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									          Big 3 News to expand host lineup for live
          broadcasts starting April 23
Veteran broadcasters to bring unique topics and perspectives to live broadcasts


April 13, 2011 -- Big 3 News, a freelance journalism project that is revolutionizing the way people
exchange news and information on the internet, announced Wednesday it plans to expand its host
lineup for live broadcasts starting this spring.

The new hosts will take turns broadcasting each week under the Big 3 News name on multiple social
websites, including the flagship site BlogTV. The content and format, however, will be their own.

The debut broadcast using the new lineup will be Saturday, April 23, 2011 at 10 PM Eastern Time on

"We have several contributors who engage the audience and bring unique perspectives to various
topics," Executive Editor Rusty Ray said on Wednesday. "Most of them are veteran broadcasters.
The opportunity to bring them in under the Big 3 News brand name once a week will give them a
platform to expand their content and provide our viewers with fresh perspectives."

The tentative Big 3 News Broadcaster lineup includes:

    •   MONDAY - Rusty Ray – News & Current Events - 10 PM Eastern Time
    •   TUESDAY - Samuel Houston - Culture & Canadian Viewpoints - 9 PM Eastern Time
    •   WEDNESDAY - Greybeard - Left of Center Politics & Weather - 9 PM Eastern Time
    •   THURSDAY – Ethan Sabo - Current Events & Sports - 9 PM Eastern Time
    •   FRIDAY - TrgdyAnn - Music & Entertainment - 9 PM Eastern Time
    •   SATURDAY - Jen Reynolds - Positive News & Natural Health - 10 PM Eastern Time
    •   SUNDAY - To Be Announced - Relationships, Art & Creativity - 9 PM Eastern Time

In the event a broadcaster is unable to be on the air at their scheduled time, a substitute broadcaster
may be available or the content will air the following week.

“We are very excited about the new format,” Ray added. “We hope our viewers will support them
and participate in their live shows.”

Big 3 News, based in Southwest Ohio, was founded in May 2009 as an interactive resource for news
and information. It incorporates all of the various elements of social networking sites along with the
traditional presentation of the news.

“Big 3 News has original content from a number of excellent contributors in multiple formats —
written postings, on-demand recorded video, and exclusive segments during live broadcasts,” Ray
said. “The idea is to have a ‘one-stop-shop’ where viewers can watch live shows and participate in
real-time chat discussion and call in on the air.”

For more information:

Rusty Ray,
Executive Editor
Email: info(at)
Phone: 1-440-249-NEWS (6397)
Skype ID: big3news
Website: and
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