executive committee
minutes 1972-1995; attendance books for national meetings 1974-1990; County
Chairmen's conference minutes 1962-1981 (GH400)
Sweffling and District Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record
1999 (GH456)
Trimley Villages Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record 1999
Theobald's Endowed Trust: Theobald's Foundation cash book 1909-1991;
Theobald's Endowed Grammar School minutes 1892-1986 (GC459)
United Reformed Church History Society: architectural plans for Congregational
church buildings in East Suffolk: Clapgate Lane, Ipswich Church and Church Hall
1951; Hatfield Road, Ipswich Church 1956; Stowmarket Congregational Church and
Church Hall 1950-1963; Combs Congregational Church 1968 (GC625)
UK Federation of Business and Professional Women (Ipswich Club):
scrapbooks 1952-1990; visitors’ book 1959-1986; photograph of International Night
1986; letter re register of clubs and a typed history of the club 1960 (HD2053)
Waldringfield Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record 1999
Wetheringsett cum Brockford Women's Institute: record book 1989-1996;
committee minutes 1992-1996 (GH611)
Wingfield Women’s Institute: volume of cuttings and photographs compiled by
Doris M Starke 1976-1991 (GH495)
Woodbridge Women’s Institute: Millennium Challenge landscape record for
Woodbridge and Ramsholt 1999 (GH604)


A Bertha Carter MBE: photographs, programmes and cuttings relating to the Junior
Symphony Orchestra 1939-96; photographs of various violin groups 1939-1956;
personal photographs 1930s; letters and cards commemorating Bertha Carter's 90th
birthday 1998; newscuttings and programmes for Rural Music Schools Association
21st birthday Festival 1950 and Bertha Carter’s memorial concert 2002 (HD2075)
Cross, Ram and Co, solicitors, Halesworth: Long family records including deeds
c1813-1921; tithe books of reference to Farnham early 19th cent and Chediston
1838; Chediston Hall Estate, 1835; Lord Stradbroke’s manors: correspondence 20th
cent; rental including premises in Bedfield and Worlingham nd ; Garrett family and
business papers c1856-1918; sale particulars 1906-1923; Kelsale glebe map nd
(18th/19th cent) (HB26)
Donnan family: photocopied material 1916-c1970 (HA228)
L W Hawes: photographs, newscuttings and programmes re Ipswich 1930s-1980s
Allan Jobson: notes, newscuttings, articles, correspondence, photographs etc
1960s-1990s (HD2022)
Baroness Ros Scott: cased seal and certificate of award of Baroness 2000 (HA430)
Sherwood family: records relating mainly to Hoo Hall Farm, including account books
of Charles Sherwood 1889-1905 and the executrix of the late John Sherwood 1893-
1898; labour account book 1897-98; banking account book 1897-1906; corn, horse
and sheep account book 1896-1899; cash books 1948-1967; farm account books
1957-1967; pocket diaries Joe Sherwood 1967-1988; papers re property owned and
rented by the family 1889-1967 (HD2042)
Dr Sushil Soni: Who's Who of Asian Achievers (includes Dr Soni); programmes for
Civic Celebration of community services 1987-2001, photographs 1960s-1990s;
certificates; family passports; personal and family papers; correspondence and
papers re employment with SCC; articles and notes on various topics relating to India
and India and Suffolk 1960s-2001 (HA432)
Rt Hon Lord Woodbridge: grants of Barony and Freedom of the Borough of Ipswich
1932-1948 (HA431)


