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Minnesota Mortgage by ToddOlsen


How to get a Minnesota Mortgage and Find the best deal on a Minnesota Mortgage

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									Are you looking to refinance? Or looking to Purchase a home? Here at Minnesota Mortgage, our
goal is to give you the absolute best possible options available to you. Being based right out of
Eagan Minnesota, we are local to you and thrive because of the service we provide. Our parent
Company Mortgages Unlimited was actually pointed out in the Star Tribune! Click here to see the
article. (it is about half way down the page) If you would like a pressure free consultation, fill out the
information on the right of this page I will personally contact you and let you know what options you may

   • 2 Years of W2’s, Full tax returns if you are self-employed and or a commissioned employee.

   •   One month of current pay stubs.
   •   3 months of bank statements. (All pages)
   •   Recent 401K/Profit-sharing or other investment statements. (All pages)
   •   Divorce decree/ Bankruptcy papers if applicable.

The Loan Interview: An initial appointment will be set for you to meet and discuss your financing options,
and the best loan program for your needs. Completing the Loan application form: The loan application can
be completed on many of our loan originators secure web sites, over the phone with any of our loan
originators, or it can be done during the loan interview. The loan application is very important and it needs to
be very detailed and the information has to be true and verifiable. To prepare for the loan application it is
important to know that we will be asking for personal financial information. The information that we receive
from you is for our underwriters who approve your loan. What happens after the Minnesota Mortgage loan
application is taken: Your information will be updated in our calyx program, your title work and appraisal will
be ordered and more information may be requested from you. The processor will order flood certifications,
verifications of employment, verifications of deposits, and any other information they need to process your
loan. Keep in mind that this process may take a couple days. You will receive notification when your appraisal
is received and also when your loan is approved. Reducing the Anxiety of Waiting: For many home buyers,
the period of time between the submission of the loan application and receipt of the commitment letter is one
of uncertainty and concern. Request for additional information, unexpected delays and lack of communication
all serve to increase the tension. There are a number of things that both you and the lender can do to reduce
the stress. Keep in mind that the Minnesota Mortgage lender wants to make the loan work. Loan underwriters
are looking for ways to approve loans, not reject them. If you have to come to the interview with the loan
officer fully prepared and have provided good documentation, you have done a great deal to assure prompt
processing of your application and approval of your loan. You and the Minnesota Mortgage lender need to
make sure that the lines of communication are kept open. Mortgages Unlimited will be happy to answer any
questions that you have during the loan application. Remember however, that it may take several weeks to
process the loan. You should be accessible if the lender needs additional information or documents during
processing. Quick response to lender request helps keep the process on schedule. In order to protect you
and the lender, Minnesota mortgage loans require much more paperwork and legal documentation than an
automobile or any other installment loan, and the lenders do not ask for more than is absolutely necessary.
Obtaining a Minnesota mortgage loan need not be an ordeal that dampers the thrill of acquiring a new home.
If you understand the lending process and are prepared to do your part, it simply becomes a key step in
owning a home. For a Great Deal on a Minnesota Mortgage click below Minnesota Mortgage

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