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					What happens to my x-rays once
they have been read?
                                               What if I am under 50 years of age?
                                               Routine breast screening is not offered to
                                                                                             Screening centres                                                                    Breast
Your x-rays are kept for at least 8 years.
This allows them to be compared with
future x-rays that may be taken. Screening
                                               women under 50 because:
                                               • the risk of breast cancer in this group
                                                  is much lower;
                                                                                             Eastern Health and Social Services Board
                                                                                             The Screening Centre
                                                                                             12-22 Linenhall Street, Belfast BT2 8BS
                                                                                             Tel: 028 9033 3700
x-rays may be reviewed to ensure you           • women in this group have denser
receive a high quality service.                   breast tissue which makes the x-rays       Northern Health and Social Services Board
                                                  much more difficult to read.               Northern Area Breast Screening and Assessment Unit
                                               However, if you are worried about a breast    Level A, Antrim Area Hospital
Where did you obtain my contact                problem or have a family history of breast    45 Bush Road, Antrim BT41 2RL
                                                                                             Tel: 028 9442 4425
details?                                       cancer you should contact your GP who
Your details were obtained from your GP’s      will refer you for a specialist opinion and   Southern Health and Social Services Board
list, so it is important that your GP always   tests, if necessary.                          The Breast Screening Unit
has your correct name and address. Each                                                      Lurgan Hospital
GP practice is contacted every 3 years for                                                   Sloan Street, Lurgan BT66 8NX
a list of women aged 50-64 in their                                                          Tel: 028 3834 7083
practice. As long as you are registered with
                                                                                             Western Health and Social Services Board
your GP you will be invited for breast
                                                                                             The Breast Screening Unit
screening by your 53rd birthday.                                                             Ground Floor, The Nurses’ Home
                                                                                             Altnagelvin Area Hospital
                                                                                             Glenshane Road, Londonderry BT47 6SB
                                                                                             Tel: 028 7161 1443
                                                                                             For information on breast screening in Northern Ireland see
                                                                                             This leaflet is available in other languages and on
                                                                                             audio tape on request from your screening centre -
                                                                                             see the website:
                                               If you have any questions please
                                               contact your GP or local screening

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                                                                                                        for Northern Ireland on behalf of the Department of Health,
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       All women aged 50 to      Why do I need breast screening?                Where do I go?                               What does it mean if I am called
   64 in Northern Ireland are    Breast screening reduces the risk of dying     Depending on where you live, you will be     back?
                                 from breast cancer.                            invited to attend either your local          Around 1 woman in 20 is called back for
invited to have their breasts                                                                                                a second visit. This is because the result
                                 • Breast cancer is the most common             screening centre (see back cover) or a
  screened every three years        form of cancer among women in               mobile unit. Both perform the same           suggests that other tests are needed. This
 by a special x-ray known as        Northern Ireland - 1 in 12 women will       function but the mobile screening units      does not necessarily mean there is
                                    develop breast cancer before the age        have restricted access, so if you have       something wrong - 4 out of 5 women
     a mammogram. Women
                                    of 75.                                      limited mobility you may find it easier to   recalled are given normal results following
     aged 65 or over are not     • Breast cancer is more common and             attend the screening centre. If you have     these additional tests.
     automatically called for       easier to detect in women over 50.          breast implants you should attend the
            screening but can    • Breast screening can help find breast        screening centre rather than the mobile
                                    cancer at an early stage before there       unit.                                        How reliable is breast screening?
       make an appointment          are any signs or symptoms.                                                               It is the most reliable way of detecting
           through their local   • If breast cancer is found at an early                                                     breast cancer early. However, it is not
             screening centre       stage there is a good chance of a           Does breast screening hurt?                  perfect. Some cancers, even though they
                                    successful recovery.                        Some women may find the x-ray a bit          are there, cannot be seen on x-ray. Others
             (see back cover).                                                  uncomfortable as the breasts have to be      can be difficult to see.
                                                                                held firmly in position and some pressure
                                 What happens when I attend?                    applied to get the best possible picture.
                                 Your visit for screening may take up to 30     However, the x-ray doesn’t take long and     Does breast screening prevent
                                 minutes. For your x-ray you will have to       many women find it less uncomfortable        breast cancer?
                                 undress from the waist up, so it is a good     the next time.                               No. Breast screening helps to detect
                                 idea to wear a separate top. The                                                            breast cancer at an early stage when
                                 radiographic staff, who are all female, will                                                treatment may be more successful.
                                 place each breast in turn between two          When do I get my results?                    However, it can only help to find breast
                                 special x-ray plates. The x-ray itself takes   Your results will generally be sent to you   cancer if it is already there. Breast cancer
                                 only a few seconds and involves a tiny         and your GP within 3 weeks.                  can develop at any time. Some women
                                 dose of radiation.                                                                          will develop breast cancer between
                                                                                                                             screening visits. You should check your
                                                                                                                             breasts regularly for any changes. If you
                                                                                                                             have any worries contact your GP, even if
                                                                                                                             you have had a recent x-ray.

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