Brome Hall: manor court books 1734-1920 (HD1657)
Brundish: power of attorney, manor of St Edmund's House 1650 (P673)
Cranbrook estate: records of family farming business including accounts, field
records, farm records and staff wages c1985-1999 (HA43)
Cross, Ram and Co, solicitors, Halesworth: Lord Rendlesham’s estate: records of
the manors of Butley 1634-1925; Bavents and Colviles, Campsea Haugh with
Northlands 1830-1923; Tangham 1635-20th cent; Ash and Ashmoor Hall 1581-1913;
Campsea with Haugh and Northlands 1598-c1927; Naunton Hall 1624-1923;
Campsea 16th cent-1813; Colvilles and Bavents in Rendlesham 15th cent-1725;
Rumburgh 1844-1872; Laxfield 1652-1856; Laxfield Rectory 1745-1853; Studhaugh
in Laxfield 19th-20th cent; Earl Soham 1843-1870; Benhale 14th cent-1749; other
manorial records including Brooke Hall, Statford, Griston in Stratford, Thellusson,
Laxfield and Laxfield Rectory (Crabtree family), Saxtead; Chediston Hall Estate,
Westleton and Bedfield 19th-20th cent (HB26)
Manorial court rolls: microfilm of court rolls for the Manors of Kettlebers in
Cretingham (1640-1714), Bentley and Bourne and Redgrave (1681-1695) and xerox
copies of Manorial Court Rolls mainly of Bently and Bourne (J48, P678 & P679)
Stowmarket or Abbots Hall: manor court books 1647-1928; great court book,
Hundred of Stow 1699-1702; copyhold rental 18th cent; abstracts of title 1880-1954;
bundle of admissions 1758-1847 (HB456)


Bridge Farm, Chediston: farm records 1963-1981; crop details 1967-1976; stock
valuations wages books 1963-1987 pocket diaries 1964-1987; farm diaries 1964-
1977; poultry records for flocks 1-11, cash books and farm census records 1960-
1980s; hand drawn plan of farm and land c1963 (HD2069)
Cranfields premises, Ipswich: blueprints and tracings 1909 -1979 (HD2055)
Garretts of Leiston: records 19th -20th cent (HB26)
General builders: unidentified general builders wages book 1903 (HC467)
Haste Gallery Ipswich: catalogues and exhibition lists 1958-1999; Memorandum
and Articles of Association of East Anglian Art Shop Ltd 1958; bought and sales
books 1958-2000; Frosts Drawings of Ipswich, by Frank Brown 1895 (HC468)
H Hayward And Sons (Saxmundham) Ltd, Building Maintenance, Plumbers and
Heating Engineers: sale particulars for Hayward and Sons premises in High Street,
Saxmundham 1868 (HC463)
Ransomes and Rapier Ltd: printed material including re Walking Draglines;
photographs of Works Committee 1924-1925; newscuttings 1924-1986 (HD2065)
Whitbread plc: conveyance of Golden Lion, Cornhill, Ipswich 1900; deed of
exchange for the Prince of Wales, Walpole 1932; history of the Parrot and
Punchbowl at Aldringham cum Thorpe c1986 (HD2052)


Bedingfield: Green Farm 1780-1919 (HB453)
Bramford: property 1766-1866 (HD2038)
Buxhall: Rawmarsh 1960-1996 (HB452)
Capel St Mary: property 1845-1956 (HD2074)
Clopton and Blythburgh: property 1745-1838 (HD2060)
Combs: Moats Tye 19th cent (HB452)
Debenham: The Old Saddlery, 28 High Street 1875-1994 (HB431); house 1800-
1974 (HB454)
East Bergholt: Graham of East Bergholt deeds 1626-1898 (HB457)
Eye: 10 Magdalen Street 1802-1892 (HB455); 13 Castle Street nd (HB452)
Framlingham: messuage and bake house 1807 (HD2047); 2 Albert Road nd
Grundisburgh: Bridge Farmhouse 1687-1919; sale particulars 1977; working notes
and copies of articles written by Lady Dillon, 'Bridge Farmhouse, Grundisburgh' and
'Ten Years on - the story of the barn conversion at Bridge Farm'; property in
Grudisburgh and Thorpe Morieux 1687-1807(HD2049)
Haughley: property 1791-1955 (HD2018)
Ipswich: 175 Ranelagh Road nd; 41 Derwent Road nd; 394 Felixstowe Road nd; 32
and 58 Eustace Road nd; 41 Lister Road 1904-1981 (HB452); 13 Ann Street 1850-
1960 (HD2073); 90 and 92 Fore Street 1619-1933 (HD2050); property in Museum
Street 1952 (HD2034); premises in St Clement's 1621 (HD2048)
Ipswich and Fressingfield: property 1702-1722 (HD2043)
Ipswich and Stowmarket: land and buildings on east side of Beaufort Street,
Ipswich 1843-1978; 2 Market Place, Stowmarket 1936-1984 (HB431)
Mendham: Ketts Farm, Foxes Lane 1970s-1980s (HB431)
Mendlesham: conveyance 1829 (P675)
Miscellaneous Suffolk deeds: manors of Lavenham 1757, Stoke nd, Virleys in
Sternfield 1778, and properties in Fressingfield, Cavendish and Ipswich 1678-1843
Needham Market: The Hallow, 35 Barking Road; 17 School Street 1948-1997
Raydon and Gt Wenham: Notely Wood Farm 1919-1920; property in Raydon 1877;
abstract of title for Acacia Farm, Great Wenham 1946; conveyances of property in
Raydon and Gt Wenham relating to the airfield 1946-1950 (HD2070)
Rickinghall Superior: Inclosure awards, title deeds and sales particulars, manorial
papers 1819-1920 (HD2058)
Somersham: 6 Springfield Road nd (HB452)
Stowmarket:: 23 Stowupland Road nd; 76 Gainsborough Road nd;1 Union Street
West nd (HB452)
Suffolk deeds: Wetheringsett cum Brockford 1381, Stowmarket 1497 and Redgrave
1498 (P676)
Wetherden: The Rosary 1842-1992 (HB452)
Woodbridge: Foundry Villa 1851-1939 (HD2032)


