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									Is « Social Advertising » the future of advertising ?

Media Shift
• 13,500 radio stations (4,400 in 1960)

• 17,300 magazine titles (8,400 in 1960) • 82.4 TV channels per home (5.7 in 1960) • Web/Mobile:
– Millions of sites and social applications (0 in 1960) – Billions of Mobile phones (0 in 1960)

Social Ads are not about Facebook, MySpace or Social applications

They are about a huge transformation in
consumer habits (UGC)

Social Economy
• Customer knowledge is replacing producer knowledge • If real power is given to consumers, meaning finishing the product, cancel out the intermediaries, change models and fix prices, are we not already in Social Economy?
Xavier Comtesse


What is “Social Advertising” ?
• Traditional creative agencies tell stories about your brand • Traditional Media agencies buy time to allow these stories to be told • But it’s your consumers who tell the most powerful stories about your brand

Old fashion



Social network

The business model
• Marketers will pay to reach and influence valuable targets • Each person will have their own “Personal Media”


The paradigm
• Consumers are looking for greater personal

relevance in the media they consume • Context-driven or collaboratively filtered services like Google’s contextual links and Amazon’s recommendations don’t feel personal, even though they are personalized

The right Way
• In social media, marketers need to understand

where their brands intersect with the passion points of their consumers. • In most cases, brands can craft the framework of a campaign, but the customization of content and the
dialogue around the campaign will be up to the consumer

Social Consumer 2.0 actions
• Meeting • Connecting • Organizing • Sharing
• Collaborating

Social Consumer 2.0 typology
• Co creator • Co design • Creative • Cash incentive
• Community

I am now a Digital Media
• I am an editor

• I have an influence, I want to be influential
• I share my thoughts, my experience

• I create value for products I like • I monetize my digital life

The big revolution
• Advertising now pays targeted users & their communities, less mass media
– Free Mobile minutes

– Credit – Free subscription TV network, etc… – Cash

The future for Brands
Mass marketing

Social marketing

Direct marketing

Loyalty schemes

50s and 60s

70s and 80s



Endorsement and enhancement by consumers

Rise of brand products Beginning of and advertising direct marketing agencies

Rise of loyalty programs Evolution of dynamic product marketing

Focus: mass communication

Focus: identification of the target group

Focus: databases, analysis systems

Focus: customer relationship

New focus: I am a digital media

Social Adsclick



Ad server


Ad network

The timing is right: Ads-Click is in a favourable innovation cycle and will continue to offer disruptive technologies.


Evolution of social media
2008 – Ads-click monetized it

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Thanks you
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