Ipswich to Felixstowe Railway: plan of Ipswich to Felixstowe Railway with
proposed deviation 19th cent (HD2056)
William Tampion: plan of Leeds Castle, Kent by William Tampion 1649; typewritten
biography of Tampion 2001 (HD2044)
Wenhaston: map of Wenhaston and Mells Hamlet 2000 (HD2020)


Ruth Adams: photograph album 19th cent (K675)
Cleer Alger: CD ROM of photographs (K612)
Andrews and Chappell: family photographs 19th-20th cent (K673)
Bentley: photographs taken during 2000 (K672)
British Railways: bridge and track works in Ipswich area 1983-1984 (K677)
Felixstowe: rebuilding work on the Felix Hotel c1950 (K676)
Felixstowe beach: from the collection of Robert W Copeman nd [c1906] (K662)
Felixstowe Players: negatives and glass negatives from 'The Dover Road’ 1924 and
'Charm School’ 1926 (K667)
Hemingstone: three CD ROMs of photographs of the parish 2000 (K669)
Ipswich: aerial photograph (cranes) 1990; rolled map of Ipswich, Edward White,
1867 (HD2071); photographs of a hoard of medieval coins found c1965 (K664);
enlarged photograph of Town Hall (K666); ‘The Last Scraps of Sail’, photocopy
showing Meuw's maltings and barges in the Wet Dock 1962 (P677)
Middleton: record of the Millennium exhibition 2001 (K670)
Parochial Churches and Chapels of the County of Suffolk: photocopy of the book
of drawings by Isaac Johnson [1818] (P674)
Pettistree: CD ROM containing a photograph of every house and most inhabitants
2000 (K671)
Peter Rice: photographs and negatives, mainly Ipswich and Felixstowe areas, also
Ipswich Town FC pictures (K674)
Dr. William Rollinson: slides of Suffolk historical sites 1960-c1970 (K663)
Stradbroke: CD ROM of images of Stradbroke (K665)
The Alan Wright collection of church photographs: albums of photographs of
parish church interiors and exteriors in East Suffolk 1985-1999 (K6668)


Betsy Marchant: certificate and affidavit produced in a lawsuit in the Court of
Common Pleas 1857 (HD2051)
Coddenham: handwritten notebooks on Coddenham; two notebooks of sermons
given at Holy Trinity Church, Bungay and other churches 1944-1964 (HD2035)
East Bergholt Local History Recorder: 2000 Millennium Calendar; various local
publications 1965-1996; abstract of title 1920; papers re the school 1904-1991; list of
'objected' persons c1907; A Survey of the Parish of East Bergholt 1731; sale
particulars for Hop Meadow 1998; East Bergholt & District Wine Club membership
cards and minute book 1972-1976 (HD1875)
East Suffolk Nurses League: exhibition photographs, notes on the hospitals of East
Suffolk 1980s (HD2059)
Eye: photograph of Home Guard 1944 and correspondence c1945; copies re Lady
Evelyn Balfour and the Tithe War in Haughley and Ringshall in the 1930s (HD1682)
Felixstowe, Central Junior School and County Secondary School: M Farley's
exercise books, reports, programme for presentation of prizes 1934 and Form 5
examination questions for 1937 (HD2024)
Felixstowe, the Gulpher Herd Of T.T. Pedigree Guernseys: volume of pedigrees
of a herd of Guernseys including photographs c1930-c1950 (HD2033)
Hacheston: minutes of meetings of the Hacheston Bells 2000 Committee,
newsletters, leaflets and photograph 1996-2001 (HD2039)
Ipswich: handwritten notebook on the candidates and results of the Ipswich
Municipal Elections from 1835-1954 (HD2036); will of James Palmer 1624 (HD2023)
Kenton: settlement papers, apprenticeship indentures, Plomesgate Union parochial
and quarterly abstracts c1750-1800s (HD2027)
Letter from John Longe to Thomas Diggens of Coddenham: letter with
transcription 1830 (HD2072)
Lothingland area: microfilm of parish records covering the Lothingland area, plus
other Norfolk parishes 1563-1911 (J481)
Martlesham: sale catalogue for the household furniture, stock in trade and farm
implements of Mr John Hudson 1873 (P678)
Memories of Suffolk: Rushmere parish magazine 1945; article 'Charsfield at the
turn of the century', photographs of Charsfield church, Dallinghoo Corner, Charsfield
and Sizewell Hall and 'Margaret Catchpole' by Richard Cobbold c1923-1945
Mendlesham: planning applications and records of Action Committee against
Mendlesham Airfield Development 1970s-1980s (HD2019)
Miscellaneous: sale particulars for Blue Farm, Bredfield 1964, Rookwood, Copdock
1969; the Copdock Estate 1919, also property in Ilketshall, Rumburgh, Reydon and
Laxfield 20th cent; Flixton Hall Estate 1921, Rushmere Hall Estate 1914; papers re
Mabel Burney, Woodbridge 1968-1973; agreements and abstracts of title (HD1636)
Miscellaneous: national registration cards, notification of a war death, agreement to
sell drugs, plan of Cliff Estate, Felixstowe 1913-1916 (HD2041)
Miscellaneous: photocopy of a letter from Drue Drury and a survey of Nether Hall,
Old Newton 1635-1666 (HD1837)
Research papers for a proposed history of Nonconformity in Suffolk: includes
St Nicholas Chapel Mutual Improvement Society minutes 1887-1890; typescript
booklet 'founders and builders of the church in East Anglia' 1953; sale catalogue for
the Beaumont collection of lordships of manors 1954; papers relating to exhibitions of
Archdeaconry of Suffolk Art Treasures 1961 and Archdeaconry of Sudbury Art
Treasures 1962-1963 (HD2076)
Ronald Ashford: research notes about the lost village of Slaughden and 'The Secret
War at Shingle Street 1940' and a video of BBC items about the Shingle Street
incident 1992-2001; correspondence re Mary Rose 1992-2001 (HD2061)
Mrs E M Carter: research papers re Stowmarket, River Gipping and file and
notebooks of lecture notes; scrapbook containing East Anglian Miscellany; NFU
(Stowmarket branch) Annual Dinner menus 1957-1960; certificate re official opening
of Beccles Museum (HD2057)
Woodbridge: programmes for celebrations of coronations of Edward VII, George V,
George VI, and Elizabeth II, and Silver Jubilee of George V 1902-1953 (HD2040)
Royal Farmers' Fire Insurance Policy Company: Eye Agency: copies of policies
1842-1906; office cash book 1878-1909 (HD2077)
Sale particulars: 'Tweed House' Fonnereau Road, Ipswich 1897; properties in
Nettlestead, Offton, Hadleigh and Bramford 1882 (HD2031)
Sale particulars: properties in Stradbroke, Fressingfield, Worlingworth, Laxfield,
Ilketshall St Andrew, Barsham, Reydon, Frostenden, Leiston, Rumburgh, All Saints
Southelmham, Felixstowe and Peasenhall 20th cent; plans for gas mains and
services in Museum Street Ipswich 1980; Anglian Water Authority plan for
Tuddenham Road Ipswich 1976 (HD1636)
School records: exercise books of Alfred Taylor, pupil at Chilton House, Stowmarket
1857-1858 and of Rosa May Simpson, pupil and pupil teacher at District School, St
Matthews, Ipswich 1882-1897 (HD2028)
B J Smith: scrapbooks of cuttings including prints, poetry and many cuttings of
Ipswich interest 18th-19th cent (HD2045)
Suffolk Freemasons: Year Books and masonic year book 1977-1998 HD2025)
Suffolk Inter-Faith Resource: minutes and papers 1994-2001 (HD2063)
Thorpeness and Aldringham Local History Recorder: press cuttings,
photographs, annual reports and sale particulars 1969-2000 (HD2026)
W A B Jones of Hadleigh: manuscript notes for and copies of 'Hadleigh through the
ages'; 'Hadleigh Weekly News’ 1977 (HD2062)
Waterloo letter: photocopy of letter from Samuel Boulter to William Boulter of
Stowmarket describing his engagement in the Battle of Waterloo 1815 (P672)
Wickham Skeith: diary of a lady 1874-1879 (HD2021)
Woodbridge: map of estate in Woodbridge and Bredfield 1867, Town Lands and
other charity papers 1890-1925; programme for coronation celebrations 1911;
photographs of E R Smythe and T Smythe (HD2017)
Youth Work Committees: Leiston Youth Club Advisory Committe minutes 1976-
1988; Support Group Minutes 1988-1999; Grundisburgh Youth Club Advisory
Committe minutes 1990-1999; Hollesley Youth Club Support Group minutes 1993-
2000; Campsea Ash Youth Club Advisory Committe minutes 1982-1987; Butley and
District Youth Club Support Group minutes 1986-1992 and Youth Club motorcycle
scrambles section photographs nd; Deben Youth Enterprises minutes 1978-1985


Lowestoft Borough: Entertainments Manager’s press cuttings 1938-1972 (1422);
Education Committee: Census of School Children 1910; reports of Sub-committees
1910; school prayers 1927; Education Week brochure 1947; brochures for opening of
Northfield and Roman Hill Infant Schools 1951, Northfield Junior School 1953,
Meadow Infant School 1954 (1401)
Lowestoft School Board: report 1899; return of population etc 1900; bye-laws 1901;
Report as to the Employment of Children 1901; list of bonds c1900 (1401)
Lowestoft Petty Sessions Division: court registers 1973-1976 ; juvenile court
register for Borough of Lowestoft, Blything and Beccles Petty Sessional Divisions
1972-1976 (350)
Mutford and Lothingland Petty Sessions Division: court register 1964-1974 (351)
Beccles and Bungay Petty Sessions Divisions: court register 1964-1974 (1199)
Lowestoft Borough Council: Organisation and Methods report to Council 1960-
1961 (33)


Lowestoft School of Art: general registers 1880-c1904; timetable 1945/5; list of
exhibitions 1946-1953; invitations and tickets 1935-1960s] (1401)
Lowestoft School of Arts and Crafts: Window Display programme 1935 (1401)
Lowestoft Technical Institute: log books 1923-1946; Returns to Board of Education
1924-1949; press cuttings 1926-1957; Institute of Builders examination papers and
drawings 1942-1944; correspondence c1933-1936;             HMI reports 1933,1953;
Christmas Concert programme 1958 (1401)
Technical Institute and School of Arts and Crafts: reports 1922-1938;
examination successes, prizes etc 1930-1939; prize distribution programmes 1931-8
Lowestoft School of Science: admission register 1900-1936 (1401)
St Peter's School: punishment book 1913-1919 (1401)
Prospectuses: Government School of Science and Art nd c1900; Science and Art
Schools 1905; Art School 1906; Municipal Secondary School and Technical and Art
School 1914, 1916; Municipal School of Arts and Crafts 1921; Lowestoft School of
Arts and Crafts 1923-1959; Lowestoft Technical Institute 1924-1953 Lowestoft
Technical College 1954-1959 (1401)
Capt H Balls, Navigation Instructor: register of students 1924-1952; teaching notes
[1920s-c1950]; testimonial letters 1916-1946; photographs, press-cuttings 1920s-
1984 (1401)
Lt V S Watling RNR: exercise book c1950 (1401)


Frostenden: register of marriages 1837-2000; PCC accounts 1923-1968; church
accounts 1929-1934; parochial account bank book 1932-1939; transcripts of
registers 1538-1791, 1837-1900 and index 1901-2000 (123)
Beccles St Michael: printed forms of prayer 1807-1832 (109)
South Elmham St Margaret: register of burials 1813-2001 (150)


Wrentham United Reformed (formerly Congregational) Church: photocopy
schedule of amendment of Listed Building status 2001 (1337)
Southwold Methodist Church: papers and correspondence 1977-1997 (1451)


Port of Lowestoft Research Society: Lloyds Register of Shipping: Directories 1962-
1965; Appendix 1962-1975; Lloyd's Registers of yachts 1901-1974 (with gaps);
official lists of Dutch ships 1954, 1959; official lists of Danish Ships 1954-1964; Jack
Mitchley Vessel Casualty Index:(index cards of ship names:vessels owned or traded
from Lowestoft which were wrecked or damaged in the vicinity of the port); colour
slides of vessels and other maritime subjects connected with the Port of Lowestoft,
with index c1968-c1974 (552)
Reydon Women’s Institute: committee minutes 1978-1996; record book 1978-1997;
attendance register sheets 1982-1995; Millennium Challenge landscape record 1999;
file of notes, correspondence etc 1999 (1378)
Kessingland Community Council: Executive Committee minutes 1999-2000 (1372)
Workers’ Educational association, Beccles Branch: minutes, reports 1948-2000
Beccles Choral Society: AGM minutes 1999; Committee minutes 1999-2000;
schedule of rehearsals 1999/2000; programmes 1999-2000; revised Constitution
1999; papers 1997-2000 (1175)
Soroptimist International of Lowestoft and District: Executive Committee minutes
1962-1999; minutes of Business, General and Annual General meetings 1962-2000;
accounts 1962-2000; membership list 1963-c1998; visitors' book 1965-1998; press-
cuttings, photographs 1963-1999; papers relating to regalia 1963-c1973; The History
of Soroptimist International 1995 (1392)
Frostenden and South Cove Village Hall: Entertainments Committee minutes
1953-1976; correspondence and other papers 1953-1981(208)
Carlton Colville Women’s Institute: record books 1935-1997; committee minutes
1929-1997 (1430)
Lowestoft Evening Women’s Institute: record books 1984-1998; committee
minutes 1984-1998; attendance registers 1984-1987; agendas 1989-1993; papers
and printed material c1981-1994 (1431)
Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Lowestoft Branch: cash book 1953-1957
Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Pakefield Branch: annual reports 1912-1916;
annual accounts 1912-1921 (399)


Livock family of Beccles: papers of William Hicks Livock (including correspondence
with S J Batchelder) and of other members of the family 1886-1971 (1394)
Mabel Ena Howes, nee Mallett, of Kessingland: typescript of part of autobiography
of Frank and Ena Howes, written with the assistance of Roy Larkins, entitled 'How-
Some-Ever, it's an Everyday Story of Kessingland Folk' c1990 (1404)


Cross, Ram and Co, solicitors, Halesworth: Gooch family: deeds, trust, settlement
and estate papers, Suffolk, London, Devon, Worcestershire and Birmingham (1767)-
1939, records of the manors of Northall (otherwise Wrentham Poynings) 1782-1902;
Southall (otherwise Wrentham by Pounds) 1782-1923; Northall and Southall 1625-
1822; South Cove (otherwise Bewflory) 1623-1933; Northales c1509-1854; Benacre
1755-1764;Northales 1781-1854; South Cove and South Cove Hall with Northales
1674-1933; South Cove Hall with Northales 1623-1933; Halesworth Dame Margeries,
Rectory of Waybridge, 1698-1812; Rawlings in Elmham 1834; Halesworth 1843 -
1912; Halesworth Dame Margeries, Laxfield, and Laxfield Rectory; Frostenden 1811-
1832. Manorial and estate papers of Lord Rendlesham 1923-1947, Sir John Rous
1720-1746 and William Crowden of Holton c1926-1940; Rumburgh Common
Inclosure award 1851; schooner 'Sole Bay' bills of sale 1854, 1859; footpath
diversion order including Mill Hill, Halesworth 1823 (1309)


British Rail: train registers 1961-1965 (1444)
Whitbread plc: evidences of title for The Watch House, Bungay 1929-1970; The
Foxburrow, Gunton 1896-1981; The Wheelwright's Arms, Gorleston and Southtown
1808-1863; baker's shop etc in Stanley Street Lowestoft 1888-1897; Youngman,
Preston & Co premises valuation etc 1919-1985(1434)
E W Oldman,agricultural contractor: day book 1931-1947 (1401)
Halesworth Brewery: stock books 1829-1832 (1309)


Beccles: premises at Pudding Moor 1804-1972 (1399); premises at Bridge St 1798-
1882 (1419)
Bungay: Tuns Inn and other premises 1818-1884 (1403)
Halesworth: premises 1863-1907 (33)
Holton St Peter: land 1768 (1443)
Kirkley: 1 Union Place (1749-1916) (1411)
Lowestoft: 6-7 Alma Rd 1867-1986 (1407); Kirtley Terrace (Statutory Declaration)
1880 (1410); premises in Crown St 1810-1885 (1403)
Westhall: Rookery Farm 1718-c1904 (1400)


Kessingland: Beach School (1912) (1300)
Lowestoft: harbour and beach c1920 (1390)
Lowestoft and Oulton Broad: 19th-20th cent (1377)
Lowestoft: photographs taken by or for Mr A Merrington Smith of moulds excavated
in 1902 at the site of the China Factory c1902 (1370)
Aerial photographs: Pleasurewood Hills Park and Lowestoft 1986, 1991 (1449)
Lowestoft: postcards of bombardment 1916 (1300)
Lowestoft: fishing vessels 1930s-1940s (1442)
Lowestoft: Technical Institute and Lowestoft College buildings and students c1949-
1969; photographs of Lowestoft people and places (1886)-c1950; 19 postcards of
Lowestoft early 20th cent (1401)
Lowestoft: commemorative photograph album of the visit of H.R.H. Prince Philip
Duke of Edinburgh to Brooke Marine 1967 (1448)
The Alan Wright collection of church photographs: albums of photographs of
parish church interiors and exteriors in the Deaneries of Beccles and Southelmham
and Halesworth and of Suffolk churches in the Diocese of Norwich 1970s-1990s
The Bill Rollinson collection of colour slides: 1958-1978 (1393)
Robert W Copeman: stereoscopic photographs, mainly of Beccles and Bungay
1906-1907 (1371)

Beccles: local history database 2001
Beccles: log of air-raid warnings 1939-1942 (1408)
Corton: builder’s estimate for bungalow at Station Rd 1954 (1417)
Corton: War Memorial donations book 2001 (1445)
Corton: ‘Some materials for a history of Corton’ by W B Gerish 1890-1892 (844)
Richenda Cunningham: pencil drawing of the The Vicarage House, Lowestoft 1841
Elmtree Rd and Cotmer Rd, Lowestoft: road improvement papers 1969-1970
Mettingham Local History Recorder: photographs, notes, cuttings, memorabilia,
maps (c1940), 1987-2001 (1162)
Lothingland Deanery: microfilms of Lothingland parish registers held at the Norfolk
Record Office. Including some Norfolk parish registers (1412)
Microfiche: Criminal Register Indexes volume 18, Norfolk and Suffolk (1805-1816)
(PRO ref HO 27) (M72); Musters of the Suffolk East Militia 1781-1782 (PRO ref WO
13/2009); Musters of the Suffolk West Militia 1781-1782 (PRO ref WO 13/2030)
Lowestoft regatta: programmes of swimming events 1928-1933 (1450)
Rumburgh Local History Recorder: photographs of Rumburgh houses 2000-2001
Sir Samuel Morton Peto: sale catalogue, Somerleyton Hall 1861; research material
c1990 (1453)
Shopping book: groceries bought by a Lowestoft resident 1947-1949 (1426)
Jane Worship: drawings, mainly of fonts and doorways of Suffolk churches c1839-
c1847 (1409)

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